Foreword Edit

Well, what a bad title, eh?

This is my little contribution to anyone and everyone in need of a little tips and tricks on how to play Elements with ease. It will start off with the most basic information, such as the different Elements you can choose, the meaning of Upgrade, how to challenge Fake Gods, spotlight for cards you should notice and learn to use,... to the more advanced segments of playing effective, killing gods and creating new effective strategies. If you find my advice faulty, please do add your constructive comment and you have my sincere thanks.

A big thanks goes to Chriskang who improved this article greatly by making it far more accessible to readers. Wonderful work, man! \o/

Thanks to Evil Hamster for reminding me about the freeze / poison deck that has been added to the suggested decks!

Thanks to all the contributions from the unknown or known users, doing all the spell-checking, grammar and fact revisions I should have done. :x


Some of the data here might be wrong or inaccurate.

That might be from a number of reasons; update changing the rules or abilities, bugging or me just screwing up the text due to carelesness. :p

In any case, I'd be grateful for any help in correcting the possible faulty info.

Glossary of termsEdit

(you should search this only when I mention a name or term you do not understand)

creature gets +2/+0 whenever you pay this ability.
gives a creature the ability to attack multiple times but with decreased power.
Maximum number of bonus attacks is 4, and depends strongly on the creature's initial power.
A creature from 1-3 power will have 4 bonus attacks, a creature above that will have the attacks and power decreased.
Check the Adrenaline chart on this Wikia for more info.
Special cards most recognizable by the "potion" in the image. Quintessence, Rage Potion, Liquid Shadow and such are Alchemy cards.
The place where you buy cards. Not all cards in the game are available in the Bazaar; these are rare cards.
creature is untargetable but the damage it deals is halved.
Card Spin
Beating an opponent will earn you a chance at the card spin, where you spin the cards from your opponent's deck in hope you win 3 of the same in a row.
First 2 in a row = 5 gold coins.
3 in a row = the card.
Also note; the bigger and various the opponent's deck is, the lesser chance you have of winning a card.
Upgraded cards can only be won from Fake Gods and Halfbloods.
target creature can't attack or use abilities for 4 turns.
Deja Vu
make an exact copy of the creature, as it currently exists on the board.
destroy a creature with less HP. The creature that devoured gets +1/+1.
creature's attack is doubled until the end of your turn when you pay Dive's cost.
A level 3 AI opponent, good for grinding cards and cash alike when you're still not ready for the Fake Gods.
Electrum Coins
The currency in the game, used to buy/upgrade cards.
Called gold in the bazaar and I'll also mostly call it gold through the article.
Elemental Mark
The mark you chose when you began the game. Elemental Mark provides you with +1 quanta of the chosen mark.

Elemental Mastery

Finishing an opponent with full Health Points is called Elemental Mastery, or EM for short.

Doing this nets you double the Electrum win and a score bonus.

Fake Gods
Finish quests and you are able to challenge Fake Gods; fully upgraded deck, 200hp, 3x Elemental Mark and draws 2 cards per turn.
Use a special God-killer deck for destroying these.
target creature can't attack or use skills for 3 turns.
Repetitive and mind-numbing bashing of the same, "grindable" target.
creature gets +2/+2 whenever you pay Growth's cost.
the hatched creature turns into another random creature.
target creature is poisoned. Poison cannot currently be removed from creatures and will stay on the creature even if you mutate / hatch it. (Exception: Using the Time spell Reverse Time on a creature will return it to the deck of the player currently controlling the creature, in its original state. Edit: dworthy: Purify, a water card, removes all poison from the target (a creature or player) and heals two life per turn. It can be negated by continuous poisoning, though.)
creature or artifact is untargetable. (spells that don't target can't affect it, like Thunderstorm)
a special add-on to the game since version 1.19 that gives players a reward once a day.
Oracles can predict Gods, give cash, give un-upped cards or even earn you a Nymph. They're also the only source of Nymph cards.
an option you have in the main menu. It changes the Elemental Sign for 100 gold; your cards remain unchanged.
creature or artifact ignores shield effects.
describes a deck that is made up of only one element. For instance, a viable starting deck is "Aether mono" which is described below.
Nymphs are creatures that are for now only available through sacrificing a pillar/tower to the Water card Nymph's Tears; but after 1.19 should be available from the Oracle.
Nymphs carry a representative Alchemy of their color.


Used to convert 1 Light quantum into 2 Life. May be used more than once per turn. Doesn't work with Shard of Readiness though.

Poison status on the player is treatable only by the card Purify you can find in Water. (Upgrade will make it's cost 1 Any Quanta)
Poison damage ignores shields. Creatures and weapons that have a poisoning ability must deal damage for the poison to take hold.
Upgraded Cards
Any card in the game can be upgraded for 1,500 electrum coins. Upgraded cards are slightly improved or completely changed.
Rare Cards
Rare cards are all the cards you cannot buy from the Bazaar. Upgraded cards are also considered Rare in the game.
A card you can win instead of getting a Nymph from Gods. Nymphs are for now available to players through Oracle. Relics are worth 65 gold and have no ability, but I recommend you hold on to it for now. Just don't up them and they're be all right.
Reset Account
Starts you over from the choose Element screen. If you think you screwed up early, this is the way to go.

Starting offEdit

Elemental signEdit

You'll probably be terrified by the 12 offered symbols. I don't blame you, it's pretty bombarding and a heavy decision to make.

Not every element is as good for a start as the other, so this does require some time and reading to pick and prepare properly.

First, to the basis. Explaining each element in short.

The Elements are;

  • Aether
  • Air
  • Darkness
  • Death
  • Earth
  • Entropy
  • Fire
  • Gravity
  • Life
  • Light
  • Time
  • Water

Aether is the element for the player who wants him and his own creatures remain to untouchable. Aether is pretty good all by itself, carrying some of the most dangerous cards in the game. A very popular deck with Aether is Aether Mono.

Cards to check: Dimensional Shield, Phase Dragon, Lobotomizer (rare), Parallel Universe.
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: Lobotomizer (Destroys skills), Lightning


Air by itself is not capable of a good Mono deck, but it is great when paired with Life. Air/Life is a great beginner combo for grinding cash from Elders. The most known deck from Air is Air/Life Firefly Queen or Flying Weapons deck.

Cards to check: Firefly Queen, Owl's Eye (rare), Flying Weapon.
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: Owl's Eye (rare), Thunderstorm.


A great choice for a starting player, very capable when coupled with other elements or just Mono.Darkness is capable of draining quanta-life and stealing your opponent's permanents. A popular deck would be Darkness Vampire or Earth / Darkness Denial.

Cards to check: Steal, Dusk Mantle, Devourer, Drain Life.
Permanent Control: Steal.
Creature Control: Drain Life, Parasite.


Another element that is not meant to be stand-alone, but proves menacing when matched with Water or so. Death spawns skeletons with each dead, uses plague on opponent's creatures and even poisons the opponent. NOTE: Poison, unlike regular damage, ignores shields and can only be removed by Water's Purify. A popular deck is Death/Water Poison, but Death can also be seen in Rainbow's and other. Death also has, in my opinion, the best shield of the game; Bone Wall, which is capable of enduring Steal and Deflagration.

Cards to check: Arsenic (rare), Bone Wall, Boneyard, Poison.
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: Plague, Virus.


Earth is not meant to be played alone, but is a powerful support in a dual deck with Time or Gravity and even Darkness. Earth is capable of destroying pillars/towers, protecting your permanents, increasing the HP of yourself and your creatures and also has in my opinion the best rare weapon you can have; The Pulverizer. As said, it is not to be played alone; one of the strongest decks around is Time/Earth for rushing with Graboids or the Gravity/Earth combo for empowering Otyughs and playing the Pulverizer weapon.

Cards to check: Pulverizer (rare), Earthquake, Graboid, Plate Armor.
Permanent Control: Pulverizer, Earthquake, Enchant Artifact.
Creature Control: Plate Armor.


From the bunch, I'd say Entropy is the element that prefers playing with other elements or at least a dual with Darkness the most. Entropy was not designed to be played alone. Nova, Fallen Elf and Mutations are the building stone of Rainbow's decks, providing raw physical power. NOTE: not-upgraded (I will get to that later on) mutation means one of three results; the target creature becomes a mutant, a 5/5 abomination, or dies. Mutants are a random power/hp creature with a random ability; you could get for instance a 0/1 burrowing Spark, or a 20/12 Dragon with Growth. Popular Entropy choices are Darkness/Entropy and Rainbow God-killer decks.

Cards to check: Lycanthrope, Dissipation Shield, Mutation, Nova, Fallen Elf, Maxwell's Demon.
Permanent Control: Butterfly Effect.
Creature Control: Chaos Seed, Maxwell's Demon, Mutation can be used offensive to lessen a threat.


An alright Mono but a very strong dual deck, Fire is keen on rushing with damage and has great overall control of the game. A common Fire deck would play Immolations, but it's nothing out of the ordinary to see a Fire control deck, which uses a lot of Deflagrations for destroying critical permanents and direct damage spells to rid of anything the opponent has played so far. Fire's most popular decks are Fire/Earth Immolation Golem decks which tend to pound the opponent early with a growing Golem and shield destroying. Fire can be a good deck for a beginner; it is cheap and by picking Fire you will get almost all the cards you need to start effective playing.

Cards to check: Fahrenheit (rare), Rain of Fire, Fire Bolt, Lava Golem, Immolation, Deflagration.
Permanent Control: Deflagration.
Creature Control: Fire Bolt, Rain of Fire.

Gravity The gravity can be a powerful Mono and Dual deck which prides itself on the devouring Otyugh and Momentum ability.Gravity decks have some of the best creature-control cards available (Otyugh, Gravity Pull, Gravity Shield) and what the lack in permanent control they can easily make up with the Momentum ability (ignores shields) or adding Fire or Earth to the deck. A Gravity deck's strength is in simplicity.

A great Gravity deck would be supported by a few Earth cards, such as the Plate Armor (which goes great with Otyugh) and Pulverizer for additional permanent control. Gravity also seems to like Fire (Graviton Mercenary) which can also add up to the permanent control with Deflagration.

Cards to check: Otyugh, Titan (rare), Gravity Pull, Sapphire Charger, Momentum.
Permanent Control: Shard of Focus (rare).
Creature Control: Gravity Pull, Acceleration, Otyugh.


Another element that does not work Mono, but instead provides a great support to other elements. Life pairs up with Air for the Firefly Queen deck by supplying her fuel for spamming Fireflies, while the Life card Empathic Bond will provide the user with a steady flow of Health Points. Life also has the Forest Spirit card, which is a very strong and cheap growing creature that needs Water. When chosing Life, however, I would still stick to the Firefly Queen deck as the most effective approach.

Cards to check: Empathic Bond, Emerald Shield, Forest Spirit.
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: None.

WRONG, the fastest deck in the game is a mono life deck. No defense but incredibly effective.

I would also try coupling Adrenaline with the Forest Scorpions. The poison stacks quickly. 


Light is not a good choice for a Mono deck, unless one is making a "splash" deck. Light prefers to assist other decks, such as the Firefly Queen deck, Pegasus or a deck that uses Blessings and Miracles.The Miracle card is easily one of the greatest surprise comeback cards around, so expect that a Light and Firefly Queen deck will carry these around. Some of the decks that use Light as a main element are Firefly Queen and Dive Parallel.

