This deck is to be used primarily for beating the level five guys (half bloods). It will usually fail miserably against pvp or the top 50 due to prevalent strategies used in those areas.


Mark of Life, or Mark of Air
Emerald Pillar x 4
Wind Pillar x 12
FFQ x 6
Rustler x 2
Empathetic Bond x 3
Hope x 2
Fog Sheild
Owls Eye
Heal x 2
Shard of Gratitude x2 (if you have them)

Total cards 36


The main idea like every FFQ deck is to get out your queens as fast as possibleand build up an army of fireflies. Most decks however use rustlers to convert the extra light quanta to life. While I have a couple rustlers in there for just that occasion it is much more vital to save up the light quanta to get out your hope shield. With an army of fireflies and the hope shield up you can block enormous amounts of damage ( my record is 21), plus they can't destroy the shield. The fog shield is only their for a backup until you can get the hope shield up and running. Like most FFQ decks it's also great for an elemental mastery with a last turn miracle while you have an empathetic bond out. other than the weakness's listed below this deck has a pretty good win rate against level fives and is quite fun to play. It's just immensly satisfying to watch the computer summon character after character that can't touch you


  • fire decks - a rain of fire can completely destroy your fireflies setting your sheild back to zero. A firewall sheild will also slowly kill off your swarm making life painful for you.
  • Gravity - momentum can kill. It goes right through your shield. Best defense is empathetic bonds to heal at the same rate they hurt you. Owls eye can of course be helpful to pick these guys off too.
  • Lobotomizer's - renders your queens useless.
  • Devour decks - Otyugh and scarabs can kill. The only defense against these guys is our owls eye to get their defense low enough that they can't eat your fireflies
  • Diamond Sheild - all you creatures do three damage. Diamond sheild makes you harmless
  • Other permanents in general - as this deck has no permament control pesky shields like procrastination, ice shield, phase shield, and dissapation shield are all just things you have to deal with.

while this may seem like a hefty amount of weakness's due to the nature of the deck you usually get a while to counter due to how much you can be healing. Also this is why this deck should only be used against computers they arn't good at targeting whats important in the deck. For example they'll tend to use their lobotomizers to take down your fireflies instead of you queens and other such stupid mistakes a human wouldn't make.

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