This is an extended guide to Fake Gods. The guide covers from how to unlock them, who and what are they, to what strategy and counter-strategy to apply on them.

There are a few decks available on the end of this article that have been play-tested and are specialized at the task, so check them out.

Who are the Fake Gods?Edit

Fake Gods are the Level 6 Challenge in the game, not available at the beginning of the game. They are unlocked after completing all of the quests, and are accessed through the quest button along with Card Upgrades.

What is most challenging about the Fake Gods is that they do not obey the normal rules of the game.

The advantages listed below provide the Fake Gods with an extremely reliable win over all but the most powerful of decks. In order to have a chance of defeating them, you need to understand how they work and what they can do, as to develop an appropriate countermeasure.

Increased Health - This makes the gods extremely resilient to rush or poison strategies, and as such those are highly discouraged when fighting them.

Extra Card Draw - This is the Gods' greatest advantage, since any card drawing or card denial is extremely powerful. The double draw will get them out of Quantum trouble, net them the cards they need, and make you die faster.

Triple Elemental Mark - Allows for better splash decks, as well as negating quantum denial strategies. This is most noticeable against Seism or Graviton, who play only one kind of pillar but have it supported by their off-color mark with a few cards.

More than six copies of cards - Very important when playing versus Gemini or Rainbow, who will literally rain the same cards over and over.

More than 60 card decks - This makes it virtually impossible to win by forcing the God to run out of cards.

All cards are upgraded - This is the only terrain you can go head to head on, and should be attempted as such.

How many Gods are there?Edit

The number of Fake Gods have been increasing with each version. As of version 1.18, there are 18 Fake Gods.

The Gods are Akebono, Chaos Lord, Dark Matter, Destiny, Divine Glory, Elidnis, Ferox, Fire Queen, Gemini, Graviton, Hecate, Hermes, Incarnate, Jezebel, Lionheart, Miracle, Morte, Obliterator, Octane, Osiris, Paradox, Rainbow, Scorpio, Seism.

Why are Fake Gods so important?Edit

The Fake Gods are the only reasonable form of grinding in this game and also the only source* of winning upgraded cards.

Once you have a deck fine-tuned to defeating most of the Fake Gods and can start farming them, it quickly becomes possible to make any deck imaginable,

and upgrade all the cards you ever wanted in your future adventures.

  • Although Half-Bloods can also reward upgraded cards, it it very difficult for players to gain them from Half-Bloods. False gods are the only reasonable source of winning upgraded cards.

Fake Gods' StrategiesEdit

Decks and StrategiesEdit

Chaos LordEdit

Mark of Entropy

20 Quantum Tower

20 Amethyst Tower

2 Maxwell's Demon

2 Amethyst Dragon

4 Dissipation Shield

4 Werewolf

6 Chaos Power

12 Supernova

12 Improved Mutation

2 Discord

8 Fallen Druid

2 Unstoppable

2 Explosion

2 Congeal

12 Ray of Light

2 Improved Steal


Starts the game off by playing the Supernovas, Werewolves, and Ray of Light. He uses the Werewolves' ability, and mutates the Rays of Light, possibly making the perfect assault creature right off the bat. He either uses the Druids or the Improved Mutation spell to do so, though sometimes he will use his Mutation spells and Druid on your strongest creature, to potentially make it weaker or kill it. Otherwise, he will sometimes Congeal it for 4 turns.

When Chaos Lord creates a massive Dragon or such, he will target it with all of his Chaos Power spells. Chaos Power mostly benefits HP. Near the middle of the game, when Chaos Lord has accumulated over 200 quanta, he will play Discord and Dissipation Field.

Amethyst Dragon and Maxwell's Demon do not show up often, but are still a threat to be taken into consideration.

Basic Traits:

- Capable of a first-turn rush with massive creatures, or if he's very lucky he'll get a Destroy-creature first turn and is pretty much guaranteed a win.

- Destroys or bypasses shields.

- Very easily ruins your best creatures.

Fire QueenEdit

Mark of Air

32 Emerald Tower

12 Feral Bond

6 Fire Lance

4 Fahrenheit

18 Wind Tower

6 Animate Weapon

12 Elite Queen

6 Eagle's Eye


A very basic and beginner strategy taken to a whole new level.

Plays Queens relatively fast and keeps spamming Elite Fireflies, all the while spamming Feral Bonds in the back to regain any life lost.

As the game progresses, will play and often animate Eagle's Eye and Fahrenheit (prefers Eagle's over Fahrenheit) and has a few Fire Lances

that can hit for extreme damage if the game has been taking too long. (Elite Firefly generates fire quanta, and Fire Queen easily makes +200 Fire.)

Basic Traits:

- Fast army spamming and MASSIVE Life gain you can't hope to out-damage.

- Sometimes surprises with a Fire Lance rain, dealing more than enough damage to kill you.

- No permanent control. Somewhat likes killing your creatures with Eagle's Eye and Fire Lance.