Cards to check: Holy Light, Miracle (rare), Blessing, Morning Star (rare).
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: Blessing, Holy Light. (can be used offensive on Darkness-Death creatures)


An excellent controller and great support to Aether or Rainbow, but not a good Mono. Time is very popular among the top decks cause of the card-drawing machines (Golden Hourglass and Sundial) which are, so far, the only way to accelerate card-drawing in Elements. Card control is possibly the greatest advantage in any card game. Some of the latest decks (I haven't seen much success from those, though) are Time/Gravity Scarabs and the ever-popular Time/Rainbow. There is also Time/Aether which is like a more sophisticated deck at trying to remain untouched while providing the beating.

Cards to check: Golden Hourglass, Reverse Time, Sundial, Scarab, Eternity (rare), Anubis.
Permanent Control: None.
Creature Control: Reverse Time, Sundial, Scarab, Eternity (rare).


Water is another support element that really doesn't have the basis to be a good deck by itself; but is devastating when coupled with another element. Water has access to the best creature control with Mind Flayers, Ice Bolt, Freeze, Arctic Squid, Ice Shield and Toadfish. It is best paired with Death for a Poison / Freeze deck (which is the most popular kind) but can work with Life as well.

Cards to check: Trident (rare), Ice Bolt, Freeze, Mind Flayer, Toadfish, Ice Shield, Chrysaora, Arctic Squid (rare).
Permanent Control: Trident (rare).
Creature Control: Ice Bolt, Freeze, Arctic Squid (rare), Toadfish, Mind Flayer.

Notice the Creature / Permanent Control I've added to each elemental sign?

That's sort of a pointer when making a deck; every deck should have a way to deal with powerful creatures or pesky shields, since a deck without any control of your opponent's strategy will regularly fail versus control-oriented opponents.

The objective of making your deck is making a threatening deck that hits hard but still offers protection to you and your creatures.

Permanent control refers to the ability of dealing with Shields, Permanents (such as Sundials and Graveyards) or Pillars / Towers.

Creature control refers to being able to deal with opponent's creatures (destroying-damaging-freezing-returning them) or buffing up your own.

A good Mono selection would be able to deal with Permanents and Creatures.

A Mono element without those will prove unsuccessful versus better and prepared opponents or CPU.

An element that has no way of dealing with these creatures or/and permanents needs the support of the ones that can.

Choosing an elemental signEdit

So, now that you have a little insight into each element and how should it be oriented (mono, dual, tri,... rainbow, splash)

the question which one to choose pops up in mind. My advice would be this;

Pick one of the elements that is capable of Mono (Fire, Darkness, Aether, Gravity) or Dual (Air / Life).

At the beginning, after you pick the element, you will get a bunch of preset cards.

There will be a lot of cards that have no use and it would be best you sold them - for the ones you need.

Invest everything you can into building a sturdy beginner's deck.

A beginner deck is cheap, fast to make and effective.

The recommended beginner decks would be;

  • Air Firefly Queen (Air / Life)
  • Fire Immolation (Fire / splash Earth)
  • Gravity Mono (Gravity)
  • Darkness Mono (Darkness)
  • Darkness Denial (Darkness / splash Earth)
  • Aether Mono (Aether)

My stronger suggestion for you to use is the Darkness Denial and a Firefly Queen deck. Why?

The two decks mentioned above are very good at healing themselves; Firefly uses Empathic Bonds and Darkness uses Drain spells or Vampires.

Why's that important? Because whenever you win in Elements with max hp, you will get twice the gold reward and possibly some score bonus.

This is called Elemental Mastery.

At the beginning of the game and a long way from there you'll spend a lot of time grinding the guts out of Elder or even lower CPU levels in the effort of getting enough cash to make your desired deck. The Firefly Queen deck spams creatures and uses Emphatic Bond, which is a card that quickly regenerates your health points depending on how much creatures you have on the deck.

Healing is not very common in decks... Other cards capable of doing easy Elemental Mastery would be Darkness (Drain Life, Vampire) and Light's (Miracle and Holy Light) although Miracle is a rare and brings you to one point less than maximum and Holy Light heals you for just 10 points.

Rainbow / time decks with the boneyard / empathic bond are good at this as well, however a lot slower to set up.

Remember that you do not get a Mastery for 99hp; only for 100 or even more.

  1. Metagame# In the time it would have taken you to EM an opponent, you could simply kill an opponent quickly because it gives more spins, which means more chance to win cards which make more coin over time.

2. death deck w/ life cards.  only use 6 poison, 2 arsenic and NO pillars because of your elemental mark. Then from life use 6 heals, 6 scorpions, and 2 thorn carapace.  the death spells only cost 1 and 2 quantum so you can cast 1 evry turn.  the life spells only cost 2 each(except carapace=7) so you only need a couple life pillars to keep ahead on HP.  If opp is creature heavy save to play carapace early and keep healing after.  put in creature poisoning cards(2 infections/ plagues is enough)for extra creature kill.  Easy EM!

So my suggestion for your first deck, since you will be grinding a lot, is the Elemental Mastery capable decks; Darkness Mono / Denial or Firefly Queen.

Forming the starter deckEdit

My first advice would be for you to cruise around this very Wiki.

There is a ton of decks and strategies here that have been tested/commented, so you can easily select and mimic a good design.

If you are making the deck by yourself or have thought up something original, these are the pointers to follow; - Don't try to make your deck too large:

If you create a sixty card deck, it may be less vunerable to decking out, but you'll have trouble getting to the cards you need. Try to keep the number of cards as low as possible. A good thirty card deck can easily beat a stall deck, provided with correct cards, like Deflag or Steals.

- 1/3 or more Pillar Rule:

An ordinary deck should use a third of the space for pillars and towers alone.

A deck without quanta gaining is a dead deck. There are decks that can ignore this rule.

- Restricting Yourself:

Often I've seen people play too many types of pillars, too many different cards that neither work together or are simple to use.

By restricting yourself I mean this; if you are building an Aether Mono deck, it should look something like this;

Elemental Sign is Aether.

  • 14x Aether Pillars
  • 6x Dimensional Shield
  • 5x Phase Dragon
  • 1x Lobotomizer (rare)
  • 2x Parallel Universe
  • 2x Lightning


That's an example of a deck; it's simple, the strategy important cards (Shield, Dragon) will always pop-up in your hand

while the more situational-cards (Lightning, PU, Lobotomizer) will appear early or later in the game for you to use.

If you were to get greedy and want to add Darkness to the deck by throwing in a bunch of darkness pillars and cards,

you will quickly notice that, although your deck became versatile, it has gotten clumsy and slow.

If you are going to add Darkness to the Aether deck above, then do something like this;

Elemental Sign is Darkness.

  • 14x Aether Pillars
  • 6x Dimensional Shield
  • 5x Phase Dragon
  • 1x Lobotomizer (rare)
  • 1x Parallel Universe
  • 3x Steal



There we go! Now your Aether deck is capable of dealing with opponent's permanents while still staying true to the Aether strategy.

(edit by someone else: i just tested that deck, it works very well and if you just upgrade every single card, its a really good godkiller deck, you can kill about 4/5 with it!)

- Simplicity and Design:

Always understand what is the deck aiming for when you are designing it - otherwise you won't know what to put into it at all.


Elemental Sign is Earth.

6x Immolation

6x Photon

6x Lava Golem

15x Other Cards or Pillars

The deck above has a clear focus; making the Lava Golem as fast as possible (turn one) by sacrificing the Photon for Immolation.

The Elemental Sign is there to keep pumping the Golem once he is out and ready. Do mind that putting 6 of all the strategy important cards is not usually a good idea; you'll often get overflowed with the same card while lacking the other. Balancing this issue is not universal and cannot be applied to every deck with the same rules.

- Planning Ahead:

You are going against other players, other CPU's with different designs and strength / weaknesses.

After you've spent some time with your starter deck and experienced various opponents you will have an image in your head of an ideal deck.

The image would probably be something like more control, faster game play, more shields, more creatures... etc, etc.

Experiment and add the cards you wish, then scale if it was an improvement or just more clutter.

Remember that there is no one deck that can beat every other yet.

- Listen, Watch and Learn:

Read every card carefully. Watch every opponent's move and you might learn a thing or two.

Now, a few non-upgraded, no rare 30 card beginner deck designs;

Example DecksEdit


Elemental Sign is Aether.

14x Aether Pillars

6x Dimensional Shield

5x Phase Dragon

1x Lobotomizer (rare) (Edit by someone else: if you do not have this, use the short sword instead)

3x Parallel Universe

2x Lightning Bolt

1x Quintessence


Elemental Sign is Darkness.

14x Aether Pillars

6x Dimensional Shield

5x Phase Dragon

1x Lobotomizer (rare)

1x Parallel Universe

3x Steal


Elemental Sign is Darkness.

14x Obsidian Pillar

6x Devourer

4x Obsidian Dragon (edit: Obsidian is upgraded Black Dragon)

3x Steal

3x Drain Life

Edit by Alexandertz: the code below is something you can paste into the deck editor on the left of the screen by pressing import deck, which will remove your current dck and put as many cards as you have that are in the deck code into the deck. Also, you can paste it into to see what it looks like ahead of time.

5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5ul 5ul 5ul 5ul 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5uo 5up 5up 5up 5uq 5uq 5us 5us 5us 8pt


Elemental Sign is Earth .

14x Obsidian Pillar

6x Devourer

4x Obsidian Dragon

2x Steal

2x Drain Life

2x Earthquake


Elemental Sign is Gravity.

14x Gravity Pillar

3x Otyugh

5x Sapphire Charger

3x Colossal Dragon

2x Momentum

1x Hammer

1x Gravity Pull

1x Gravity Shield


Elemental Sign is Earth.

14x Gravity Pillars

3x Otyugh

5x Sapphire Charger

3x Colossal Dragon

3x Plate Armor

1x Hammer

1x Gravity Shield


Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar
Wind pillar


Import Code:

5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bv 5bv 5c6 5c6 5c6 5c6 5lb 5lb 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oj 5oj 5oj 5oj 5oj 5oj

Elemental Sign is Air.

9x Wind Pillar

7x Emerald Pillar

6x Firefly Queen

4x Empathic Bond

2x Pegasus

2x Rustler

edit by someone else: you may want to replace a rustler or Pegasus with Hope (light shield) or maybe a Sky Blitz for that last push over the line.

Another edit by someone else: Hope is definitely the best for getting EMs because it basically lets you take 0 damage from anything physical.

Edit by someone else: This may be a bit of a stretch but I often find myself having this deck fail against shields like firewall and procrastination; If you upgrade the firefly queen, she produces elite fireflies which make fire instead of light. Maybe if you throw deflagration in there, you can have that in your arsenal to get rid of annoying permanents.

nova WATER / DEATHEdit



Import Code:

52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52o 52o 52o 52o 52o 52o 52r 52r 52r 52r 52r 52r 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5

Elemental Sign is Water.

12x Death Pilla

6x Chrysaora

6x Poison

6x Bone Wall

1x Aflatoxin



So, you've done the following steps:

  • Created an account.
  • Decided which Element to take.
  • Started building a strategy. (recommended you never do this alone this early in the game; read Wiki and talk to other experienced players)

If you've done everything above, it's time to proceed with slaughtering the opponents and grinding gold.

NOTE: I strongly recommend you don't make multiple accounts so you can play various decks.

Stick to one account and don't be lazy.

If you think you have had a horrible deck choice and start, reset account and try again.

Ready for a game? Now that your deck is somewhat ready, it's time for the Training match.

Start practicing with the Artificial Intelligence:


Card Spins: 0

Electrum reward if win: 1

Electrum cost if lose: none

Threat: None.

The opponent will have half health and completely random cards, so you should have no problem beating him.

The electrum coin (I refer to it as gold, but nevermind) reward is pathetic and there's no card spins.

Kill once or twice, then pass.


