'Death + Entropy '= good

All right, this is my first strategy I've posted and I like it. As you can probably tell by the title it involves death and entropy.

Here's the way the deck goes:

X1 Dagger

X4 (or more) Amethyst Pillars (and entropy mark)

X3 Pandemonium

X5-6 Chaos Seeds

X2 Butterfly Effect

X6 Schrodinger's Cat

X10 Bone Pillar

X2-4 Virus

X2 Vulture

X2 Boneyard

X2 Poison

X2-3 Plague

X4 Bone wall


X1-2 Maxwell's Demons

How it works:

Your Boneyards, Bone Walls, and Vultures make you powerfull as the Schrodinger's Cats special power suplies the deaths they need to fuction.

How to lay the cards:

With ten Bone Pillars you should get about 4 Bone Pillars in your hands, if you get no Amethyst Pillars, that's okay, you have that mark for a reason, just lay all your pillars as soon as possible.

Lay only as many Cats as entropy you produce per turn.

Lay viruses as soon as possible that way you do a bit of damage and supply some extra creature controll.

Play your dagger (or what ever your weapon is) as soon as possible.

Use your chaos seeds, viruses and plagues as you see fit.

Use Butterfly Effect on a skeleton that your boneyard gave you and make sure you always have enough quanta to use it when your opponent plays a shield.

Play your vultures as soon as posible providing you have a cat on the battle field.

Play your boneyards as soon as possible unless your losing and will die soon, then save up for a Bonewall.

Use poison as often as possible.

Use Bonewall as soon as possible providing you have a cat out.

Strategy Weaknesses:

There aren't many, the only one I haven't been able to beat are spamers, the best trick is to use pandemonium and plague when most of their creatures are out, but it doesn't always work. Any tips af how to beat spamers are welcome.

Gravity decks with lots of momentums, can be annoying because they ignore your shields making it a close game but I have won them all so far.

On quantum sukers use pandemonium and plague as soon as possible or else you're done, and against Discord weapon use Butterfly effect.

Aether shields (shields in general really) are very annoying, but you have those Butterfly effects for a reason you know!

I wrote no upgrades because I haven't finished the quest, but upgrading your Bone Pillars and Boneyards will help greatly once you can.

Code For the Deck:

4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vi 4vi 4vi 4vi 4vi 4vi 4vo 4vo 4vp 4vp 4vp 4vq 4vq 4vq 4vq 4vq 4vq 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52i 52i 52i 52i 52k 52k 52n 52n 52o 52o 52p 52p 52p 52r 52r 52r 52r 6rk 8pj

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