FANDOM Write The Picture is in the Link. Basis of this deck:This is my all elements dragon deck.The basic of this deck is to farm half bloods. It is a very good deck in using that it has a few shields. It has healing and it has cc. As you can see it has 1 of each dragon except for phase because they have a really good effect. And this is the least upgraded you want because you will need those Quantum towers to get quanta as soon as you play them. Retroviruses are for CC when they have a bunch of monsters just sacrifice the retrovirus. Entropy mark is for obviously the supernovas. This about all that you need upgraded.

How to play this deck: Basically what you want to do with this deck is try to get your dragons out as fast as possible. So play your Quantum Towers to get enough quanta to if your lucky play your super novas. Thus allowing you to play shields and such. You probably wont have any dragons out until the the 3/4th turn. This is what the shield is for.

What is in this deck:you have 1 of each dragons of every element. (exception is phase dragons of which you want 2.) you have 4 shards of gratitude. 1 Arsenic. 1 Lobotomizer. 2 bone walls. 2 Phase shields. 3 freezes. 3 rains of fire. 10 Quantum Towers. 6 super novas. and 2 RetroViruses. All leadind out to a total of 48 cards.

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