Dune Scorpion Rush Deck

-Odin Vanguard

I'm probably not the first to think of this deck, but I dont see it here yet so here it is. I put it here under poison, but it could just as easily go under aggressive as well

The basic idea is to use nova and chaos power to field dune scorpions in the first three rounds, before most decks can hope to counter them. After that sundial up and wait for the opponent to keel over. Much like the level three variant but hopefully even faster


Mark of Entropy (or time, just flip the pendulum type)

10 Time Pendulums

5 Nova

5 Chaos Power (upgrade from chaos seed, must have or its pointless)

5 Dune Scorpion

5 Sundial


Pretty straightforward. Use nova to span dune scorpions with chaos power. Once you get a point of neurotoxin through it doesn't even matter if they kill your scorpion since it will keep adding as the oppenent casts cards. Because chaos power is so dirt cheap, the only bottleneck is getting the first scorpion out. After you put the poison in them use sundials to keep them at bay. Novas will even provide the light quanta you need to make full use of them.

Upgrade order:

chaos power FIRST otherwise there is no point in even making the deck

time pendulums next - this way you get the time quanta with either nova or pendulums

(fully upgraded you could field your combo on the first round, which would be very ugly indeed)

scorpions or sundials next

Super nova may or may not be a good idea. Needing entropy at the outset might actually slow you down.


Only 30 cards = very fast, can put its combo out in 2 rounds with a good hand and chaos power, though unpredictable, can sometimes yield a very nasty critter.


-Will be useless unless you have chaos power (upgraded version of chaos seed)

-This will cost at least 7500 electrum, not counting the cost of buying the chaos seeds and other cards

-One purify and all your work is gone

-Any deck that can destroy your sundials or kill without needing to play many cards will prove challenging

Other Comments:

This is the deck in as basic of a fashion as I can make it. There is definitely room for improvement so feel free to improvise.

Some ideas for improvement: Rewind, and procrastination are good (like the level 3 deck). If you can swing it, an eternity, upgraded flying weapon, and shard of readiness make a really nasty combo to add. (I did this for an arena deck and it got quite a few wins)

Finally, this could be a nice starting point for a deck based on the nightmare / ghost of the past deck. They will be forced to either discard their own cards or face escalating neurotoxin.

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