Mark of Aether

12 Gravity Tower

6 Massive Dragon

8 Unstoppable

26 Aether Tower

12 Twin Universe

2 Elite Immortal

8 Dimensional Shield

2 Electrocutor

2 Elite Phase Dragon

12 Phase Recluse


Attacks early with Phase Recluses, rarely playing his other Aether creatures or the rare weapon Electrocutor.

When the time is right (which is about 12 Gravity quanta and more than 20 Aether) plays the Massive Dragon and starts duplicating it with Twin Universe.

If he managed to draw a Unstoppable, he will Momentum the dragons and then copy it.

If Gemini did not draw Gravity towers or you played a massive creature, Gemini will copy that creature and Momentum it.

Defends himself with Dimensional Shield if he suspects you dealing a lot of damage at him.

Basic Traits:

- Slow starter but a brutal finisher.

- He's more dangerous without the Gravity dragons, since he might decide copying something extremely useful for his cause.

- Copying a Momentum creature always gives you another Momentum. (Other abilities will change randomly)

- No permanent control, but plans on avoiding your shields.


Mark of Fire

28 Gravity Tower

4 Elite Charger

2 Elite Armagio

2 Gravity Shield

6 Unstoppable

6 Elite Otyugh

2 Titan

2 Gravity Force

12 Graviton Firemaster

4 Explosion

2 Fire Storm


Spams the Firemasters through the entire game and keeps pumping their attack up.

When he grows them enough, plays Unstoppable on them and charges for huge damage early.

If he plays an Armagio, he will most likely Momentum it and use its ability.

Will Gravity Force your stronger creatures and Firestorm when you most expect it.

Explodes your permanents and shields often. Plays the Titan and Gravity Shield rarely.

Basic Traits:

- Fast and relentless destroyer. Seals the deal by Momentum-ing his already mammoth-grown Firemasters.

- Well-able at creature and permanent control alike.


Mark of Earth

6 Heavy Armor

4 Protect Artifact

40 Burning Tower

8 Brimstone Eater

2 Ruby Dragon

8 Fire Spectre

12 Fire Lance

2 Fire Buckler

12 Explosion

2 Fahrenheit

4 Fire Storm

12 Lava Destroyer


A simple and effective rush deck, focusing on the Lava Destroyers to finish you off before you get anything decent down.

Hermes is also the most destructive Shield and Permanent destroyer of the Gods, literally raining Explosions on you in the early phase.

As the game progresses, Hermes will protect his permanents (Fire Buckler, Fahrenheit, Towers) and rain Fire Storms on your creatures.

When his quanta reaches a higher number, Hermes will attempt to burn you down with Fire Lances.

Basic Traits:

- A heavy permanent controller, Fire rainer and a brutal rusher. Shielding is no problem for this one. 

- All of his creatures are pretty vulnerable, except for the Lava Destroyer who's only vulnerable before it starts growing. (Or is targeted with a Heavy Armor)

- Likes protecting Fire Bucklers. Ouch.



Death x3 Mark


Darkness / Death (Vampire Drain supported by Graveyards and Bonewalls)



8x Retrovirus

12x Graveyard

8x Bonewall

30x Obsidian Tower

8x Bloodsucker

8x Eclipse

2x Vampire Dagger

12x Vampire


Opens the game by playing Bloodsuckers and Retroviruses, who are very effective creature killers.

Mid-game is mostly Vampire spamming, sometimes followed by the Dagger and more often the Bonewall that he grows by poisoning your creatures to death.

Lands a ton of Graveyards and Eclipses that support the Vampire's draining ability.

Basic Traits:

- Fast and draining, but overall very basic.

- Not capable at dealing with more complex decks.

- No permanent control, little creature control.



Time x3 Mark


Various, emphasis on control and deck speed


48x Quantum Towers

8x Werewolf

6x Gravity Force

8x Elite Graboid

8x Forest Spectre

8x Explosion

6x Congeal

4x Improved Miracle

4x Eagle's Eye

10x Electrum Hourglass

6x Improved Steal

4x Thunderbolt

Basic Traits:

-Will deploy and fire off Electrum Hourglasses to get cards quickly.

-Heavy emphasis on both creature and permanent control.

-Extremely balanced deck.



Death x3 Mark


Death (Death Mono)



30x Bone Tower

4x Ivory Dragon

12x Retrovirus

2x Flesh Recluse

6x Condor

6x Graveyard

6x Deadly Poison

6x Improved Plague

4x Arsenic

6x Bone Wall

12x Ray of Light

6x Archangel

2x Improved Miracle


Spams the cheap creatures (Condor, Retrovirus, Ray of Light) and poisons, dealing just a little bit of damage.

Will sacrifice the Retroviruses even if there's no target to hit, probably supplying himself with skeletons (Graveyard) and refilling Bone Wall.

