I have been fooling around some time on elements and I finally found a pretty adequate deck. I have not made upgrades yet because I have just gotten it down.

3X Nova

8X fire pillar

2X Fire bolt

3X Deflagration

1X Fire Shield

2X Rain Of Fire

1X Fahrenheit

6X Immolation

6X Photon/ Spark

6X Lava Golem

there is a little room for variation but it is pretty good as is

the weakness' are for creatures: there aren't many so you have to ration them also watch out for things like owl's eye and other creature harming permanents

permanents: only one type so easy to steal and harm

the strengths are the deck is fast and aggressive so matches aren't that long

about 75% of the time you get your sacrifice creature with immolation w/ lava golem for a quick start and finish it is great against FFQ deck because of the rains and bolts. Feel free to edit this page if anyone knows how to add pics please do so. P.S. I am currently farming/grinding/what ever you want to call it T50 and halfbloods also It is great against other rush decks. P.P.S. It is no longer fun to grind t50 b/c a couple are using this deck.

Comment: This looks like an ok rush deck, but it can be improved. If the main purpose of this deck is speed, you don't really need that much creature control. Maybe a few bolts to kill any early Otyughs or Mind Flayers that would threaten your Golems. Pillars are too slow, Fire Shield is too slow, Fahrenheit is too slow. If you can't beat the opponent before they get some defense going, 5 unimmortal creatures might not be enough to kill.

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