Mono-Fire is probably the easiest way to counter a FFQ deck. It has many cards that specifically target a FFQ deck's weaknesses.

Rain of Fire: This is probably the BEST card to counter a FFQ deck. It instantly obliterates all the Fireflies and Rustlers your opponent has.

Fire Bolt: This card is used to kill the tougher Firefly Queens.

Deflagration: Also very useful. Can use to destroy the Empathic Bonds.

Fire Shield: Fireflies only have 2 HP, that means they will be destroyed by Fire Shield in merely 2 turns.


Fireflies only have 2 HP, thus making them easily devourable by Otyughs. Scarabs could also work. Simply get a lot of Otyughs and Scarabs on the field, and eat up all the Fireflies.


Again, if you really can't kill the creatures, you can simply protect yourself with cards such as Bone Wall, Dimensional Shield, and Sundial.

Rain of Fire works wonders with Bone Wall.

Devilord Bloodshadow 23:46, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

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