Card Spins: 1

Electrum reward if win: up to 5

Electrum cost if lose: 0

Threat rate: Random.

This one has full health, but still completely random cards. Sometimes a level 1 is more challenging than the other decks, because he can draw from a very powerful bunch of cards (by completely random cards I also mean rares) and smash your unsuspecting behind.

Play him a few times as you get low on cash while attacking Elders.


Card Spins: 2

Electrum reward if win: up to 10

Electrum cost if lose: 5

Threat rate: Weak.

Much better. His deck is semi-consistent which means you have a better chance from 2 card spins.

My advice is to play him more often than 0 or 1.


Card Spins: 3

Electrum reward if win: up to 20

Electrum cost if lose: 10

Threat: Low - Moderate.

Your main target is the Elder CPU. He carries a fairly organized deck and strategy so you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of moves from him that you'll use in the future. 3 is the maximum card spin and you will win it often. Elder decks carry a few rares, of which the most commonly won is the Druidic Staff (Life) and Miracle (Light).

Other rares Elders have Pulverizer, Titan, Arsenic, Vampire Stiletto, Eternity, Trident, Arctic Squid, Discord.

You will spend most of your times on these.

Here a Elemental Mastery (win with 100 or more health) is worth 40 gold.

Before I start talking about the other levels you can play and you start hammering Elders right off, let's have a few words about quests.


To the lower right of the Main Menu, you can see the Quests tab. Click it.

The quests are there to help you start off with the game, giving you easy missions and good rewards for your troubles.


1. Defeat a level 0 elemental.

2. Remove at least one card from the deck.

3. Buy and sell at least one card from the Bazaar.

4. Defeat a level 1 elemental.

5. Defeat a level 2 elemental.

6. Reach a score of at least 150 (edited by someone else: don't give up as this might be challenging for some as some will stop playing once they receive this quest).

make an easy enough deck to handle like dark mono and go for live pvp, that gives massive scores on win,tho its also costs 20 gold and is bit of a gamble.

7. Reach a score of at least 500.

8. Attain a wealth of 1,500 gold to upgrade a card.

The missions will be to defeat the easiest levels of AI (0,1,2) use the Bazaar (buy and sell cards) and to attain a score of 150.

The greatest reward the quests give you is a bundle of gold and getting the Rare Weapon card of your choice.

Choosing a Rare Weapon is not an easy one to make, though.

After beating all quests, you will be awarded with 2 new options (available in the Quests tab):

  • Upgrade Cards
  • Challenge False Gods

But these are still not as close as you might hope, so more on these two later on.


If you have followed my instructions and advice about building a deck, you're pretty specialized against the Elder opponents.

Keep grinding, grinding, grinding them until your fingers bleed - then grind some more.

The thing about bashing Elders is cause they give a good Score / Cash reward, but also a fair chance at a Rare card.

You can disregard most Rares as useless save for a few. (Lobotomizer, Eternity, Pulverizer,... are GREAT in a God-killer.)

For now, just focus on doing all of the quests before going forward.

If you have some ideas about alternating your deck a bit, do so. Testing your building skills improves your building skills.

[Edit: Mono Darkness with high EM rate]








Greater challengesEdit

Since version 1.16 there's been more difficulty levels added to the game.

You need to be better prepared for these, though, since they're far harder than your usual Elder.


Card Spins: 3

Electrum reward if win: 30 or more, depending on the opponent's score.

Electrum cost if lose: 20

Threat: from Noob to Godly. A random match up with any other player who clicked PVP.

Elements does not support a fair system of score vs score match up, so be warned; you might encounter a player that has like -5 score, to a player who's got a fully upgraded deck and over 100,000 score who will tear you to shreds in these early phases, though upgraded cards temporarily turn unupgraded if you enter pvp1

It's a harsh learning trip and the rewards from beating a high-score player are great in Score / Cash / Cards.

Elements however has some heavy glitch issues and hackers are as well often reported, so try not to get overly pissed if you encounter utter unfairness.

Brace yourself for this one.

LEVEL 4 Half-Bloods

Card Spins: 3

Electrum reward if win: 30

Electrum cost if lose: 15

Threat: Hard. We go deeper into the bottoms of hell now, matching up against the today's Half-Blood player's decks in the game.

Half Bloods are apparently the next step towards bashing Gods, a little something to prepare you for what is coming.

They have some of the God's strengths, like some upped cards, 3x mark and so, but a very disorganized deck and 150 hp.

15% of the Half Blood's deck is upgraded and it is possible to win upgraded cards from them.

I recommend playing this before Gods.

The decks are controlled by the game's AI, which sadly cannot match the creativity and timing of a living, logical being.

Notice one thing; you are not playing preset decks - you are playing what the players had equipped today.

Sometimes you'll encounter a joke deck; I myself make a lot of mock decks for playing friendly matches for a few laughs.

Often the Half-Blood will be Rainbow God-killer decks; these you can easily beat if you have a fast and shield-destroying deck.

Whatever is in their decks you can win - and the Half-Blood players certainly have a lot of rares.

Note that there are also the Shard cards available to get, which are rares.

If you have a decent amount of gold(500 or more), farming this level is really good.

You can get really good cards from the rolls if you win and sometimes encounter decks from nice people that only have towers and rare cards,

increasing you chances of getting that rare item. You can face difficult decks but, you will probably win more than you lose all while getting rare cards.

LEVEL 5 False Gods

Card Spins: 3 (Upgraded)

Electrum reward if win: 40

Electrum cost if lose: 20

Threat: Hard.

False Gods are the final frontier for anyone who wishes a real challenge. Their decks are built to withstand a vast variety of deck strategy, so there are many specific weaknesses to these gods. But, if you go and fight without a deck made for False God bashing, God (bad pun) be with you.

One Turn Kill decks are probably the best way to defeat false gods, such as the decks Instosis (if you have the Shards of Readiness required) or a less demanding deck, Limitless Speed.

Every single one of the cards in a False God deck is upgraded, so the spins, if you win, are really worth it.

Grinding False Gods may be a little harder, but the money isn't bad and the cards, if you choose to sell right away, can get you to 1,500 gold, enough to up the cards you want.

Understanding and abusing the AIEdit

(note by archael7: the artificial intelligence received an update,but stills being stupid, specially in gods)

As said, artificial intelligence is still far from perfect - it has lack of logic, no sense of timing and no way to be creative.

A player, for one, could recognize the deck you are playing (Aether Mono is for example the most predictable deck out there) and just prepare

for the Dimensional Shield and Dragons that are coming - while the AI will always be the blind sheep heading for the slaughter

no matter how obvious your gameplay is.


The AI as well has horrible spell and ability aiming - choosing the targets poorly.

Let's say you've got a Firefly Queen and you are spamming a Firefly every round. Let's say your opponent draws a Fire Bolt every turn.

What will he do?

He'll keep hitting the Fireflies.

Let's say you've got an Otyugh and a Boneyard; you eat your opponent's creature and that spams a skeleton.

Let's say he has 23 Parasites on his sides, which can poison a target.

What will he do?

He'll put 23 poison on a 1/1 skeleton while Otyugh still keeps eating his creatures.

Lets say you have a Gravity Shield out

Lets say your opponent has a Shrieker (8/3) on his side, and a blessing in his hand.

What will he do?

He'll cast the blessing on the Shrieker leaving it's attack to be blocked by your shield

Let's say he's got an Emerald Shield up and he casts Heal on himself.

What happens?

He heals you instead.

Lets say you have a Gravity Shield out.

Lets say your opponent has a Gold Dragon (10/10) on his side already blocked by the shield, and 2 Blessings in his hand.

What will he do?

He'll cast all the Blessings on the Gold Dragon even though it is already blocked.

Let's say he's got 6 sundials and you have only 2 remaining cards.

What will he do?

He will play all sundials together.

Learn through his stupidity. Learn to abuse it.

Players won't give you such easy wins. (Actually, the CPU isn't stupid. But he's not smart. I find he actually SOMETIMES put my bone wall in first priority.)

Finishing the questsEdit

The 500 Score Quest

After you have finally managed to organize your deck and make it successful in grinding Elders (3/4 or 4/5 wins is good enough, if you have

a Mastery-achieving deck than at least half the wins should be Mastery) it is time you deal with the quests.

The first one is relatively easy; get 150 score. This is much faster to achieve in PVP since you can get about from like 50 to +100 score from a single battle!

That's the faster way, but not the easier. As mentioned, you will encounter heavy pro's, hackers and stuff there. Very challenging sometimes

even to a heavy-class player. Grinding Elders is still the safer and slower approach.

My advice is simple combining; play 5 matches of Elders, then 1 or 2 matches of PVP.

Now that you have reached 500 score, time to collect your reward; you are allowed to take any Rare Weapon offered in the game!

This, as said, is a tricky decision and I urge you to think deep into it. The rares will be discussed in the next chapter of this guide.

Upgrading your first card Quest

This is a real grind fest, if you ever needed one. No time-saving advice to give you here except;

grind, grind, grind, mastery, sell cards that don't seem you'll want to use in the future or are worthless in gameplay.

Mastery versus Elders will get you 40 coins, but it is still a long run till 1,500 if you don't sell any of the cards you win from spins.

A Mastery in PVP can get you from 50 gold to more (my personal best was 100 gold from a single match) but as said

PVP is still a greater challenge.

Now that you have finally reached 1,500 gold, you will be offered two new options in the Quest tab;

Upgrade Card and challenge Fake Gods. More on that in the next chapter.

The true beginningEdit

Rare weaponsEdit

Every Element has a weapon; you've seen weapons in the Other cards, the dagger, short sword and hammer.

What makes the rare weapon different? Well, these cards are very different;

  • They are rare cards (as in not available in the Bazaar for buying)
  • These weapons are colored (as in they cost in colored quanta)
  • They are powerful additions to any deck
  • Each has a unique ability

Selecting your free rare weaponEdit

You have reached 500 score and it's time to choose a rare weapon, from the 12 weapons offered.

Take note that you will encounter and probably win (if you are patient enough) every rare weapon and card available in the game,so picking your Rare is not as a heavy as it seems at the moment. I personally have over 40 rare weapons, even selling some of them after reaching more than 6 copies. If you are patient and play the right opponents, you will have a chance at winning every rare.

Here's another user's perspective, seconding this opinion:

"one of the probably best bets around is grinding the t50 decks, not false gods. (I personally have gotten the pulverizer out of a T50 match but much other than that has come but that also is a good place for shards on the slots for ME atleast I have gotten 2 shards in one day depending on the day if there are decks meant for you to beat them (parkerdan is saying this not breach)) and there are decks in t50 and if you get lucky and it's the right day you might fight a t50 (not really they just throw it in from my oppinion) as in other words, all I've got not depending on the other ways as in other levels, I've got 2 OWL EYES, ONLY out of the other things not using the T50 so obviously you really don't know what you're doing if you don't try to win weapons on the t50 roles, but only low, VERY low chances of getting weapons without using t50, mainly the message is T50 is the best source of weapons. the following said thing is REALLY TRUE and the rarity ratings aren't true, exept for the eternity and pulverizer, but be really patient and do the t50 maybe 20 times if you're really lucky and you might get the pulverizer and trident, and the other's again I wouldn't agree with the rarity rate. like my opinion on below when it says rarity rates and all, go to the vampire stilletto . after that compare it to this. 4/5 for the vampire stilleto because I've only gotten one before in the slots. not suggesting that for the free rare card. and just make a list of rares you want deciding by the descriptions of the rares in the following section. well if you have a rainbow. I suggest atleast the pulverizer, eternity and lobtomizer. and them upgraded does help because the upgrades decrease the cost for it's ability. like pulverizer, it does increase the cost to put it out as in 3 earth quantum but 3 gravity for it's ability but upgraded 4 earth quantums to put it out but worth it because it's ability only costs A gravity quantum."

