Within the game, there are several effects and skills a certain monster can use or dished out by a card. Such effects can turn the tide of battle.

'The best way to make use of them or fight them, is to know them. Fear them. But by all means know them. A deck without a card that has a effect isn't a big threat to most players. And who doesn't want to do double the attack damage?'

AblazeGraviton Fire Eater, Fire SpiritCreature gains +2/+0
AdrenalineGreen NymphAdrenalineTarget monster gains extra attacks depending on it's attack power; 3 or less attack power gains the most attacks. (most efficient on a creature with attack power of 3, which gains 3 x 4 = 12 dmg.) Effects such as poison, freeze, and time pause also speeds up.
Aflatoxin Grey Nymph Aflatoxin Gives 2 poison counters and when the target dies it turns into a malignant cell (cell multiplies each turn before the end of turn and applies damages)
Antimatter Purple Nymph AntimatterInvert the attack power of the target.
Basilisk blood Basilisk BloodProvides +0/+20 to target creature while disabling it for 6 turns
BioluminescenceFirefly, Ray of LightEach turn Light is generated.
Black holeGravity NymphBlack HoleAbsorbs 3 quanta for each element from enemy's possession. Gains 1 HP per absorbed quantum (max 36).
Blessing BlessingAdds +3/+3 to the target creature.
Boneyard BoneyardGenerates skeletons when a creature is killed.
Bone wall Bone WallCreates 7 shields absorbing altogether 7 attacks, adds 2 shields when a creature is killed
BurrowAntlion, Shrieker, DevourerCreature can not be targeted. Damage reduced by half. (Currently seems not affected by Flood)
Butterfly effect Butterfly EffectChange the skill of the target into "Destroy"
Congeal Congeal Freezes the target for 4 turns.
Chaos seed Chaos SeedExerts a random effect.
Deja vu Deja Vu Creates a copy of the creature. If target creature is a mutant, the resultant creature will be treated as a newly-spawned mutant with the same creature base. Single use.
Destroycreatures which got the Butterfly EffectDeflagrationDestroys the target permanent.
DevourOtyugh, ScarabSwallows the targeted monster (must have less health); creature gains +1/+1.
DevourerDevourerAbsorbs any one quantum from enemy and returns the dark quantum.
DivePegasus, Wyrm The attack of target monster is doubled for next attack.
Drain life Drain LifeDrains 2hp for every 10 darkness quanta on hand.
Earthquake Earthquake Destroys a maximum of 3 pillars of the same element.
Empathic bond Empathic BondHeals 1 hp for each creature on hand.
Enchant artifact Enchant ArtifactProtects the permanent structure from any skills.
Endow Crusader Gains the target weapon's ability and +X/+2, where X is weapon's attack.
EvolveGraboid Turns the Graboid into a Shrieker.
Fire bolt Fire BoltDamages the target 3hp for every 10 fire quanta on hand. (<10 quanta damages 3hp)
FireflyFirefly Queen Spawns a Firefly - available only as Firefly Queen
Flooding FloodingDestroys non-neutral/water type creature in the top and bottom row of the creature area. Upkeep 1 Water per turn.
Flying weapon Flying WeaponTurns the weapon into a creature.
Fractal FractalFill users' hands with the target creature, consuming all aether quanta on hand.
Freeze FreezeFreezes the target for 3 turns. (Can be targeted by effects while frozen)
Gravity PullArmagioGravity PullTarget creature will take damage in place of the player. This does not affect direct damage spells, such as Lightning, that target the player.
GrowthForest Spirit, Lava Golem Creature gains +2/+2.
GuardIridium Warden Delays the target creature for 1 turn (cumulative) and deals damage equal to guarding creature's attack unless target creature is airborne.
Hasten SundialDraws a card.
HatchFate Egg Turn into a random creature. Single use.
Heal HealHeals target creature for 20hp.
Healing Heals target creature up to 5hp.
Holy light Holy LightHeals target or target creature for 10hp.
Hope HopeHeals the user for the number of light-emitting creatures
