Earth is the element you want for this.

Non-upgraded (41 cards):

16x Obsidian Pillars

3x Earthquakes

6x Devourers

2x Minor Vampires

6x Black Dragon

4x Steal

4x Drain Life


The earth element is used to fuel Quakes and Devourer's Burrow ability; some decks will try to kill them off, so burrow them

since they're your most precious stopping power. Pace yourself with your creatures; don't expose too much.

Keep a Steal and Drain in hand just in case at all times. Steal your opponents pillars if you must.

Keep the Drains for enemy creatures, but if you reach enough quanta you can target and kill the player, even behind shields.


When you start to upgrade cards, I'd go for Earthquakes first; Quicksand is only 2 earth quanta so you'll hit fast and when it matters.

For this deck I feel that shields and weapons are useless; you should just steal whatever your opponent has useful.

Let him worry about shielding.

I'd give way to upgraded 6 Vampires in the future and start removing most dragons, except maybe leave 3 or 2.

With this deck, you probably wouldn't even need a heavy hitter, but a lot of drainers in stock to assure Mastery.

Upgrade pillars as well. Maybe even a Eclipse could be useful, once you're there?

What cards could be useful to upgrade and add:

15x Obsidian Tower

4x Quicksand

6x Vampire

3x Drain

2x Eclipse

Article made by: Breach

In-game nick: breach (cro) look me up for a duel! =)

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