Take in mind that not all Rares are equally easy to find; more on that ahead.

(Rares obey the Card Spin rules as any other card; if they're in the opponent's deck, you can win it.) but I think you can get rares off a T50 pillars only deck.

The list of rare weapons;

AIR Owl's Eye
AETHER Lobotomizer
DARKNESS Vampire Stiletto
DEATH Arsenic
EARTH Pulverizer
FIRE Fahrenheit
LIFE Druidic Staff
LIGHT Morning Star
TIME Eternity
WATER Trident

There we go.

Well, forcing you to choose from 12 great and rare weapons is a scary choice to make, so lemme help out with that.

This is my personal take on the weapons, rated by power / ability / rarity / where to find / note / rate / final thought.

The Rate refers to "should you take this rare or not" question.

AIR - Owl's EyeSummoning Cost: 5 Air'Damage per turn: 5''(Ability - 2 Air: deal 3 damage to target creature.)Upgrade: adds 2 damage.POWER: 3/5ABILITY: 3/5RARITY: Common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Air), Firefly Queen decks and Fake Gods. (Miracle and Fire Queen)NOTE:Owl's Eye is great for creature control, since it can deal 3 damage to any target per turn. This allows taking out smaller creatures or slowly killing or crippling the massive threats (Dragons with low HP, huge Otyughs, Golems...) Easy enough to get by grinding.Powerful and common weapon to find.RATE: 2/5. If you play Firefly Queen or other Air decks, then +1 to rate.
AETHER - LobotomizerSummoning Cost: 3 Aether'Damage per turn: 5''Ability - 2 Aether: remove all abilities from the target creature.(Upgrade: lowers ability cost by 1.) POWER: 4/5ABILITY: 4/5RARITY: Uncommon.WHERE TO FIND: Top50 decks are the best bet, PVP's versus Aether players and Fake Gods. (Gemini)NOTE:Don't be fooled by its looks; Lobotomizer alone can destroy a deck's strategy.The card is most useful in Aether decks and practically a must in God-Killers.Just imagine how Lobotomizer deals with Firefly Queen decks, growing Spirits, Golems or other creatures that heavily rely on their ability.Creatures like Scavenger, Firefly Queen or Arctic Squid are rendered completely harmless, while creatures that would normally prove a threatto your Aether shielding deck (like creatures with the Momentum ability) would be stripped off their only advantage over you.RATE: 3/5, it is still not as difficult to find. Recommended if you plan on playing Aether for your grinding purposes.
DARKNESS - Vampire StilettoSummoning Cost: 2 Darkness'Damage per turn: 4 (6 upgraded) ''Ability - drain (damage you dealt you gain as life)(Upgrade: adds 2 more drain damage.) POWER: 2/5ABILITY: 1/5RARITY: Very common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Darkness) and Fake Gods (Morte, Incarnate)NOTE:Not worth the choice by all means and no matter what deck you have.Stiletto is way too common (for some) and a little bit threatening; 4 damage unupgraded and 4 healing per turn is pretty much somewhat ignorable from unupgraded but upgraded actually makes it the highest damage (if you think of it where all healing and damage count as damage). Also take in mind that if a shield blocks the damage - you don't get the healing. This is particulary sad when compared to the Druidic Staff which deals 2 damage and regardless of whether or not does it actually deal the damage - still heals you for 5 points.Safely ignore this weapon.RATE: 1/5, ignore this weapon for the most, handy addition to pillarless golem however.
DEATH - ArsenicSummoning Cost: 2 Death'Damage per turn: 2''Ability - add 1 poison with every hit. Poison stacks.(Upgrade: adds 2 more damage.) POWER: 2/5ABILITY: 2/5RARITY: Common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Death, Water) and Fake Gods (Morte)NOTE:A better weapon that the Stiletto, but still not quite there yet.There are much faster ways to poison your opponent, although this is the only weapon-form of poison in the game.I would still not recommend it since it is relatively common and is still not better than using Chrysoara and Deadly Poison to really inflict the poison fast.Also take note that if the dagger's damage gets blocked - the poison effect does not work.RATE: 2/5 looks better than it works.
EARTH - PulverizerSummoning Cost: 3 Earth'Damage per turn: 5''Ability - 3 Gravity: destroy target permanent.(Upgrade: lowers cost of ability by 2) POWER: 4/5ABILITY: 5/5RARITY: Rare.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Earth, Gravity) and Fake Gods (Seism)NOTE:One of my definite recommendations, the Pulverizer is a fierce destroyer and a very welcome addition to any deck that can carry it.The ability to destroy any permanent each turn (you do know what permanents are, don't you?) gives you the ability to completely destroy any shield the opponent plays, any pillar or tower he puts in game, any Bond, Graveyard, Sundial... ANYTHING.Pulverizer can wreck apart a deck's strategy, easily. The slower the deck, the more pain you inflict with this baby.Take in mind though that it the upgrade is recommended since the ability cost is 3 Gravity on the Pulverizer unupgraded.The upgrade lowers the Gravity down to 2, which is still a good upgrade making the pulverizers ability much easier to play.RATE: 5/5, recommended choice especially due to rarity.

This card is actualy common in top50 (in almost every deck now) still one of the top 5 wepons

ENTROPY - DiscordSummoning Cost: 3 Entropy'Damage per turn: 4''Ability - randomly convert opponent's quanta.(Upgrade: increases damage by 2) POWER: 3/5ABILITY: 3/5RARITY: Common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Entropy, Entropy Darkness) and Fake Gods (Chaos Lord)NOTE:This card is devastating versus a mono or so deck; a deck that does not use the full spread of quanta.It's capable of seriously crippling his quanta reserves by moving up to 5 quanta each turn into other colors.I'm also not sure, but I think Discord sometimes adds or destroys quanta as well as shuffling it.However, it is useless versus decks with a wider spread of colors.RATE: 2/5 pretty easy find and an entertaining weapon more than a destructive one. Pair it up with a Darkness deck.Very interesting with Adrenaline card.
FIRE - FahrenheitSummoning Cost: 3 Fire'Damage per turn: 4''Ability - deal 1 more damage for each 5 quanta in your deck. (i.e: 50 quanta equals +10 damage)(Upgrade: adds 1 damage) POWER: 2/5ABILITY: 2/5RARITY: Uncommon.WHERE TO FIND: Fake Gods (Fire Queen)NOTE:Hard to master this card, really. As much as I love it, I can't seem to get it's damage to like a really insane level.Although Fire has some very easy access to fast quanta (immolation, brimstone eaters) it is still not fast enough to make Fahrenheit a real threat. By the time you reach 100 fire quanta it can deal 20 damage; which is about when the game is already over.An Elite Queen deck could make it work, but Elite Queens don't really need Fahrenheit's help.RATE: 2/5 Adrenaline doesn't work on this card.
GRAVITY - TitanSummoning Cost: 5 Gravity'Damage per turn: 7''Ability - Momentum (ignores shields)(Upgrade: adds 1 damage) POWER: 2/5ABILITY: 3/5RARITY: Uncommon.WHERE TO FIND: Level 1 and 2 CPU, Elders (Gravity) and Fake Gods (Graviton)NOTE:A strong weapon that ignores shields.It's pretty expensive at 5 Gravity cost and has one of the worst weaknesses of a Gravity deck; if the weapon gets stolenGravity won't be able to deal with it due to no permanent control. Titan is still good in a fast Momentum deck, though.RATE: 3/5 if you have a fast gravity deck; -1 if not.
LIFE - Druidic StaffSummoning Cost: 2 Life'Damage per turn: 2''Ability - Heal 5 at end of turn(Upgrade: adds 2 damage) POWER: 1/5ABILITY: 2/5RARITY: Very common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Life) and Fake Gods (Firefly Queen, Miracle)NOTE:Not a good choice. The effect is still too weak and there's better cards for achieving Masteries than this available.

Edit by Lewiatan5: However, if you don't upgrade the card, add animate or flying weapon and adrenaline, this card can heal you 20 HP every turn, and inflict 8 damage the opponent, making it as effective as a constant heal + ShriekerRATE: 3/5 Not still to consider your best choice, but don't discard it if you have the said cards.
LIGHT - Morning StarSummoning Cost: 5 Light'Damage per turn: 7''Ability - Morning Star cannot be the target of spells and abilities.(Upgrade: adds 1 damage) POWER: 3/5ABILITY: 2/5RARITY: Very common.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Light) and Fake Gods (Miracle)NOTE:Pretty brutal, since the opponent will receive 7 damage per turn and won't have any way to destroy the source of the damage.Morning Star does get blocked by shields and so. It is also very easy to find so it is not a good choice for picking as your rare weapon unless using them in a flying weapon deck with multiple Morning Stars.RATE: 1/5 very common.

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TIME - EternitySummoning Cost: 5 Time'Damage per turn: 4''Ability - 3 Time: return target creature to the top of your opponent's deck.(Upgrade: lowers playing cost by 1) POWER: 3/5ABILITY: 5/5RARITY: Rare.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Time)NOTE:Weak damage, but the ability to reverse time a creature every turn makes the Eternity another recommended choice.Eternity's ability pretty much keeps recycling your opponent's draw - forcing lesser enemies such as elders, or other players to draw the same creature over and over. Gods will draw at a rate of 1 new card per turn using EternityDenying your opponent's card draw would easily be the greatest advantage in any card game ever.Otherwise, Eternity is commonly used to keep you in a game safe from decking out; if you keep returning your own creature, you can draw it and play it over and over for as long as you need time. Eternity is a life-saver versus Gods and long matches.RATE: 5/5 brutal card that is hard to find. |}

WATER - TridentSummoning Cost: 3 Water'Damage per turn: 4''Ability - 3 Earth: destroy up to 3 Pillars / Towers(Upgrade: lowers ability cost by 1) POWER: 3/5ABILITY: 4/5RARITY: Uncommon.WHERE TO FIND: Elders (Water) and Fake Gods (Scorpio)NOTE:Trident is a pretty good card, although Water and Earth don't really match that much.It's basically an Earthquake card every turn, if you can afford the cost.RATE : 3/5 strong in a denial deck but not a good choice, and also the only connection from water to earth.


I advise going for either Pulverizer or Eternity.

The other rares are not as closely challenging to get as these two, except maybe for Shards and Squids.

Other rare cardsEdit

There are a few more cards in the game that are not normally available from the Bazaar. (aka Rares)

These are the following rares so far:

Miracle (light)
Very common get from Light Elders or Gods.
Effect: Heal yourself to maximum health minus 1. This spell consumes all your light quantums left.
Upgraded: Improved Miracle
Arctic Squid (water)Rare and powerful card available from Scorpio or Water Elders.

Effect: Can freeze the targeted creature.
Upgraded: Arctic Octopus
Shards (other)Rare card that needs to be upgraded to work. Can be won from players or Fake Gods.

Upgraded: Shard of Gratitude or Shard of Divinity

EDIT: all shads have their respective colors now and no longer need upgrading

Shard of Gratitude (other)
Rare card that you get if you donate to the game or by upgrading the green shard.
Shard of Divinity (other)
Rare card you that you get from upgrading the purple shard.

Upgrading your cardsEdit

After solving the 500 score quest and picking up a Rare Weapon, there's the Upgrade Card quest.

You have to grind 1,500 gold to upgrade any card you want.

Here's a little Q&A to speed up this chapter;

What are upgrades?

Upgrades are a slightly better version of the original card, for example, lowering its cost or increasing its statistics.

How to get upgrades?

