Okay, this is more of an advanced deck. I've only tried it with every card upgraded, but it has had about a 98% win rate in the top 50 AI, 95% of those being elemental masteries.

Here's what I use:

10 Quantum Towers

1 Shard of Divinity (More if you have them)

4 Supernovas (upgrade is key for these)

2 Bonewalls

5 Elite Otyugh (again, definite priority upgrade)

1 Graviton Firemaster

1 Forest Spectre

2 Feral Bonds

3 Explosions

5 Ray of lights (mandatory upgrade for light quantums)

2 Rewinds

2 Eternities

6 Sundials (upgraded is key again)

1 Phase Shield

Okay, so basically your strategy is better than it seems. The quantum towers and ray of lights will be free so you play them early (hopefully). The sundials are also free so play the first one after you have at least two light quantums (or two ray of lights on the board). Now you'll accelerate your deck. Once you get your second entropy quantum, you should be able to get things really going with a supernova. While this is happening, try to keep playing the sundials every two turns so they can never attack while you get ready. Next you'll play the Otyugh. At this point it's probably safe to have the otyughs eat the rays of light (another reason they're there) unless you want them to help with the empathic bond - shouldn't be necessary if they can never hit you. Play the bone shield and counter any of his creatures. Use rewinds or eternity on firefly queens or anything they blessed/armored, etc... You should be able to clean up with your otyugh, build your bone shield, and use sundials to keep them from ever attacking. Save the explosions for any pesky weapons, and try to build up the graviton firemaster and forest spectre as time passes. If you get into a bind and start to run out of cards, just use eternity on yourself to ensure you outlast them. I recommend being the MARK OF TIME in order to ensure that you will not likely run out of time quanta, since eternity is expensive to use and play.

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