Mark of Life

2x Life Pillar

6x Emarald Dragon

6x Rustler

4x Heal

1x Thorn Carapace

1x Druidic Staff

4x Mitosis

aproximatly 13 Light Pillars

This deck is bases on converting Light into Life and play a lot of Emerald Dragons.

  • First play the Rustler to convert Light into Life. It's the most important to do.
  • Convert Light every turn. You will get about 4 to 20 Life quantum per turn.
  • Have only one Hustler at the same time on the field.
  • Heal as late as possible.
  • If you have at least 15 Life quantum use Mitosis to double your Dragons

This deck is very weak against Fire and Quantum losing but sometimes you can have 10 Emerald Dragons on the field.

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