As the game progresses, will spam Bone Walls and Archangels, sometimes hitting you with the heavy Ivory Dragon.

Arsenic is often played too. Midgame is playing 2-3 Improved Plagues on your troops, putting you into a difficult position.

The only way to treat poison stack on creatures is to cast reverse time on them (Eternity); or prevent it happening in the first place (Immortality).

Basically, this God does not have a specific or clear strategy; just a simple overcoming of your troops and dealing little by little damage until you die,

most often from Deadly Poison.

If you let Morte spam his Ray of Light, he will play the Miracles once he is down.

Basic Traits:

- Not an immediate threat, but slowly chips your health away until you die.

- Covers up with a ton of Bone Walls and Graveyards. He'll sometimes sacrifice Retrovirus for it, but the main fuel is when he plagues your army.

- Has no permanent control whatsoever.



Light x3 Mark


Light / Air / Life (Pretty random deck focusing about buffing the Light Dragons and surviving again and again)



8x Emerald Tower

2x Jade Dragon

4x Leaf Dragon

2x Jade Shield

18x Light Tower

6x Light Dragon

4x Elite Pegasus

2x Solar Buckler

6x Improved Blessing

2x Morning Glory

6x Improved Miracle

8x Wind Tower

6x Elite Queen


A slow starter, Miracle does not play much in the early phases except the Leaf Dragon (who does more harm to his strategy than help) and Pegasus.

He does not understand the potential of Pegasus's Dive ability, so these are still medium to no threat at all.

The Queens are pretty commonly played as well, which often are a bigger threat than the rest of his deck.

The first Light Dragon he plays will be showered in Blessings, often rising up above 21/21 (provided you let him grow it that far.)

Alongside that he rare Jade Dragon might appear. Miracle also has 2x Morning Glory weapon and 2x Jade Shields, which are untargetable and quite effective.

Jade Shield makes the God untargetable for your spells and reduces damage by 2, while the Glory is a indestructive source of 8 damage per turn, blockable by shield.

Also, Miracle carries 6 Improved Miracles with him, saving him from his impending doom and bringing him up to 199 Health Points.

Basic Traits:

- Carding out is pretty common stuff versus Miracle.

- If he managed to draw all Miracles and play them through, it would be close to a total of 1400 Health Points you need to take down.

- Carries immortal weapons and shields that reflect spells back at you.



Death x3 Mark


Water / Death / Aether (Poison / Freeze with added Aether)



12x Deadly Poison

2x Arsenic

36x Sapphire Tower

6x Phylsalia

6x Abyss Crawler

6x Congeal

2x Ice Lance

4x Permafrost Shield

2x Purify

4x Arctic Octopus

2x Poseidon

2x Arctic Dragon

12x Puffer Fish

4x Ulitharid

6x Aether Tower

4x Twin Universe


A basic Freeze/Poison deck taken to a whole new level.

Hits fast and hard by playing Deadly Poisons and cheap Water creatures first, like the Puffer Fish and Physalia.

These things will stack up about 10 or more poison by round three, dooming you if you do not carry any or enough recovery spells.

Whatever creature you play, Scorpio will freeze it (Congeal, Arctic Octopus, Permafrost Shield, Ice Lance) so expect your creatures to be unavailable

for 4 or more turns as you play them. If Scorpio managed to play Octopus and Ulitharid and you have no more creature destroyers, you're practically done.

The Aether segment of the Scorpio deck is scarce, with him often not drawing any Aether Tower to support the Ulitharid or playing Twin Universe.

That's not really important, anyway. Plays the Arsenic and Poseidon weapon as well, for which he has no Earth to use its destructive potential.

Will often play Permafrost Shield, which could just about be the reason you lost.

Basic Traits:

- A super freeze/poison deck you'll just love.

- 12 Deadly Poisons = 36 poison damage + whatever the Puffer Fish and Phylasia get through your defense.

- Waiting over 4 turns for your first creatures to work is basically mandatory.

- Does not carry Permanent control and doesn't care much about your shields.



Time x3 Mark


Earth / Time (Elite Graboid deck)



32x Stone Tower

2x Elite Antilion

4x Steel Golem

4x Basalt Dragon

2x Diamond Shield

6x Gnome Gemfinder

2x Pulverizer

12x Elite Graboid

4x Protect Artifact

12x Quicksand

8x Rewind

2x Silurian Dragon


Seism is a very fast and crippling deck that starts off right away by playing a ton of Quicksands (destroying your Towers) and Graboids which evolve into massive

10/4 Shriekers, that he buries next turn. As the game progresses, will play the Golems, Dragons, Antilions (you can completely ignore these) uneccesary Gemfinders

and sometimes even the Silurian Dragon, which is like the only big creature with low health points that you can easily target.

Most of his creatures are either high HP, or burrowable. (And Seism Burrows everything as it comes.)

Midgame is about playing Diamond Shield (-3 damage is HUGE) Pulverizers (can't use them) and Protect Artifact which he targets the Towers first, then everything else.

