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List of CardsEdit

Akebono has 2 copies of each of the following cards:

Import Code:

6rs 6s2 6s2 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 746 746 748 748 748 748 748 748 74a 74c 74g 74g 74i 74i 74i 74i 8pl

Creature Control: 8 Overdrive

Permanent/Quanta Control: 4 ShardOfFocusUpgraded

Fake Gods

Gravity Akebono Entropy Chaos Lord Light Dark Matter Darkness Decay Time Destiny Light Divine Glory Entropy Dream Catcher Life Elidnis Aether Eternal Phoenix Life Ferox Air Fire Queen Aether Gemini Gravity Graviton Fire Hecate Fire Hermes Darkness Incarnate Darkness Jezebel Time Lionheart Light Miracle Death Morte Air Neptune Gravity Obliterator Fire Octane Gravity Osiris Time Paradox Time Rainbow Water Scorpio Earth Seism Darkness Serket

Best way to kill akebono:

Flooding-lobotomizer-gravity shield. when he cast overdrive on his creature just lobotomize, with flooding he can't have on the field more than 5 creature so he can't one shot you with chimera. you win easily by deck out. if you want to kill him before deck out, 3 or 4 antimatter + liquid shadow should do a good work. Pillarless speed decks also work well (e.g., Grabix/Graboyer).

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