Solve quests. An upgrade costs 1,500 per card.

What do I get with upgrades?

Most cards get a slight increase or decrease of statistics. For example,


Otyugh is 0/3 with Devour for 4 Gravity.

Elite Otyugh is 0/5 with Devour for 4 Gravity.


Black Dragon is 10/5 for 10 Darkness.

Obsidian Dragon is 12/6 for 12 Darkness.


Flying Weapons costs 1 Air.

Animate Weapons costs 1 of Any quanta. (making it able to be played in any deck)

Some cards get a complete make-over.


Chaos Seed does a random effect to a creature.

Chaos Power gives a creature a random attack/hp boost.

If I upgrade a card, do all of the same cards upgrade? (if I upgrade a Wind Pillar, do the 14 Wind Pillars in my deck upgrade as well?)

Nope. Every upgrade is individual. Upgrading one card will not upgrade any more copies of it you have.

You must upgrade each of the 14 pillars, one by one.

If I upgrade 1 dragon can I use it with other 6 dragons in my deck??


That's #$%#&%$ insane!

It seems to be, at the beginning. It gets much easier.


You start grinding Gods.

Fake GodsEdit


What are these Gods that keep getting mentioned? Glad you asked.

Fake Gods are available once you have done all the Quests. You can challenge a God through the Quests bar.

Challenging a God will cost you 30 gold.

Fake (or False, however you like it) Gods have 200 health points, 2x card draw per turn and 3x Elemental Sign.

That's all the unfair advantage they have - and it's more than enough.

Every card in a God's deck is upgraded.

Gods can have more than 60 cards and more than 6 copies of each card.

The first thing you will notice about Fake Gods is how goddamn fast and pulverizing they are.

Each of them also represents a powerful strategy that you can figure out from their name alone.

The Gods are;







Dark Matter



Chaos Lord


Fire Queen


Divine Glory




Why are these Gods so important in the game?

They're the greatest source of cash and only source of upgraded cards in the game [edit: not any more. Lvl 5 CPU can also net you upgraded cards]; beating a God will give you 3 spins at getting an upgraded card - even upgraded Rares! Mastering the Gods will also get you 120 gold, which is nice but insignificant once you start getting rares you don't need and selling them for 1200 gold each. Grinding Gods will allow you an infinite amount of gold and the ability to build / upgrade any deck you ever dreamed off.

Don't go out and challenging each of them yet just for your curiosity and greed; the losses are costly and you have no chance without proper preparation.

I will describe the preparation and each God in the next chapter.

Preparing to grind Gods / Grind Gods techniquesEdit

First of all, challenging a God cannot be done without a proper God-killer strategy.

If you upgrade any other strategy deck at all to the full limits and expect to beat Gods with it - you'll get a cold shower from these bastards.

You can't hope to out muscle / out rush / deny them; their unfair advantage makes sure of that. So what can one do?


1. Find a God-killer strategy.

The Wiki alone provides strategies you can use to destroy Gods. Copy those or learn from them.

2. Start building the God-killer.

This step requires grinding and reading and collecting the Rare cards, provided the strategy you chose to use demands Rares.

There's no "leap" to this, it's just repeated grinding until you get the rare/normal cards or the cash to buy them from the Bazaar.

It is a long journey that requires a patient approach.

My advice would be to go for the Time / Rainbow deck, since it is the only deck that can beat ANY God with a good enough draw.

It also defeats a majority of Gods on a regular basis and can withstand the Gods that use Permanent control.

I myself have a God-killer deck on this wiki, so if you like my style I'd be happy if I can help you even further.

The most commonly used God-killer deck is ScaredGirl's.

I would advise to avoid making the Aether one. It's not that effective, can't deal with most of Gods at all and not worth the investment.

3. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade.

Upgrading versus Gods is a must.

I personally had a Earth / Darkness Denial deck fully upgraded that I sold so I can upgrade half of the God-killer.

The investment WILL pay off once you start beating them like baby seals.

4. Learn their decks.

They use predictable strategies. If you learn the key cards, you can learn how to defeat each God by rendering him harmless.

5. Find the rares you need.

Lobotomizer, Eternity and Pulverizer. They're deadly versus gods, each of them in their own way.

p.s. Now add dark matter to the list

What makes a rainbow God-killer deck successful?Edit

Tons of shields.

Dimensional Shields, Bone Walls, Sundials. (Sundial is not a shield but acts better than one!)

You can't hope to out-rush a God, and he'll almost always play out 4-5 creatures before you even got one on the table.

You have to block a lot of damage. Even a Life-gain combo will not save you from what the Gods can do.

Card drawing control.

Hourglass, Sundial. You need to find and play out the cards as fast as possible and outmatch the God's 2x draw speed.

He will try to overwhelm you, but that's a contest you can easily win if your deck has any control at all.


A card for every situation. Parallel Universe, Rain of Fire, Supernova, Steal, Eternity, Pulverizer, Lobotomizer... will be your life-savers

or the cards that made a God impotent. (Lobotomizer versus Fire Queen God; feels like cruising.)

Power and Infinity.

Firefly Queen, Otyugh, Druid, Bone Wall, Empathic Bond, Boneyard.

While you stall the game and Gods are waiting on their behinds, you carefully grow your massive army.


Hourglasses and Quantum Towers are your best bet, since those greatly increase the speed of your game.


Play Gods the way to maximize efficiency. Onwards...

Exploiting God's weaknessesEdit

Every card upgraded means he's twice as fast as Elders and hits a lot harder.

Gods can have more than 60 cards and more than 6 copies of each card.

Double health points is really a sort of rush-immunity all by itself.

You can't hope to beat him before he beats you with damage.

3x Sign is like having 3 pillars on start; even if he didn't draw any of his towers, it mostly doesn't matter.

Double card draw means covers everything else; from pressure-applying to getting out of a bad draw.

It seems he has everything covered, right?

His first major flaw is, again, the AI.

The AI's ridiculous sense of targeting and prioritizing will make these Gods about 50% easier to beat than otherwise.

It's the same intelligence used on Elders, just with powered cards.

So, basically... If you are fighting a Shield-controlling maniac like Rainbow and Hermes (who are jam-packed with Destroy and Steal)

just plant a Bonewall at the right moment and watch him waste powerful cards with little effect. It is sad to even watch.

His second flaw is control.

Most of the Gods don't use Permanent control (and even if they did you could still abuse his horrible targeting)

and against most of them you are safe behind a shield. I'll describe who, what and that later on.

Third flaw goes to the deck size and organization.

He'll play like 10 Eclipses into the field. He'll play a Trident or a Pulverizer without being able to use it.

He's got like 100 cards in his deck and there's a pretty good chance he'll get stuck in his own cards.

(But not for long since the double draw, so rush it)

Some Gods are far more challenging than others. On to the descriptions of each particular God and its strategy...

Fake Gods (Strategies and Counter-Strategies)Edit

  • Chaos Lord
  • Dark Matter
  • Decay
  • Destiny
  • Divine Glory
  • Elidnis
  • Eternal Phoenix
  • Ferox
  • Fire Queen
  • Gemini
  • Graviton
  • Hermes
  • Obliterator
  • Incarnate
  • Paradox
  • Rainbow
  • Morte
  • Miracle
  • Scorpio
  • Seism
  • Lionheart?
  • Dream Catcher?
  • Serket?
  • Osiris?
  • Hecate?
  • Akebono?

This is the list of the Gods you might encounter in the Fake Gods quest; the challenge is completely random.

As mentioned, most of them are push-over due to their lack of permanent control... Others have too much of it.

Now, for the God by God description...

(This is, of course, my view of the Gods and their difficulty level. I use my own God-killer strategy and deck

so our opinions and experiences with the Gods can differ.)

I'm writing an extended guide to dealing with Gods on this link;


Chaos LordEdit


3x Entropy


Entropy / Rainbow


Usually plays a few Ray of Light's in the beginning and mutates them with Advanced Mutation. He'll also play in Lychantrops, Maxwell's and other creatures

alongside his Fallen Druid. If you are extremely unlucky, he will get a 1X/1X creature in the first 2 turns or get something with either Steal or Destroy; effectively ruining your chances.

Chaos Lord carries Explosions and Steals so he will sometimes blow up your defenses or permanents - but not very often. Uses a few creature control cards (like Congeal) as well.

Sometimes he will play Miracle or Chaos Power, but those will rarely change the outcome of the game.

He also uses Dissipation Field, which can be used to drain his entire quanta down to nothing.

When you play a powerful creature card, Chaos Lord will target it with his mutation skills and spells.


Uses Druids and Advanced Mutations to mutate his little Ray of Light into fighting force, hopefully in getting the perfect mutant for the job.

Werewolves also provide a fast few damage while he sits behind a Dissipation Field.


Get rid of his Fallen Druids before he begins mutating; remember, he will also use the mutating offensively when need be, probably destroying

your only chance at survival. If he gets a creature early (1-3 turns) in with Destroy or Steal, your chances have been trimmed to almost nothing.

Once you manage to take control of the mutation field (you're far better off in creature control if you have a Rainbow deck) then it's easy sailing.

Plant Bonewalls so he steals those to almost no effect. Supply him decoys so you can bring in the real beaters.

You will probably lose a few good creatures to his mutations, so don't focus your power into just one.


Advanced Mutation


Chaos Power



Advanced Steal



Dissipation Field




Commonly will target a buffed up creature.


4/10, Medium threat.

Unless he gets really lucky and plays a fast destroyer or massive dragon into play in the first few turns, you're likely to beat him.

Dark Matter Edit


3x Light


Light / Gravity

GAMEPLAY: Spams powerful creatures (Gravity Nymph, Archangel, Chargers, etc) and constantly hits you with Black Hole.

Carries a few blessings,gravity pulls, unstoppables and all our favorite's - Miracle.


Smash you with strong, momentum creatures while draining your quanta completely.


Pace yourself; if your deck uses Supernovas, wait for Dark Matter to waste a few Black Holes before playing them.

They're likely to be the only thing keeping you alive.

Dealing with his creatures would probably be best to use Quintessence on a fat Otyugh and eating them up.

Quintessence seems to be another must, as you gather from this text.

There's currently no way to deflect the Black Hole card (it targets quantum, not player) so forget that approach.

Destroying his Nymph at the very first chance is a must. Remember that Momentum creatures do not hit Gravity Pull'd ones.

Not much I can tell you, except that your permanents are safe but your shields are not as important as usual.


Gravity Pull


Improved Blessing








8/10, one of the harder gods.

Very capable, very annoying. Bombards you with Black Holes until you go absolutely nuts.



3x Darkness



NOTE(by Kralgar):I have only fought him once but his strategy is obvious, he sends out a lot of Pests and Fractals them i don't think he has any Obsidian Towers but i am not sure, anyways he can be a tough False God to beat if you don't have alot of pillars so smaller decks may have a problem with him. I would say supernovas can help alot and i would say you should save supernovas until you can send out an Oty. I think he has siphon life as creature control (although he usually plays it on your health when he has alot of darkness quanta). Altogether this False God has potential but due to his horrible firepower, you can play quite safely. Just be careful of his siphon life :P.

Destiny Edit


3x Time


Time / Entropy


Destiny plays Elite Fate Egg's most of the time, the Eggs being her main and almost only combat force

other than the Maxwell's Demons. Not really a strategy there except total randomness.


Hatches Fate Eggs into possibly powerful Dragons and so. Plays a lot of Maxwell's Demons that are her backup army.

Throws a lot of Chaos Powers on the single best creature she has. Sometimes plays Druids and a lot of Eternities.

Uses Supernovas to gain quanta she possibly needs.