He will Reverse all your creatures at this time, effectively repeating your next 4-8 draws and slowing down your strategy to a possible halt. (If you did not save any Towers by this time.)

Basic Traits:

- Fast and brutal, Seism likes to completely destroy your Quantum machines while his creatures are often untouchable.

- Main beating force is the Elite Graboid's evolving, which you can't prevent. After the Shrieker is evolved it burrows the next turn, again remaining untargetable.

- Has no permanent control other than Tower destruction, and has no way to avoid your shields.

- Midgame reverses most creatures you have out.

Counter StrategyEdit


Ok, as I am sure you know, an FFQ deck is perfectly normal and pretty effective, especially against the infamous rainbow. However, if you don't have/don't want one, and you want to build your own deck, keep in mind the gods' advantages

Fake Gods do not obey the normal rules of Elements:  
- They have 200 Health Points instead of 100.

- They draw two cards per turn instead of 1. 

- Their Elemental Mark is worth x3 the quanta instead of 1.  

- Their decks can consist of more than 6 copies of a card; for instance, playing 10 Miracles.  

- Their decks can consist of more than 60 cards - some even having 120. 

- All the cards in their deck are upgraded.

Now, I'm absolutely sure you understand the game's principals and what could these advantages mean in-game, but let me tell you from experience;

- 200 Health Points is basically Rush/Poison immunity.

While getting down 100 Health Points with your Lava Destroyer / Dive Parallel deck in a few turns or so, rushing a God is never a good idea.

He lasts twice as long as the ordinary chump, with some Gods having a very fast healing ability and others can just downright stop your attacks or remove your creatures.

Most of them are faster rushers than you could ever be, anyway.

- Drawing two cards instead of one is the greatest possible advantage in a card-game, other than preventing your opponent from drawing his.

Whatever happens, no matter how bad the draw - Gods will make it through with this advantage.

No towers, strategy cards, creatures, anything on start? With twice as fast card draw, he'll make it out of any pickle, even in a 120 card deck.

Also, the double card draw will allow the God to really rain cards into the game, so it also has a great rush/control value.

- Elemental x3 Mark.

Tremendously increases the speed of his game, as well as allowing the Gods to play much faster decks with a color splash. (Seism and Hermes, for  example)

- No 6-per-card limit for them.

Scorpio and Hermes make great use of this.

- More than 60 cards per deck.

With the double draw going so fast through their decks, this is a must. More cards possibly equal more problems for you, I suppose.

- Fully upgraded.

You can match the Gods on this terrain, but they'd be about the same threat even without the upgrades.

You, however, do want the upgrades.

So, if you read this chapter through, you should know that there is no possible way for your typical Growth/Freeze or Firefly Queen or whatever unspecialized deck

you think of has any chance at all. Hats down if you manage to beat a God with your Aether Mono, Lava Golem rusher, Otyugh growth decks... But it is unlikely to happen often

and even less likely to happen if the Gods are properly playing the match.

So far, there's been a few different God-killer strategies.

The most common deck used for the job is the Time-Rainbow.

Other decks I've noticed so far that have any sort of success with the Gods are Aether, Rainbow Scarab and a Fire / Fire Lance deck.

My recommendation will be the Rainbow God-killer, since it is the best suited tool for the job and the most well-rounded.

Search this very Wikipedia for the decks (Anti-God, God killer, any variation should net you proper results) suited for the job.


There are a few cards that come to mind when speaking of efficient strategies to killing Gods, and I'd say these few are the most commonly mentioned

when speaking about a Rainbow strategy;

  • Sundial

This used be a very powerful and cheap Time card, but has now been nerfed.

  • Golden / Electrum Hourglass

Very important as well, the Hourglass increases your draw (provided you have the Time quanta) and you can easily draw more than the Gods.

More cards circling in your hand means a greater chance that some of those cards are excatly what you need, right now.

  • Dimensional / Phase Shield

Everybody's favorite, eh? This shield can hold out 3 turns of damage, but is vulnerable to Steal and Destroy.

Most of the Gods don't have any of the permanent control cards, fortunately, so you can safely relax behind the shield as you plot your next move.

  • Bonewall

Bonewall is a more strategic card that should be employed at the right moment and against the right opponent.

Bonewall is also a stack of cards really, which means that a Steal or Destroy will take just one counter from that stack; meaning that a normal Bonewall

needs 7 Steals or Destroys to be removed. Some Gods will just do excatly that, wasting all the permanent spells on the Bonewall.

If used alongside Firestorms, Otyughs and other crowd-control cards, Bonewall is a must have.

  • Supernova

The card that is often welcome, especially in the starting hand. Supernova speeds up the game a lot, which is just what you need early on.

  • Protect Artifact

A card specifically good for dealing with Seism and other destroy-happy Gods, Protect Artifact could just be your ticket for an easy win.

