AI3 grindingEdit

As you might know, AI3 grinding is less preferred than silver or bronze grinding. However, this deck that I tested is really fun and has a high win-rate, with Elemental mastery more than 50% of the time. Every time I use it I will update the statistics on the page. Please leave comments on how to rebalance it if you have any ideas.

Mark of Life

1x Shard of Gratitute?

This is mainly for fun and not really useful. I do, however, use it to distract the AI when I know it has a steal or deflag.They prefer to steal it rather than steal one of your bonds. :) One should replace with another Heal, Empathic Bond, Adrenaline or Mitosis.

2x Heal

This is to help you get your Elemental Masteries.You should be able to do without it, though.Consider replacing steals or pendulums.

1x Thorn Carapace

This is the only CC you have. Steal it back if you lose it.

2x Empathic Bond

This is to heal you. Helps to get Elemental Mastery.

2x Adrenaline

Cast these on your Minor Vampires

2x Mitosis

Consider adding one more. Cast one on a Devourer after you are sure that he will not kill it. Use the other on a Minor Vampire.

5x Devourer

To deny him and ensure that you still gain quanta despite the earthquakes you might face.?

2x Steal Use on shields or Eagle Eyes/Lobotomisers/Eternities.

1x Nightfall

greatly increases damage output.

4x Minor Vampire

7x Dark Pendulum

it adds up to less then 30 cards


Darkness cards should be used in the following sequence:

Devourers>mitosis Devourers>Vampire Stiletto>Minor Vampire>Nightfall>mitosis Minor Vampire

Life cards should be used in the following sequence:

Thorn Carapace>Mitosis(Devourer)>Adrenaline(Minor Vampire)>Empathic Bonds

Play all your devourers. Do not be scared even if it seems like the AI's damage output is really high. Cast mitosis on one and quanta lock him. as soon as possible, play your bonds and cast adrenaline on your non-mitosised Minor Vampires. They lose the ability "vampire" when given mitosis. Use heal to save yourself if in danger.


Wins -?

Elemental Mastery -?

Loses -

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