It is simple; get any creature control card (Otyugh, Lobotomizer, Mind Flayer, ...) into game and prevent the Eggs from hatching.

When you think of it, there's 12 dragons in the game, and a lot of other very dangerous creatures.

Needless to say, there's a 30% or so chance that Destiny will come up with something hard to handle.

Whatever hatches, if you rewind it then Destiny will have a very difficult time playing it out again, duo to not having any source

of other quanta other than Supernovas.

Destiny has a lot of Eternities and you need a consistent Steal or Destroy flow.

If you need to act fast, just play a few creatures at the same time; give Eternity something to think about while you try working around it.

Two Fire Storms can take care off all the creatures she might have in the late game. (Most creatures are on or under 6hp.)

Overall, a weak and confused God.



Chaos Power

Maxwell's Demon


None (though if unlucky she can mutate any rubbish creatures mainly rays of light into potential stealers or destroyers - Anti-permanent creatures)


Nothing mentionable




Eternity and Maxwell's Paradox can cause trouble.


2/10 low threat.

Reverse her hatchlings and she'll get stuck in her own cards. Make sure to get rid of the Eternities.

Divine Glory Edit


3x Light


Light / Fire


Rains flying Morning Glories on you while as well playing a lot of Explosions on whatever you have.

Fast, immortal, heavy hitting and brutal.


No-brainer; starts playing Glories real soon and fast (turn 2 he could already have 3 in game) and if he gets a Fire Tower

he'll land Explosions on you like hell. Morning Glory is a 8/1 immortal when flying.

  • 8/4 in latest version.


Divine Glory has a ton of explosions, and they'll rip apart whatever strategy you need to stop the flying swords.

But he has a low number of Fire Towers, and Fire denial is possible.

The Glories are easily blockable by whatever shield you have after that, since Divine doesn't have any alternative way of dealing damage.






Flying Weapons


High Explosion rate


Ignores, none

8/10 hard threat.'Prevent his Fire quanta (not too hard) so you stand a chance. Otherwise plant Bone Walls as fodder.

Elidnis Edit


3x Life


Life / Water / Aether


Storms you with powerful Forest Spectres that he Parallels and Quints.

Has some other minor creatures, like Puffer Fish (likes to give them Adrenaline) and Ulitharids.


Grows the Spectres to colossal proportions, Parallels them (making copies) and occasionally lands a Quintessence.

Other creatures Elidnis carries are back-ups, like the annoying Ulitharids and the Puffer Fish he likes to Adrenaline.


Really no simple one here.

You need to get your own Lobotomizers out, but even that won't help most of the time. Frost Shield helps a lot since it freezes

even immortal creatures, giving you a good breather. Healing spells are a must.

You need to make your most important creatures untargetable, since Elidnis is skilled at Lobo/Congealing or Twin Universing.

Getting an Otyugh out early would be ideal - but you need to keep that Otyugh safe from harm.




Twin Universe







THREAT RATE: 7/10, hard.

Sometimes extremely difficult to beat, especially if he draws Quints or grows

Eternal PhoenixEdit

????? There is a god called Eternal Phoenix (Found from Oracle) Please contribute info about this new FG :)

I also was warned about him by the Oracle, and just faced him.

He is Aether Mark, but the only towers he brought out were fire. He brought out several Minor Phoenixes and a couple of Ruby Dragons. He nuked all my permanents with Explosions, and the one creature I managed to put out was immediately Fire Bolted to death. The only other card I saw him use was Fractal, which he used on a Phoenix. His damage output was pretty slow, for a fire-based diety. If I had gotten lucky and pulled out an Otyugh, a Quintessence, and an anti-matter early, I think I could have held his damage under my ability to heal it. For quite a while he had only 3 phoenixes and a dragon. Dropping antimatter on the dragon would have meant that I was taking no damage from the set of them, giving my Otyugh time to eat up the phoenixes and the ash they turn into. ChronoZag 14:54, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

There is a god called Eternal Pheonix. He will put out minor pheonixes early on and regenerate them if you kill them. Then, he'll fractal them and overload you with pheonixes and then play the ruby dragons. He has a lot of explosions and firebolts, so that's his creature control and permanent control. I've only beaten him once, and that was by getting a nearly perfect draw against him with my rainbow deck. How I dealt with him was a lucky untouched phaseshield which gave me time to pull out some bonewalls and firestorms which built up my bonewall to stall a couple turns. Then I used an quitessenced otyugh to slowly pick at his creatures, and a lobotomizer to remove the regen ability from his pheonixes, and more firestorms to kill them. an invincible pharoah would also be helpful for spawning scarabs that would be able to make his pheonixes easy pickings.

swimminboy13 6/19/10

That god is a beast, may not so hard but with 60 cards may deck out? the answer is no. He is very hard with the damage and creature and permanent control, with the cheap phoenixes, his aether mark lets him do an awesome fractal, creating a big army of phoenixes, may giving to the battlefield an ruby dragon and an abussive use of explosion and firebolt is INSANE, but an rainbow with thunderstorm and an quintiessence on a otyugh you can reduce him to dust, and having bonewalls and phase shields make him waste his explosion on some bonewalls or increase them with thunderstorm or fire rain and you likely secured the victory. But don´t underestimate his tactic, is hell fast!

Archael7 29/10/2011

Ferox Edit


3x Life


Life / Light


Plays the cheap Life creatures (Giant Frog, Leaf Dragon, etc) Ray of Light (just for the Dragons to convert the quanta)

and attacks with Jade Dragons. Ferox, other than doing a simple and effective rush, also plays heavy on Feral Bonds.


Gets the Life quanta up as fast as possible, rushes with cheap creatures, Jade Dragons and so.

Carries some Adrenaline cards and a lot of Feral Bonds.


First off, treat Ferox as you would treat Miracle.

Ferox is terribly weak duo to having no ability whatsoever at dealing with your shields and creatures, so you can relax

behind any shield. If you survive the beginning, where Ferox is bound to try and slam you with the Frogs and Dragons

you're pretty much set for winning.

A double Fire Storm will destroy almost all of his creatures, while putting down the Jade Dragons to 3hp; easily removable.

The Feral Bonds, which he'll stack a lot sometimes, can either be removed by constantly hitting with Pulverizer or a mutant with either

Steal or Destroy. I personally just wait for the Fire Storm, and once he has no creatures out there - the Bonds don't do anything for him. I also find that Otyughs work well against him; devouring his small creatures and gaining HP so that when he manages to summon a dragon, you can devour that as well.






Jade Shield

Feral Bonds (lots)






1/10 Minimal threat.

If you delay the weak rush, the metagame is yours.

Fire QueenEdit


3x Air


Air / Life / Fire


Nothing you haven't already seen when going against beginner players and Elders; you probably even used the FFQ deck yourself.

Usually starts off with a bunch of Eagle's Eye (if you destroy 1 or 2, expect a third) that he sometimes animates. Adds in a Elite Queen.

Will stack up about 5-8 Feral Bonds by the mid-game along with 2-4 Queens that spam fire-generating Fireflies.

Sometimes plays Fahrenheit and Fire Lance directly against you.


Spams Queens and Eagle's Eye in the attempt to overwhelm you. Uses Feral Bonds to achieve near-immortality.


Your shields are completely safe from Fire Queen's deck, since she doesn't carry any Explosions in the Fire part.

The Eagle's Eye are a menace for your own creature, so you need to have ready Steals or Explosions of your own.

Keep in mind that Fire Queen will often animate Fahrenheit's and Eagle's, which will then require a more strategic approach to destroy.

As long as you have a Phase Shield (or Sundial versus the Queen and flies, but not Weapons!) you can relax and take your time to plan it out.

Using Firestorm in the combination with Bonewall / Boneyard is also a great help.

If you get in a Lobotomizer / Electrocutor or Mind Flayer early in, you can completely stop the Queen's strategy.

The Fahrenheit is blocked by pretty much any shield, and the Fire Lance's are only a threat if your health is below 50%.

Rarely uses Lance other than on you.


Fire Lance

Eagle's Eye





Feral Bonds




Eagle's Eye is very often played, Firebolt is played on creatures if she's low on Fire quanta.


2/10, Low threat.

Fire Queen will only kill you if you're down on your luck with drawing your shields.



3x Gravity


Gravity / Aether


Starts off with a ruthless beating with Phase Recluses (7/2) sometimes adds in Immortals and rarely Elite Phase Dragon.

When the time is right (aka enough Gravity to make a Massive Dragon and Momentum and +20 Aether) reveals his true assault.

Attacks with 5 and more copies of Massive Dragon with Momentum, copying them even further with every Twin Universe he draws.

Plays Electrocutor and Phase Shield to seal the deal.


Attacks hard in the beginning, then waits for over +20 Aether quanta to begin a major Massive Dragon offensive. Shields up and uses Lobotomizer.


Gemini rarely starts with a good Gravity tower draw, so sometimes you can prevent the entire Massive Dragon assault trick.

This time your usual shields will barely have any impact on the gameplay, unless you manage to get a Lobotomizer / Mind Flayer in game to pick off

Momentums before they get out of hand. Keep the Sundials ready in your deck to prevent him from attacking at all.

Sundial is not a shield and its effect prevents the attack, not the damage, so you are safe even from Momentum! That's why you got to hold to those

till you need them.

Gemini's strategy has some serious flaws, such as him sometimes copying the Dragons before he gets the Momentum on.

This is unreliable and does not happen often enough, hah, but what you can do is strip a Dragon from the Momentum before he copies it.

Be careful about denying him his Gravity towers though; if Gemini can't produce a Massive Dragon, he will choose another target for the strategy.

If you played a massive creature, he might decide to copy it instead of his own Dragons as well.



Twin Universe





Phase Shield






3/10 Low threat.

Predictable strategy you can easily prevent and no threat to your shields.



3x Fire


Fire / Gravity


Attacks with all the favorite Gravity creatures; Elite Otyugh, Graviton Mercenaries, Sapphire Chargers and even Armagio.

Will disrupt you with creature and permanent control spells often (Gravity Pull, Firestorm, Explosion) while buffing up the Mercenaries.

When the time is right, plays Unstoppable on them and goes in for a fast kill.


Spams and buffs Mercenaries and other Gravity creatures while disrupting your strategy.


Not simple to destroy, Graviton is one of the overall a tough boss and never a easy win.

You'll need to focus on the gameplay and be prepared for a lot of cruel tricks Graviton just loves to play.

You'll need Otyugh with Heavy Armor to get some edge over him - but even that's not safe duo to his Gravity Pull ability.

Sundial helps a lot (prevents Gravity Pull's effect for 2 turns) - but he might play Explosion on it.

There's not much I can say about it; he uses heavy creature control and a solid stream of shield destroying.

With Graviton, it's all about improvising at the moment and situation.

Oh, take in mind that if you steal his Gravity Shield most of Graviton's creatures will become useless.

Lobotomizer also makes a huge impact - if you manage to trick him into not exploding it right off.

Gods like raining Explosions on Bonewall, so use that to your advantage.



Elite Otyugh

Gravity Pull






Gravity Shield






7/10 Mostly Hard.

Never a simple win.


Elemental Sign:

3x Earth


Earth / Fire


Spams up Fire Spirits and Brimstone Eaters at the beginning, then continues on with Lava Destroyers and Ruby Dragons.

Hits hard, destroys any permanents you have exposed and grows his creatures fast.

Protects his tower stack, sometimes even plays Protection on Fire Buckler and Fahrenheit - really putting you in trouble.

Rains fire spells on your creatures whenever you get your hopes up.


Grows creatures while destroying your entire strategy with Explosions, Fire Lance and Firestorm.


