Mark of Life
Emerald Pillar x 6
Empathic Bond x 4
Miracle x 3
Wind Pillar x 12
FFQ x 6

This deck is perfect for getting mastery against level 3's. I found it to be more consistent at getting those than the Rustler/Miracle and Vampire decks.

The basic strategy is to swarm the enemy with fireflies while empathic bonds heals you.

Since fireflies generate light quantums, you should have at least 15 by the end of the match.

On your last turn, use miracle, which brings you to 99 health. Make sure you have at least 1 empathic bond out which brings you to 100 as you win.

You have to manage your green quantums since they are used for creating fireflies and using empathic bonds.

If you take out an empathic bond, you probably wont be able to summon fireflies that turn.

You want to be able to heal yourself, so I suggest getting one empathic bond out asap.

After that focus on fireflies. After you have around 4, get another bond out if you can.

Having a large number of fireflies is key because this deck does not use any high damage creatures.

Also, they are your only source of light quantums for miracle.

If you don't have 3 miracles, it could still work with just 1 or 2. Unfortunately, you are more likely to not draw any and win without mastery.

I thew 3 in there to pretty much guarantee I will get at least 1 miracle every match.

Watch out for otyughs because they can easily eat your fireflies. Just make sure you have more queens out than they have otyughs so that

you create fireflies faster than they are eaten. You don't have to worry about them eating your queens as long as you have at least one firefly.

The AI only targets fireflies with otyughs and spells, which is why this deck wins against them consistently.

Also, the Druidic Staff could work well here.

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