This deck relies on having more HP then its opponent. Sometimes this causes the other player to deck out, cause they just can't do enough damage before they run out of cards, sometimes it just provides enough time to deploy 5 morning glories to grind down thier foe. The weakness of this deck is that it is slow in outputting damage and has a maximum damage of 40/turn.

It's a rather boring deck, but I decided to add it because it can beat lvl 5 more often then many other decks (when upgraded), such as mono fire and poison rush decks. The only deck that I've tested that does better against lvl 5 is a god-killer deck.

Card ListEdit

Mark of Light or Earth

14 Stone pillar

8 Light pillar

6 Stone skin

2 Protect artifact

1 Diamond shield

6 Miracle

5 Morning glory

4 Animate weapon

Deck Variations:

Earthquakes can easily be added but draw from quanta needed for stone skin, each quanta used for an earthquake/quicksand could easily be 4 very critical hp. However, earthquakes can destroy some decks. For decks that use earthquakes a mark of earth is suggested.

Shards of Divinity work very well with this deck. Shards of gratitude are also good, but have a tendancy to be stolen, and thus cause problems with the low damage output of the deck.

Removing the morning glories and animate weapons could turn this into a deck focused on decking out the opponent. If this is the main goal of the deck, it is probably an idea to increase the deck size by adding shards and stone pillars.

I've contemplated adding a mark of gravity or gravity pillars and using pulverisors (possibly animated) and or black holes, but I haven't tried this because I feel it would resault in not having enough quanta to survive long enough to stone skin.


This is a very simple deck, build up earth quanta untill you have 50 + the cost of stone skin (55 or 54 for the upgraded) then use a stone skin a turn to increase hp and max hp to upwards of 300. All this time, miracleing when nessesary. Whenever there is spare light quanta, deploying morning glories to grind down your enemy's hp. The protect artifacts are for the diamond shield and the light pillars. It is often a good idea to keep the first protect in your hand and wait for the diamond shield so that you can play it as soon as possible.

In ideal conditions this deck can lose 2300 hp and still win, but conditions are never ideal.

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