Hermes is one of the toughest Gods to go against, especially since a Rainbow deck is slow and vulnerable to such fast and ruthless control.

There will be times when there's absolutely nothing to do but sit and watch him pound you to a fiery Oblivion.

Again, like Graviton, you must supply him with a good amount of decoy targets (your best card is Bonewall for that matter) and possibly

draw out a Heavy Armor + Elite Otyugh to trim him down. Firestorm helps you a lot since Fire Spirits are stuck on 3hp and Lava Destroyers

start out as 7/1 - next turn becoming 9/3 which is still in your damage range. Phase Shields are nothing to rely on, as are other permanents.

Hermes probably has more Explosions in his deck than you have Shields - not to mention stuff like Graveyard and Bonds.

Protect Artifact is an okay spell, but you'll need way more than just one - which is already inconvenient.

It's basically matter of doing an out-rush against a rushing deck. Rainbow deck is not specialized against this guy.


Fire Buckler


Fire Lance





Protect Artifact






8/10, Hard

Hermes is a relentless rusher against which decks like Rainbow are easy picking.

Obliterator Edit

Elemental Sign:

3x Gravity


Earth / Gravity


Blasts off with powerful (and often momentumed) Earth creatures (Shriekers, Dragons) and attacks with Pulverizers

while heavily covering himself up with Protect Artifact and Granite Skin.


This deadly God is all heavy on smashing your strategy with the plentiful Pulverizers he carries while gathering a deadly

group of Shriekers and Dragons he'll target with Granite Skin and Momentum and destroy yours with Gravity Pull.


There's a slight chance to deny him the Earth quanta, since almost all of his cards require Earth to play, or his own creatures to have anything to use on.

You might not be able to deny the quanta, so here goes the next step; preventing him from having a Pulverizer.

You cannot allow him to have a Pulverizer, but he has plenty enough to go around. Your best bet is Stealing his Pulverizer or playing one before him.

Simply destroying his will not do any good, since you probably need a consistent flow of Destroy or Steal.

He doesn't really mass creatures up like the other Gods, but all the creatures he has are heavy hitters, especially since he carries Momentum.

An Otyugh, Lobotomizer, Rewind, Eternity and such cards are critical in your gameplay.

I'll need to explore him some more, but so far Obliterator has been proving the most difficult God yet.

Play your creatures carefully since Obliterator has a ton of Gravity Pull; if you have the card Quintessence, put it on your most important creature.

I use Queens with Bonds or massive Otyughs to defeat this one. Lobotomizer will also buy you a lot of time, although your weapon slot

should be reserved for a Pulverizer at all times.


Gravity Pull


Granite Skin








Consistent and High

9/10, quite deadly.

The most difficult and all-around God yet to face.

--NOTE: The Nymphomania deck has yet to record a loss on him.


Elemental Sign:

3x Death


Death / Darkness


Gameplay is similar throughout the entire experience; Bloodsuckers, Vampires, Graveyards, Eclipses.

Does not have any spells to talk about, just a very straight-forward and fast drain bashing.


Destroys your creatures with Bloodsuckers while trying to drain you down to nothing.

Uses Vampire Dagger, Eclipse and Bonewalls to no real effect.


Probably the easiest kill of the game, Incarnate's straightforwardness is very controlable and easy to avert.

He has no real creature control (save for the Bloodsuckers) no spells and a very limited defense.

Start off by heavily shielding while carefully approaching your soldiers into the game; Bloodsuckers are a horrible mess to fight when there's a bunch of them.

Duo to the horrible AI, you can rush in your creatures and he will only infect one target at a time; if you for example play 3 Firefly Queens at once,

Incarnate will direct all poison into a single Queen, even if that would mean having 10 poison counters on a 3/1 creature by that time.

Abuse this and his creature control is rendered pathetic.

Incarnate has weak defense and no shield control, so just safely spam Otyughs and your own beaters while hiding behind a Phase Shield.






Vampire Dagger




... Pathetic




2/10 ,Almost a sure win.

Incarnate would be hellish if it wasn't for the abusable AI on the Bloodsuckers and if he carried any Steals at all.


Elemental Sign
3x Time
Rainbow (Swiss Army model)


Starts with early bashing with Forest Spirits and Shriekers while Exploding / Stealing / Congealing / Gravity Pulling anything you might think off.

If he has gotten a Hourglass early on, Rainbow will be even faster at the onslaught.


Spams a bunch of growing creatures (Spirits, Lychantrops, Shriekers) that he uses for quick bashing while demonstrating the largest control of the game you'll ever have the pleasure (or not) seeing. Exploding, Stealing or generally destroying and disabling your creatures is well within his controls. Uses Hourglasses to overwhelm you even further.


One of the toughest battles that sometimes are just impossible to beat, even if you have a good start. If Rainbow started off with a bunch of Explosions and Hourglasses, your chances have almost been reduced to ash. The premise is simple; you need to stop his creatures before he starts growing them that fast.

There's Firestorm - Otyugh - Lobotomizer and other tricks that can help you out - but remember that Rainbow has a knack for destroying anything. Even if you managed a Armored Otyugh first turn, he will probably Gravity Pull it and destroy it in the next few turns. If you counter with Sundial, he'll counter with Congeal. It's simply overwhelming, isn't it? The only real chance you have against him is to start before him, kick away his Hourglass and manage a fast creature destroyal before he overtakes you with his own. Taking away his first Hourglass (or 2) often proved crucial in the matches against him. This, however, is not a common option. He has 10 Hourglasses all in all, so if he still plays a third one you should drop the denial tactics and try making him deck out. Rainbow's horrible AI (TM) will cause him to deck out by drawing like 12 cards per turn, so if you manage to survive a few turns Rainbow will kill himself. It will be very hard to survive his attacks, since he'll play growing creatures so fast and play so many control spells that it will literally make you sick to your stomach. The only capable shield you should use is Bonewall (matched with Sundial, Firestorm and Otyugh for growing power) cause he'll hit it with about 4 Steals when he gets edgy, and will rain Explosions on it by the dozen throughout the entire game. Elite Anubis can save your army from his heavy control, but even getting Anubis in is difficult.


  • Congeal
  • Gravity Force
  • Thunderbolt


  • Explosion
  • Improved Steal


  • Eagle's Eye
  • Miracle






8/10, High.

There are matches you just can't win against him.


Elemental Sign:

3x Death


Death / Light


Plays a lot of Deadly Poisons and Retroviruses in the beginning, some Vultures and Ivory Dragons in the midgame.

Spams Graveyards by the dozen and will play a lot of Bonewalls whenever he feels threatened. Has Miracle and Archangels.


Attempts to finish you up with poison stacking while possibly overwhelming you with skeletons and vultures.

Plays a lot of Plagues in a bunch so thread carefully. Hides behind a LOT of Bonewalls.


It is good advice to keep a Purify in your Godkiller deck, since poison is really a sad way to go

especially if you were just about turning the tide on your opponent.

Otyugh and Lobotomizer should render most of the threats obsolete, Bonds should balance up any life you might have lost

duo to poisoning. (If you are quick enough with setting it all up, that is.)

Advanced Plague is also commonly seen, especially with Morte's tactics to play 2 or 3 Plagues at once.

Morte has no shield control as mentioned - but creatures aren't your greatest concern. Poison is his main weapon.


Advanced Plague





Deadly Poison







5/10, Sometimes hard.

Morte is really a pain if he manages to play a few Deadly Poisons early on. Retrovirus is easy to control, but Plague is a nasty surprise

if you managed to build up an army big enough for the Bonds to really kick in.


Elemental Sign:

3x Light


Light / Life / Air


Has the slowest deck of the Gods really, starting off with Rustlers and sometimes even Firefly Queens.

Later in the game he'll play a lot of Golden and Jade Dragons and Blessings, with Emerald Shield, Druidic Staffs and Morning Glory.

The name alone says it; Miracle tends to beat you down with buffed dragons while hiding safely behind 8 Miracles in his entire deck.

If the damage doesn't kill you, decking out will.


Uses buffed Dragons to deal the damage while hiding safely behind Miracles.


He's probably the slowest God with no control of anything, but is very fond of trapping you in a match where you could easily card-out.

The dragons he plays are not threatening at all, especially if you set up an Otyugh with Heavy Armor or have a handy Druid to use

mutations offensively. Lobotomizer takes care of Firefly Queen, although I've noticed him lacking the Emerald Towers often as it is.

He plays Morning Glory and Emerald Shield as his main tools, which is a pretty annoying combo as well; both are untargetable, one deals 8 damage and the other prevents 2 from

all creatures, making him last even longer if you intended to slam him with Skeletons or Fireflies.

Once you get him low enough to kill, he will use Advanced Miracle repeatedly.

Eternity is well advised to carry in this game, since he might force you to deck out duo to the length of the match Miracle usually makes.

A trick to prevent him from going Miracle bonanza is to destroy all of his Light Towers (Pulverizer, Mutations with Steal or Destroy, etc) and leave all his Leaf Dragons (ie Rustlers)

alive cause he'll constantly use their abilities - draining his own light source. If you have Eternity, you can keep returning his Golden Dragon, costing him 13 light quanta to play.

He'll sometimes play a dragon instead of saving himself with the Miracle - awesome AI.


Advanced Blessings




S*** load of Advanced Miracles

Jade Staff

Morning Glory

Emerald Shield

Mirror Shield






1/10, Easy as it gets.


Elemental Sign:

3x Death


Death / Water / Aether (Poison Freeze)


Starts fast with upgraded Chrysaora's and Puffer Fish, quickly pumping up the poison streaming down your veins.

Adds in a few Deadly Poisons once in a while. Midgame he will mostly become defensive, playing out Permafrost Shield, Trident and a load of Congeals.

Also beware of his rare Arsenic weapon and Ulitharids that are there to lobotomize you. Plays Twin Universe sometimes on your stronger folks.

Scorpio has been weakened a bit, but still is in my opinion the most dangerous God to face.


Pumps up poison very fast (expect over 10 poison by the fourth turn) and freezes your troops before you manage anything.

A typical Poison / Freeze deck, but way faster and capable than a player could make.


This is in my opinion the hardest boss, especially since Rainbow decks ain't built to deal with such threats.

Beating Scorpio will mostly be luck-based if you use a typical Rainbow deck, so to beat Scorpio I recommend throwing in another Feral Bond,

a Purify (best not upgraded since Rainbows barely even use Water at all!) and an Improved Miracle.

Scorpio has no creature removal except for the possible 1-hit kill with Ice Bolt, but he never has high damage on that thing so you're almost completely safe.

Why is that important? Cause since he can't remove your creatures, and has no permanent dealing cards, you can play a bunch of creatures and keep

pumping the health from Feral Bonds.

He will freeze EVERYTHING you play into the game with Congeal, and even if you manage to attack Permafrost is there again to attempt a very common freeze.

Sometimes he even plays in Arctic Octopuses to deal with your creatures, which is like game over in almost every case if you are not drawing in your own C. Control.

Ulitharid is a horrible pest since he can render your Otyughs and Queens incapable of overcoming the weak Scorpio troops.

Fire Storm is great help here, shields are basically useless unless you're being pounded by Puffer Fish and Crawlers. Sundials as well.

Scorpio is weak to Steal, a slightly alternate build with a 2-3 Steals and an additional Fire Storm or Plague, will allow you to Steal the Permafrost Shield stopping most of of the creature damage as well as the venom of the Puffer fish

allowing you time to Plague or Double Firestorm, and land a Queen or Otyugh.

Thank God he can't use that Trident either, eh?


Ice Bolt



Arctic Octopus




Puffer Fish



Permafrost Shield



Does not destroy creatures, just renders them incapable and destroys skills. Intense threat.


