Basically Blood Harvest is a deck which makes use of vampires and Bless. then you can parallel universe your strongest vampire.

E.G. Minor Vampire + 6 bless = 2/2+18/18. that means you end up with a 20/20 minor vampire, which will leech 20 hp a turn for you.

Then you parallel universe it.. and you could potentially get a 120 hp leech, restoring you to full hp every turn.

The deck im using for this at the moment is:

6xParallel Universe

4xMinor Vampire


4xLight Pillar

4xAether Pillar

6xObsidian Pillar

This deck is not completely balanced, and definitely needs tweaking quite a lot. but as long as you understand the concept you should do fine.

-Galleigo says:

Once you got the 20/20 vampire duplicated into 7* ^ add fractals to speed-kill.

  • Via parallel/twin universe

^Err, 20/20 Minor Vamp. x7 = 140/140. (You get full hp every turn.)

-.- says:


Aww.. just pure iron pyrite.

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