Ice bolt Ice BoltDamages the target 2hp for every 10 water quanta on hand. (<10 quanta damages 2hp)
Ignite Unstable GasDamages the enemy for 20hp whilst harming all creatures 1 hp.
ImmaterialImmortal, Phase Dragon The creature cannot be targeted.
Immolation ImmolationSacrifices a creature for 6 fire quanta and every element 1 quanta
ImmortalityAnubis Quintessence The target is cannot be targeted and is not affected by area spells (such as plague). Creature still can be killed by enemy's shield.
Improved Mutate Improved Mutate will always turn target into a mutant.
Infect VirusAdds a poison counter on the target creature. (Cumulative)
InfectionParasiteAdds a 1hp poison damage on the target creature. (Cumulative)
InfestMalignant Cell Creates a new Malignant Cell every turn.
InflateToadfish Inflicts 1 poison damage, poisons if swallowed.
Liquid Shadow Liquid Shadow Target creature gets a poison counter, becomes a vampire. This will replace any ability the creature may have already had.
Lightning LightningDamages 5hp for the target.
Lobotomize Lobotomizer , Electrocutor Remove any skill from the target creature (including passive skills).
Luciferin White Nymph LuciferinGrants creature without a skill the skill "Bioluminescence" and heals player for up to 10 HP.
LycanthropyLycanthrope Gives the monster +5/+5. Single use.
MomentumSapphire ChargerMomentumTarget gains +1/+1; attacks now ignore shields and gravity pull.
MutationFallen ElfMutationMutates target creature into a mutant, abomination, or it dies. Improved Mutate will always turn target into a mutant.
NeurotoxinDune Scorpion Add 1 poison damage to each successful attack, 1 extra poison for each card played.
Nightfall NightfallAll death and darkness creatures gains +1/+1.
Nova NovaGenerates quanta, 1 for each element.
Nymph's tears Nymph Queen Nymph's TearsTurns a pillar into a nymph, its element is based on that of the pillar.
ParadoxMaxwell's Demon Destroy a creature. Target must have more attack than health.
Parallel universe Parallel UniverseCreates a copy of the creature
PhotosynthesisRustler Gains two life quanta. (Can be used multiple times in a turn)
Plague PlaguePut a 1 poison damage on every enemy creature in play.
PoisonChrysaoraPoisonAdds some poison damage on the player directly (Cumulative) - Chrysaora 1, Poison 2 and Deadly Poison 3 points.
Precognition PrecognitionYou can see your opponent's hand. Draw a card.
Psionic waveMind Flayer, Ulitharid Removes target creature's skill.
Purify PurifyCures the user of poison and gives 1hp per turn (cumulative)
Quintessence QuintessenceGrants the targer creature Immortal skill.
Rage potion Red Nymph Gives target monster +5/-5
Rage potion uprgaded Fire Nymph Gives target monster +6/-6
Rain of fire Rain of FireDamages 3hp for each enemy creature.
RebirthAsh Return to original creature state - Phoenix/Ash(Fire) only in new 1.21 version
Reverse Time Eternity, Reverse TimeReturn target creature to top of it´s owner's deck.
Scarab Spawns a Scarab (version 1.21) - available only as Pharaoh
ScavengerVultureThe creature gains +1/+1 whenever other creature dies
Shockwave ShockwaveDamages a creature 4hp, instantly killing it if it is frozen.
Spark SparkDamages the opponent for 3hp,
Stasis SundialPrevents all enemy creatures from attack
Steal StealGet a copy of target permanent, target permanent is destroyed.
Stone skin Stone SkinAdds a maximum of 50 hitpoints for each earth quanta on hand.
Stone formGargoyleAdds +0/+20 to itself.
SwarmScarab Gives the scarab hitpoints by counting the number of scarabs
Thunderstorm ThunderstormDamages all the enemy creatures for 2hp.
VampireMinor Vampire The damage dealt is returned to you as healing.
VenomForest Scorpion, Deathstalker, Puffer Fish Arsenic Add 1/2 poison damage to each successful attack. Note: it only works by attacking the player; attacking a gravity pulled creature doesn´t cause poisoning.

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