Using a similar deck (Darkness only) in Top50 (and actually level 3!) I found this deck quite hard to beat, so i had to try it ;)


This deck concentrates on shutting down your opponent's deck - by changing and stealing their Quanta and sometimes pillars - until they can't play any cards.


This might not be the best version but it is what I am currently using.

Mark of Darkness/Mark of Entropy (if Using Supernovas/Lycanthropes)

  • ~10 Obsidian Pillars
  • 6 Nova
  • 1-2 Discord
  • 6 Devourers
  • 4-6 Black Dragons
  • 3-6 Drain Life
  • 3-6 Steal


  • Lycanthrope/Vampires

Level 3 Deck (what I have so-far):

  • Mark of Entropy=1


  • Obsidian Pillars=6
  • Amethyst Pillars=9
  • Discord=1
  • Vampire Stilleto=1
  • Lycanthropes=6
  • Devourers=6
  • Maxwell's Demons=2
  • Nova=1
  • Dissapitation Shield=1
  • Purple Dragon=1
  • Abomination=1
  • Chaos Seeds=3
  • Steal=1


Left To Find=1 Possibilities=Dissipation Shield/Steal/Chaos Seed/Vampire Stiletto/Discord

How to Play This DeckEdit

Use any pillars and novas you have, and start playing devourers, nova are used to get a quick start and can be used to burrow devourers/play discord if you have mark of darkness. Use your Drain Life for creature control and your steal for any dangerous Permanents. Play your Dragons when you can.


Death of Devourers before you can burrow them - AI doesn't tend to do this as much as players.

Removal of Discord - Although not as bad as death of Devourers this can slow down your deck.

Rainbow Decks

If a player is using a souce of quanta during their turn and avoiding the steals and shuffles from Devourers and Discord they will still be able to play cards.

Please comment on what you think to help me improve this deck in the discussion page. Zuphix 15:56, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

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