It is as well greatly used when you are back against the wall versus a God that likes pulverizing shields (and you just drew a Dimensional Shield)

or on the rare weapons.

  • Eternity, Lobotomizer, Pulverizer ...

The trio of weapons that are greatly useful for dealing with any God.

Lobotomizer can most of the Gods impotent. (Fire Queen, Graviton, Hermes, Scorpio...)

Eternity can keep you immune to carding out, or be used to return the opponent's creatures that grew too large to be handled otherwise.

Pulverizer is like a Gravity Explosion per turn, easily ripping apart the opponent's strategic permanents or shields.

I'm not much of a fan of the Mind Flayer / Ulitharid, which is basically a Lobotomizing creature.

The thing about Mind Flayers is that they are very vulnerable in game, as where you can better protect the Lobotomizer.

  • Miracle

A life-saver versus some opponents and a great ingredient for a reversal.

  • Purify

Useful versus both Morte and Scorpio, who are the only guys that use Poison.

They stack the poison so high, though, that surviving without a Purify in deck becomes horribly slim.

  • Anubis

More capable than you think.

  • The infamous Bonewall / Graveyard / Fallen Druid / Elite Otyugh / Elite Queen / Feral Bond combo

It's all about making an infinite loop of cards, keeping your army growing with powerful mutants, your Otyugh well fed with failed experiments or Fireflies

only to be replaced by skeletons and then new mutants again, your Bonewall thickening while the Bonds you stored in the back replenish your health.

It is a large combo, yes, but easily achieved through massive card draw.

There are more cards and more strategies to be discussed on this matter, but I'll content myself to writing just these.

Abusing the (not so) Godly AI Edit

The Gods have both intentional and unintentional weaknesses. In this chapter I'll cover the unintentional weaknesses, while in the counter-strategies

I'll cover the intentional ones.

  • The AI 

The AI has some major flaws when picking the targets for his spells, often the decisions so bad and illogic that it will cost him the entire duel.

It is the same AI you kicked ass on the Elders challenge, it's the same AI you kicked around on the Top50.

Examples of the AI's spell targeting:

Let's say you've got a Firefly Queen and you are spamming a Firefly every round. Let's say your opponent draws a Fire Bolt every turn.

What will he do?

He'll keep hitting the Fireflies.

Let's say you've got an Otyugh and a Boneyard; you eat your opponent's creature and that spams a skeleton.

Let's say he has 23 Parasites on his sides, which can poison a target.

What will he do? 

He'll put 23 poison on a 1/1 skeleton while Otyugh still keeps eating his creatures.

Let's say he's got an Emerald Shield up and he casts Heal on himself.

What happens?

He heals you instead.

Examples of the AI's prioritizing:

The Fire Queen just played the Fahrenheit weapon, and he has, mmm, about +999 Fire Quanta.

Your shield is running out and the God is just about to hit you with his Fahrenheit, when...

He decides to play Eagle's Eye over it, programmed to think the Eagle's Eye is better than the Fahrenheit in any situation.

You play a Dimensional Shield, and you are just about to release all hell on the AI before you card out.

Just about as you think the battle is won just before you were about to lose, the AI decides to steal your Phase Shield.

Then, all of a sudden, on the last possible turn...

AI replaces the Phase Shield with some crappy one and you smash him on the head.

That's about the unintentional advantage you have.

All the other flaws are described for each God.

Counter strategies for each Fake GodEdit


Counter - Strategy:

Chaos Lord will begin the game by playing his Ray of Light, Werewolves and other cheap creatures. He often speeds up his game by playing Supernovas.

The Werewolves will grow to 6/6 and they are not your main concern since they will not mutate. The Ray of Light, however, will be targeted by mutation 

and possibly give the enemy the best possible mutant for destroying your deck. If you are a Rainbow, a Destroy creature could easily destroy all your

Hourglasses, Sundials, Towers, Shields... and effectively ruin your game.

He has both ways of mutating; Fallen Druids and Improved Mutation.

Basically, to beat Chaos Lord - do not allow him to mutate so soon, so early.

Creature control cards, like Otyugh, Lobotomizer and Firestorm, are best suited for this job. You can prevent the Druids from mutating, but you can't prevent

the Improved Mutation spells. That's why you have to get rid off the Ray of Light, since Chaos Lord doesn't target anything else he owns.

Focus the killing on the Rays and Druids first.

When Chaos Lord has nothing else to target for mutating, he will target your strongest creatures for as long as it takes to mutate it down to something insignificant.

I've often gotten a massive Immaterial dragon from the gamble, so I do welcome his effort.

Occasionally plays Congeal, Explosion, Steal and such control cards, but they are often just a short delay of your action. It's a good idea to maim the Chaos Lord's

destructive spells with the Bonewall early, since he'll waste all his effort into them.

Creatures like Amethyst Dragon, Maxwell's Demon and others show up ocassionally as well, but they're less important. (Maxwell's Paradox can be painful, though.)

