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Blue Hourglass Deck (Time/Aether Final Redemption Deck)

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The Blue Hourglass Deck combines the power of Aether's defensive, "Dimentional/Phase Shields" and the power of Time's card control ability. The Deck has multiple abilities and specialities that can be used at anytime.

The Blue Hourglass Deck mostly un-upgraded and can be used as an un-upgraded deck BUT the deck operates better if applied with the necessary upgraded cards.

The Blue Hourglass Deck HAS been tested and provides great Top 50/Fake god grinding.


Import Code:

4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 55r 58v 5bv 5c6 5c6 5ll 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rn 5rn 5ru 5ru 5t2 5t2 5t2 61t 61t 61t 61t 61t 61t 6u6 717 7gv 7n3 7q5 7q5 7q5 7q5 7q8 7q8 7qc 8pu


  • Heal/Shards/Miracle
  • More Hourglasses


  • Scarab Swarm;

If Pharoah has been activated, use its ability to "Generate an Elite Scarab" to overtake the enemy.

  • Skeleton Magic;

Use the Eternity's ability to "Reverse time" unto the skeletons to create powerful creatures. Otyugh can eliminate as well as "generate" skeletons if Boneyard/Graveyard is activated.

  • Queen;

If Firefly Queen has been summoned use its ability to "Generate a Firefly" to overtake the enemy. Rustler will be a help if using this technique.

NOTICE These techniques are very basic, you could simply expand these techniques and maybe create more powerful techniques.


alek789; "This deck is AWESOME, nough' said."

EternityQueen; "The fact that the deck, is NOT as a single deck but multiple decks working together in harmony, it's inspiring"

wonderpillar; "I like this deck too. It works very well and is very exciting to play with, soooo much fun and wins alot

Rustibus3; Love the deck! I prefer adding the "Nightmare" card since "Ghost of the past" is there and 'those two cards mix really well

Anon: Elite Queen doesn't work, you need the unupgraded version for the FFQ combo

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