Power of Help (Spell)- Light element- Cost: 6 light quantums- Changes target creature skill into Heal

Blacksmith Stone(Pillar)- None element- Cost: 1 random quantum- This gives for your weapons (animated and not) +2/+0

Stone Missle(Spell)- Earth element- Cost: 4 earth quantums- Deals 4 damage for each 10 earth quatums in your possesion

Stone Spine(Upgraded Stone Missle)- Cost: 3 earth quantums

Rare Creatures:

-Element Of Fire(Elite:Fire Emperor)- Fire element- Cost: 10 fire quantums- Stats: 8/8- Skill: Fire bolt(Elite:Fire Lance)- Skill cost: 4 fire quantums(Elite: 3 fire quantums)

-Element Of Water(Water Emperor)- Water element- Cost: 10 water quantums- Stats: 5/10- Skill: Ice bolt(Ice Lance)- Skill cost: 3 water quantums(2 water quantums)

-Element Of Gravity(Gravity Emperor)- Gravity element- Cost: 10 gravity quantums- Stats: 7/8- Skill: Acceleration(Overdrive)- Skill cost: 2 gravity quantums

-Element Of Time(Time Emperor)- Time element- Cost: 9 time quantums- Stats 7/6- Skill: Reverse Time ( Rewind)- Skill cost: 5 time quantums( 3 time quantums)

-Element Of Darkness(Darkness Emperor)- Dark element- Cost: 10 darkness quantums- Stats 8/6- Skill: Drain Life(Siphon Life) (He gives drained health)- Skill cost: 3 darkness quantums(2 dark quantums)

-Element Of Light(Light Emperor)- Light element- Cost: 9 light quantums- Stats: 8/9- Skill: Miracle(Improwed Miracle)- Skill cost: 17 light quantums(13 light quantums)

-Element Of Life(Life Emperor)- Life element- Cost: 10 life quantums- Stats:6/10- Skill: Spirit(Spectre)- Generates a Forest Spirit(Forest Spectre)- Skill cost: 5 life quantums

-Element Of Entropy(Entropy Emperor)- Entropy element- Cost: 10 Entropy quantums- Stats 5/7- Skill: Chaos Seed(Chaos Power)- Skill cost: 5 entropy quantums

-Element Of Death(Death Emperor)- Death element- Cost: 10 death quantums- Stats: 8/8- Skill: Virus(Retrovirus)- Skill descripton: Generates a Virus(Retrovirus)- Skill cost: 3 death quantums

-Element Of Earth(Earth Emperor)- Earth element- Cost:11 earth quantums- Stats: 4/11- Skill: Stone Missle(Stone Spine)- Skill cost: 5 earth quantums(4 earth quantums)

-Element Of Air(Air Emperor)- Air element- Cost: 11 air quantums- Stats: 9/7- Skill: Shockwave(Shockwave)- Skill cost: 3 air quantums(2 air quantums)

-Element Of Aether(Aether Emperor)- Aether element- Cost: 11 aether quantums- Stats: 8/8- Skill: Lightning(Thunderbolt)- Skill cost: 4 aether quantum(2 aether quantum)

And that all folks!

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