Here is my Elder farming deck. It deals big damage really fast.

14X Burning Pillar

1X Short Sword

6X Crimson Dragon

4X Ash Eater           

(Ash Eater works for immolating, but photons/sparks save quanta)

3X Fire Bolt *     add a Rain of Fire if you want, to kill Devourers, whos stealing your quantums, or just smaller enemies.

2X Immolation

30 cards total without rain of fire etc.

No image avialable.


Entropy: Maxwell's demon(s) kills dragons.

Time: Sometimes reverse time isn't nice.

Light: Miracle is a bitch if your opponent has tons of HP. Fire: Rain of fire will kill every crimson dragon. So, if you fight someone with fire don't plasma cannon your dragons.

Tactics: Attack and summon as many Crimson dragons, as you can. Why? Because 12|3.

Only use rain of fire/fire bolt if your losing bad.

Use Immolation on ash eaters(Or photons/sparks if you use those), so you get 5 quanta as profit. (Or 6 if you use photons/sparks in terms of profit)

Import code:

4t4 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f1 5f1 5f1 5f1 5f2 5f2 5f2 5f2 5f2 5f2 5f4 5f4 5f4 5f9 5f9 8po

Edit by zorzz: Imho it's better to use photons or sparks instead of ash eaters: they cheaper moneywise(24 instead of 25) and cost nothing to cast(so sacrifice will bring 6 quanta)

Edit by gallei: Use 4 immolation, and 4 spark/photons. Why? because 2 immolations an 4 immolation subjects don't make sense. I also advice to add 2 rain of fire if you do add any. Because, 1 out of 30 isn't very good.And miracle isn't really such a bitch with 6 crimson dragons. Also you forgot to add the mark of fire bit at the back. So thats why, there is a new 8po at the back of the import code.

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