When he gets a decent mutant or the Dragon out, he'll target it with Unstoppable and Chaos Power, often going for a heavy surprise attack. It's still nothing you should

worry about too much, since Chaos Power's bonus is often pathetic or HP oriented. 

The Discord he plays has little impact to the game. Chaos Lord carries 4 Dissipation Shields and can generate 1000 quantum easily by the late game, so be ready

to take it off, or just drain it down. 

Don't count on unprotected Phase Shields; Chaos Lord loves to steal those.

Otyugh and Lobo can take care of pretty much everything he has. 


- Destroy his Druids and Ray of Light so he has nothing to target with his mutation but your creatures.

If you prevent him from making mutants for himself, the battle is half won.

- Maim his more important spells with decoy targets, like Bonewall.

- Be ready to take down the Dissipation Shield he has; he'll probably have more than 500 quanta when it comes out.

- Has some creature control. (Congeal, Improved Mutation)

- Has some permanent control. Don't count on your Phase Shields. (Steal, Explosion)


- Elite Otyugh (he'll probably mutate him so don't put all your hopes into one)

- Elite Anubis (he'll probably mutate him... hope for something good :D)

- Plague / Fire Storm

- Lobotomizer

- Bonewall

- Explosion / Steal / Pulverizer

- Protect Artifact

- Reversals or Eternity could be useful early




Counter - Strategy:

Starts relatively fast with the Firefly spamming, so be ready to defend yourself well and stall the game.

Fire Queen has no way of dealing with Permanents or passing by shields, so play everything you have freely.

Fire Queen does not carry shields, so your destruction and thievery spells are better used on taking the pesky Eagle's Eye and Fahrenheit.

Its better not to really mess with the Feral Bonds, since Fire Queen has 12 of them and I think it's better to get rid of her creatures than the Bonds.

There's a few routes you could take at disabling the queens, depending on what you draw.

If you carry Lobotomizers in your deck and you get it early, you can prevent the entire Firefly spamming strategy and even prevent her from having any Fire quanta at all.

With an early Otyugh, you could just simply catch every Firefly she spams, until you can devour the queen herself.

I personally wouldn't play any creatures until I've placed a Pulverizer in play or I've got a few ready Steals to take over the EE that she's bound to play out.

She'll often animate the EE and Fahrenheit, so be prepared to deal with a 7/7 sniper.

The other approach is if you use Bonewalls and Fire Storms, possibly even Graveyards.

Wait till the Queen spams up the maximum number of Flies in game and blast them all with one Fire Storm, in the process probably earning you

20ish skeletons and 40 counters on your Bonewall, while leading the Fire Queen's table barren and empty.

Caution with this approach; if you wait too long and the Queen keeps generating plentiful Fire Quanta, she might just have enough quanta to make her load of Fire Lances

enough to burn you to cinders, and her Fahrenheit a threat to be accounted for. Do not wait too long.

As mentioned, Fire Queen has enough healing to cover her health more than once, if she gets her strategy out unobstructed.

Creature control is better for preventing this than Permanent control, so focus on destroying the Queens first.


- If you play Otyughs often and early, remember to back them up with a load of Steals, Destroys and Pulverizers duo to the Queen's frequent EE card.

- May rarely target your creatures with Fire Lance, but as the game progresses and Fire Quanta gets plentiful, will focus solely on you.

- Carries no shields, hoping that the Bonds and creature spamming is enough. It normally is. Save all the blasting and stealing for the Weapons slot.

- If you play Bonewall and Fire Storm, you could cause a devastating reversal to the Queen. The Elite Queens have 7 Health Points, however, so do expect

the spamming to just restart after you destroyed all the low HP creatures.

- Focus on killing the creatures rather than dealing with the bonds, since you must prevent the healing. Ten-twelve bonds is standard stuff for the Queen. '

- Often animates the weapons, so take them out in the field.

- Carries some creature control. (Eagle's Eye, Fire Lance)

- Carries no permanent control.

- Will always play the Bonds before playing more Fireflies. (This slows down the onslaught and gives you room to recover)


- Otyugh (the match is a feeding group, provided you protect him from Fire Lance and Eagle's Eye)

- Bonewall + Fire Storm (instant reversal)

- Plentiful Steals / Explosions / Pulverizer (for destroying the non-animated EE's and Fahrenheits)

- Any Shield and Permanent is safe from the Queen. Abuse that.




Counter - Strategy:

Gemini sometimes starts mercilessly by bashing you with multiple strong 7/2 Phase Recluses, which is something to handle carefully.

Depending on how bad it goes, you should prepare to cast a shield if your health is going below 40%. 

If your deck carries a number of shields and sundials, then waste the shields early on to fend off the brutal Recluses.

Sundials should be put on hold for the moment.

As the game progresses, Gemini might even introduce a few of his other Aether creatures; Immortals and Phase Dragons.

These are rarely seen and even less of a threat, since they can be easily ignored by just playing any shield or any Sundial.

Gemini has no permanent control, so feel free to cast anything you like.

If Gemini plays the Lobotomizer, you should do whatever you can to steal it - or just destroy it. Lobotomizer is great help versus his own strategy.

When Gemini has accumulated 12 Gravity quanta (Massive Dragon) and over 25 Aether quanta (Twin Universe) he will begin multiplying his forces

like on a factory belt and probably throwing in a Momentum on the original. This means he'll charge with massive momentum fatties, and the battle

could be just about over...

When you expect the dragon storm tactics to begin, play the first sundial. If you have been following my instructions correctly, you've saved all the Sundials

you could draw to this moment, and maybe even stole the Gemini's Lobotomizer (well, Electrocutor) so it's time to get to work.

Start chaining your Sundial (play one just as the other expires) and begin Lobotomizing his Massive (Momentum) Dragons so they can still be blocked

by your fabulous shields.

If you carry Fallen Druids and Otyughs paired up, you can start mutating the dragons and killing them off. (provided he gets something low-hp) 

If you have Eternity out, you might keep returning the Momentum Dragons back into his hand. Gemini usually isn't very rich with Gravity quanta, so this can really

hamper his draw, offensive and quanta all at once.

If you by any chance have more and more steals (or a mutant with Steal) keep taking away his Phase Shields to protect yourself once you expire your own defense.  

There's another approach to Gemini by dealing with his Gravity Towers; since they are not very common and he needs 12 quanta to cast the dragons.

If you plan on beating him by this tactics (you should try this only if he's really low or zilch on Gravity Towers) beware of what creatures you play.

In lack of a better target for his Twin Universes, Gemini will target your strongest (or something like that) creatures and probably momentuming them.

This is especially painful if you play Armored Otyughs, Dragons or you get a powerful mutation somewhere in the game.

I just beat Gemini with Fireflies strategy, while I keep the Druids and Eternity mutating his dragons into colors he cannot play; absolutely ruining his game.

He's (or they?) a very easy God to beat.


- If the Recluses are giving you trouble early on, sustain damage until you fall about 40% low before playing a shield.

- Play Sundials only when expecting the Momentum Dragon rush, not before it.

- Lobotomizer / Eternity / Druid+Eternity / Druid+Otyugh are lethal weapon versus this one.

- If you don't have any of the rare weapons, keep a Steal in reserve for when he gets out a Lobotomizer. That thing helps loads.

- Gemini is often low on Gravity, but sometimes it is better to let him play out the planned strategy than to leave it open.

- Beware of playing massive creatures and don't ever copy his Dragons. 

- Anubis could make things pretty crazy, eh?

- Likes to copy fat Otyughs. Congratulations, you are about to die.

- The only creature control it has is the Lobotomizer, which could ruin your day if not handled accordingly.

- No permanent control whatsoever. (Tries to go around defense by Momentuming)


- Sundial (must!)

- Steals more than Destroys (for Lobo and Phase)

- Eternity or Reversals

- Lobotomizer or Mind Flayer

- Fallen Druid or Elf

- Fire Storm and Otyugh are good for dealing with Phase Recluse early on, but Otyughs can get copied if they're fat enough and they run

useless against 30hp monstrosities. I rely on Fire Storm here.

- Lots of shielding necessary. Even without Momentums, those dragons are heavy to stop and easily blow off 100hp in one swing.




Counter - Strategy:

A difficult God to handle, sometimes practically impossible to deal with by the ordinary Rainbow decks.

Graviton will charge early on with the tough growing Firemasters, quickly brining them up to 10 or so power.

He'll also rain explosions on your permanents like crazy, so start making decoys right away.

If you managed to draw a Bonewall, maybe you should wait for the opportunity to play it first so it attracts all the Explosions he has.

Firemasters should be pretty heavy by now, supported by the help of Elite Otyughs and Elite Chargers.

Your main problem, aside being exploded left and right, is the Momentum ability, once again.

Chargers will deal plentiful damage before you are able to properly respond, while Graviton has a few Unstoppable enchantments

waiting to be cast on the, now already massive, Graviton Firemasters.

Good thing about Graviton having Elite Armagio's is that the AI will waste Momentum on it for no obvious reason. Hurrah for Armagio!

Again, Sundial is important and must be stalled for the right moment.

Beware that Graviton will explode Sundials up if you haven't lulled him enough.

If you play a creature into the game, Graviton will probably try and Gravity Pull it. Sundial stalls this effect, and Momentum ignores it.

Your own Otyughs, Fire Storms and Lobotomizers are heavily important for this game, since this God is fought in a come-back style.

To increase your chances versus him, you should play these cards all at once, so you provide yourself with sufficient cover.

Sundial, Otyugh, Bone Wall should be played together as you start crawling up. If you have more than 1 Fire Storm, its a good idea

to wait until you draw 2 Fire Storms and cast them at once; this will kill most of his dangerous creatures and refill your Bonewall.

If you managed to do this comeback, be ready for Graviton's surprise Fire Storm shower. He's only got 2, but it is a deadly kick back 

unless you have Graveyard and Bonewall to fall on to.

Stealing his Gravity Shield is great since it blocks the Fire Masters, but if it is not protected it's going to go boom real quickly.

Graviton also plays Titan weapon sometimes, which is absolutely DREADFUL. If you have Steal and possibly even Animate Weapon,

Stealing and Animating his Titan weapon will give you a huge edge. (He'll target all the creature control on it)

Sadly, I have to admit that there's not any real approach to Graviton other than improvising with what you got.


- Very explosive, dangerous and rushing past shields. Even if you get some shield out, he'll probably Momentum around it. 

- If you play an Otyugh before Graviton had a chance to develop first, you can easily cripple his entire offensive.

He will probably Gravity Pull the Otyugh, but if executed properly, no damage will come to him. (Momentum avoids Pull, Firemasters enter with 0/6...)

Still, there's the Fire Storm to consider.

- Stealing his Gravity Shield is a huge advantage to you, but it won't stick around for long without protection.

- Stealing and animating Titan makes Graviton edgy for trying to stop an unstoppable colossus >:D

- Faint, maim, lul, keep playing dummy cards (cards you can waste) before putting in something that can actually win the fight.

- "Nothing is built to last." Don't rely on anything.

- Beating Graviton is never a simple matter.

- Good creature control. (Otyugh, Fire Storm, Gravity Pull, Gravity Shield)

- Irritating permanent avoiding and control. (Momentum, Explosions)


- Sundial (likes blasting shields and going around them, so sundial it is again)

- Bonewall

- Fire Storm

- Fat Otyugh (could prevent a long battle)

- Protect Artifact

- Lobotomizer or Eternity (even if they don't last for a lot of turns, loboing just one Firemaster at 0/6 is worth it.)

- Steals




Counter - Strategy:

Another pyromaniac at the job, this one taking the cake by carrying 12 Explosions in his deck. 

Hermes is a rusher that will play Lava Destroyers through the entire game, sometimes adding beatles, Fire Spectres and rarely Ruby Dragons.

These are much less of a concern than the Destroyers, though.

He will keep growing them to the point where 3 or so could kill you in one swoop, and you need to prevent that situation from happening.

Bonewall and Sundials are a must once more, since you need to get this maniac to waste the Explosions in the early phase so you have a chance to build up.

Fire Storms are deadly to most of the Hermes troops, although he might outgrow the Destroyers or use Heavy Armor on them before you can react.

Hermes might rarely decide to play Fahrenheit and Fire Buckler, which if you do not remove he might protect them and in the process doom you to hell.

Do not steal the Fire Buckler unless you have some heavy healing and Graveyard power in the back, cause if you allow Hermes to slip through your defense

with that Fire Buckler, he will probably deal too much damage for you to sustain. Destroy the artifacts as they come, the Buckler first.

Protect Artifact is needed for this guy, since you can't afford playing against someone with 12 Explosions with vulnerable and needed permanents.

So, basically; you need to keep the Bonewalls up through the entire match and stall the game with your Sundials long enough for your comeback to be ready.

If you managed to defend yourself long enough for the Fire Storms (plagues not so much) to arrive, you could make an easy comeback from this point on.

Hermes will pull off Fire Storms on you, so you better have those Graveyards out there and the Bonewalls ready to accept the refreshments.

Now comes a really tricky part.

If you have been damaged a lot by the rushing, Hermes will start playing Fire Lances on you as soon as his Quanta gets high enough.

With 12 Fire Lances, he's well capable of taking you down multiple times. There's no proper way to deal with this, other than keeping your Feral Bonds alive

and a bunch of skeletons or whatever survives the Fiery Hell to keep repairing the damage.



- A senseless bully with a knack for destroying EVERYTHING. 12x Explosion means Protect Artifact and Bonewalls, please.

- Carries a load of Protect Artifacts for himself and will protect his Towers, Fire Buckler and then Fahrenheit. You got to stop the Fire Buckler, otherwise

you're in great trouble.

- Hermes seems to have the most trouble of starting with his Towers right, and you might take the advantage of this. Since his Earth Mark only supplies

the Destroyer's growth, Armor and Protect Artifact, you can possibly even stop his Fire from really developing.

- Hermes's monsters have low Health Points, with the Destroyers needing 2 turns to grow above 3. His creatures are very vulnerable to a Fire Storm. 

Plague sadly does not work as well, since Growth provides +2/+2; you would need 3 Plagues to even reduce Destroyer's hp under his growth.

- Whenever you plan on playing anything meaningful, put down Bonewalls. If you put a creature down, have a Graveyard and Bonewall ready for the casualties.

- