To counter a darkness deck you should use a rainbow deck.

A rainbow deck is a deck that doesnt focus on just one or two element(s), it focuses on all or most of the elements. The most used pillar is a quantum pillar.

If you get any spells and you are NOT a rainbow use the spell on those devourers.

If you get any spells and you ARE a rainbow copy the dragon if they have one and the destroy it, if you can't copy it then just kill it.

Watch out for the life drains and vampires. Kill most of those if you can you don't want them to gain life do you.

Above all, ENCHANT YOUR WEAPONS. God, you don't how much I hate having my greatest weapons and shields used against me, and I hate when they steal your pillars!

The thing the darkness decks are trying to accomplish, besides beating you to a pulp, is to make you have NO QUANTUMS, so you can't have any creatures, and then when they have a lot of dark quantums they will drain you!

By, faljfieurwncbnm

Made in USA 2009

I would like to thank Breach (cro) for letting me duel him!

I would also like to thank 1chase1997 for telling me about this website!

I would also like to thank microman for telling me about my typos!

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