Scorpio mostly avoids your shields by pumping poison so it's not even that important he has none.


9/10 Horror.

Rainbow decks are not built to deal with Scorpio, and this will be the boss you lose in most matches. Purify, Miracle, Firestorms all help your odds greatly.

--NOTE: Scorpio becomes A LOT easier if you add 4-6 Shards of Gratitude to your current deck. However, most players don't have 4-6 SoG's...


Elemental Sign:

3x Time


Time / Earth (Graboid)


In the beginning Seism will rain Quicksand after Quicksands, quickly disabling your quanta engines. Plays Gemfinders on his side.

As the game progresses, he will involve a bunch of Elite Graboids into massive 10/4 Shriekers and burrow them in the next turn, no matter what your life points.

The Shriekers never unburrow, making them a constant threat to deal with. Other than that, plays Golems and Basalt Dragons which are very hard to get rid off

duo to the huge HP.

At the midgame will play 4-8 Rewinds, effectively ruinning your army and forcing you to repeat your next 4-8 draws.

Also plays Pulverizer (can't use it) Protect Artifact and Titanium Shield.


Cripples your quanta and smites you with Shriekers. If the game still isn't over a few turns after, Rewinds a lot of your army back into your deck.


The God that is far less threatening once you learn the trick to dealing with him.

First off, remember that Seism ALWAYS has a quicksand somewhere; you are not sure where, in his hand right now or in the next 5 draws.

It's not important - Seism will own your Towers and will cripple your quantum reserves eventually. There's no avoiding that save for 3 tricks.

Once you survive the beginning tower onslaught, Seism is easy to beat.

The first trick is to time your Towers right; play 2 towers and wait. He blasts them away. Play 2 towers again. Or if you're so low on towers, 1 by 1.

He'll take crack shots at them, running out of his first pack of Quicksands in about 3-4 hits like that. Then you can start playing right.

The second trick is having a Rainbow that is a bit wee-better in card drawing. Sundials are critical, since they block the evolving Shrieker long enough

for it to burrow down and become far less of a threat. If you manage to get a card draw system going, it's not important he keeps blasting your towers.

You just keep drawing more and more, eventually drawing more towers than he can take out.

The third trick would be to carry Protect Artifact in your deck, which is a great and underated card. Protect Artifact could prove critical vs any God, but versus

Seism it's like throwing a brick against an egg. Keep these three tricks in mind and I promise Seism will be no problem at all.

Play heavily armored Otyughs backed by fireflies against him and you're going for the home run.






Pulverizer (can't use it, thank god)

Titanium Shield

Protect Artifact


Will rewind your creatures in the midgame. AI horribly targets, rewinding Fireflies instead of Firequeens, Photons instead of Armored Otyughs, etc...




6/10, Medium threat.

Seems harder than he actually is. Follow the 3-trick instruction up in the counter strategy for dealing with him with ease.

Beyond GodsEdit


The Top 50 Rare Hunt

After you have achieved in making the easy source of cash and upgraded cards by making Gods your b.... ummm, friends,

the next thing you should consider is fetching all rare cards in the game, for either constructing new crazy decks or just for the fun of it.

Some people say you should grind gods for the rares.

Well, since the spin works depending on the number of cards in the opponents deck + the complexity of it,

Gods are a very low chance of winning a Rare. Heck, even winning a card they have like 8 or so copies is not a simple task

from a 80-120 deck, so getting a card they have like 2-3 copies from 120 goes into the "mathematical wonders and curiosity" section.

Stick to Top 50.

There's no better source for the Rare hunt than the Top 50.

Top 50 challenge is going up against a high-score player, usually ranging from 30-50k to over 200,000 score.

Players that have gotten so far have certainly collected a lot of rare cards during their time in Elements and you can be almost certain

they use the weapons in whatever deck they have.

Some players are even nice enough to make false decks that don't work, but carry more than 20 rares for you to possibly win in spins.

Players like Mightyhat, Foyle, Zakal and many others (I join it as well, I advise everyone the same :D) have always placed decks like this

that offered easy Rare wins in the Top50 challenge.

I love you guys. <3

So, prepare for the Rare hunt!

Most of the decks in Top 50 are Rainbow God-killers, since most high-score players just grind and grind and then log off.

Depending on what deck they had last, that's the deck that will be on the Top 50.

I've had a large success by going Rainbow God-killer versus Rainbow God-killer for this task, since your personal intelligence will be the

decisive factor in a head-to-head match. By using the predictable AI to my advantage, I score about 9/10 of the games there.

There's a few other decks you could try, but to my experience they did not offer such a good performance as the Rainbow GK.

Here's a few suggested decks for the task;

- Rainbow God-killer

The thing you standardly use to dispatch of Gods is your best bet.

You and your opponent are probably equally matched in cards and strategy, but your wits far outstripe the AI's. (Hopefully.)

This is your best choice for a lot of reasons, especially since you probably already have this deck if you reached this far.

- Poison / Freeze.

Fairly good for the task, although more and more Top 50 players are using all sorts of healing shards, Purify, Miracle and so.

You need something hella fast if you intend to poison a Rainbow deck to death nowadays, especially since all of them carry Bonds.

- Graviton.

Graviton would be a simple Gravity deck with the Fire Mark, Chargers, Firemasters, Unstoppable, heavily relying on the Momentum capabilities.

Be warned of Sundials since those stop attacks from happening.

- Seism.

Another God very able for the task. Seism decks hit fast and hard with evolving Graboids while you destroy any Towers in sight with Quicksands.

Even if something gets out on the board, you've got a Reversal ready. Since a lot of Rainbows nowadays carry Protect Artifact and Anubis, I think

you should spread your deck a bit to be able to support Hourglasses and Pulverizers to assist the task.


Basically, since most of the Top 50 decks are Rainbows, you need the following things;

- a lot of Permanent control. (Quicksands, Pulverizers, Steals, Explosions)

It is most important to destroy the Hourglasses and Sundials when they come, but cutting off the quanta supply is even more fun.

Taking control of Rainbow's permanents IS the victory.

- Creature control. (Firestorm, Plague, Freezing, Lobotomizer)

Some of the creatures Rainbows carry need to be stopped, or else. Anubis, Druid, Queen, pumped-up Otyughs will beat you otherwise.

- Possibly have Reversals.

Since Rainbows easily get stuck in their own cards if they keep needing Time or Entropy over and over.

- Untargetable, Untouchable, Unstoppable

Momentum, Immaterial and other abilities help greatly in avoiding control-heavy Rainbow or their numerous shields.

- Speed

Rainbows are slow, sluggish, but once they wind up they're pretty much unstoppable.

Time is against you. Doing a fast Dragon rush and so might be a good idea, heh?

Following these guidelines should help you a lot in the task.


Tricks of the Trade

There are a lot of cards in Elements that offer far more than it might seem on first glance.

This section will be devoted to exploring old cards and finding new tricks hidden within.

The first card that springs to mind (my own deluded mind, at least) is the Adrenaline/Epiphany card.


The card by itself increases the number of attacks a creature performs, going up to 4, and it all depends on how much power the creature initially has.

Here's how that works;

creatures with power (0, 1, 2 and 3) have 4 bonus attacks;

0 x 4 = 0,

1 x 4 = 4,

2 x 4 = 8,

3 x 4 = 12.

Basically, enchanting a creature with up to 3 power gives 4 full power attacks.

Enchanting a creature with more than 3 power works slightly different; both the number and power of the attacks is reduced.

There's a chart here on this Wiki that describes and calculates the mechanism, so do explore that.

I'm less bothered with the damage output - than what happens when paired with creature abilities.

Adrenaline + Jade Staff

Jade Staff, when animated, is 2/7 and heals for 5hp per turn.

With Adrenaline, it deals 8 damage and heals 20hp per turn.

Adrenaline + Creatures that generate Quantum

You got it. A Brimstone Fireeater, Ray of Light, Gemfinder or any other creature

will generate 4 quantum per turn. Devourer will eat up 4 quantum as well.

Adrenaline + Cells

4 Cells per turn, talk about overflow.

Adrenaline + Arsenic / Puffer Fish

For now, this combo deals only 2 poison per turn, which is not explained.

I'm hoping we'll see 4-poison creatures in the near future.

Adrenaline not only increases attacks, but gives additional "turns" for the creature,

making it Unfreeze/Unbauble/die from poison faster than by ordinary means.

Adrenaline versus Freeze / Poison / Time Bauble

It seems that the Adrenaline skill affects the nature of poison and freeze as well.

A frozen creature (with adrenaline) will recover depending on the number of attacks.

A poisoned creature will also recieve damage by the number of attacks.

Procrastination will also block only some of the attacks.


The card Antimatter reverses the power of a creature, pushing it into a negative.

That means that if you hit a monster with 5 power with Antimatter, it will have -5; which is dealing health instead of damage.

By doing this to a vampire creature you get this formula;

4/3 elder vampire = 4 health to owner of vampire whenever he deals 4 damage.

-4/3 elder vampire = 4 damage to owner of vampire whenever he deals 4 health.

As you see, the Vampire ability is programmed to "reverse" or "invert" the damage to the owner's health.

By doing an Antimatter, you get a double reversal.

Liquid Shadow is also a powerful spell, since it is of very flexible use.

It effect Lobotomizes (any ability is replaced with Vampire) Poisons and gives Vampire in the same hit.

It's perfect for taking out Firefly Queens, Otyughs,.... any creature that is more danger with its ability than it would be as a hitter.

This deck is best executed by creating the Entropy and Darkness Nymphs.


Or its upgraded cousin, mister Twin Universe, has more uses than normally assumed.

Parallel Universe / Dive

While a creature uses Dive (X cost: creature's power is doubled) Paralleling it will result in a creature with twice the power as the original.


Elite Wyrm 4/3 dived, you copy it and you get a 8/3.

On the next turn the 8/3 copy dives, you copy it and you get a 16/3.

Further, if you throw in buffs and stuff you could quickly end up with a +100/X creature with Dive.

Parallel Universe / Scarab

The more Scarabs you have, the larger the health of each one is.

Having 5 Scarabs in game will give each 5 hp, so you'll have 2/5 scarabs. Paralleling one of these grown Scarabs will give you a 2/5 Scarab

that still HASN'T grown from his colleagues, so on the next turn 5 Scarabs will be 2/6 - and one will be 2/11.

Although Scarabs feel clunky to use, their growing potential packed with Paralleling is unmatched.

Parallel Universe / Deja Vu

It's simple as it is.

Copying a creature capable of copying itself is scary, especially if you're armed with buffs for the original.


When using a deck that orients on destroying the opponent via spells (Unstable Gas, Fire Lance, Siphon Life...) a Reflect Shield

will mean you are completely impotent... Unless you as well have a Reflect Shield out.

If your opponent has a reflection shield and you need to get around it, you need to throw out a reflection shield of your own

and then target yourself with the spell. The spell bounces only once, and will hit the opponent no matter his defenses.

It does however get confusing when you target yourself with a Siphon Life, or when you use a Holy Flash on your mark (which could be anything but Dark or Death)

and your opponent has a Death or Darkness mark... But let's just skip ahead.


The ever popular rainbow combo is used to achieve near immortality while at the same time providing your pet with food and your army with powerful mutants.

The Queen spams flies; the Otyugh eats the fly, bonewall gets stronger and a Graveyard spawns a skeleton - the skeleton gets mutated by the elf into either

something useful or just more food for eating.

If the opponent has a too powerful creature you need to strike down, the Druid mutates it into something eatable by the Otyugh. Elves are much better at debuffing the opponent's army.

This is the typical combo used to smash down gods.