Eggs and Bugs

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Play style

This deck does rely a small amount on the luck of your eggs however if you use it right it becomes really strong.

drop eggs at first holding onto scarabs until you can play at least 2 at once and have a munchable target. dont be afraid to eat an unlucky egg to get scarabs strong enough to devour your opponents cards. if you are blessed enough to get a mummy or a pharaoh from an egg use eternity to upgrade the mummy and spam scarabs out of the pharaoh. if the opponent has a high health monster then feed everything you can to your highest scarabs otherwise try to feed your opponent's monsters to scarabs barely big enough to devour them. that will keep your strength spread out to prevent a single spell from destroying the largest and most powerful. if you do get a pharaoh feed a few scarabs to each other if you have no other viable targets but dont use up all your gravity as quantum pillars have a knack for not giving you what you need when you need it most. while this deck seems mono time remember the fate eggs can become anything so the quantum pillars are pretty much necessary


If you have a mummy or pharaoh use it! reverse times are nice for stalling. if you feel like you need more gravity or have to much random mana then trading out some quantum pillars for gravity pendulums is a good idea. because there is so much random mana around adding any card that you feel compliments this deck no matter what color is okay. personally if i had any parallel worlds i would use them copy a lucky egg or create extra scarabs.

BONEYARD everytime you eat something a new 1 health creature is there to eat plus they are kinda like eggs when eternitied.

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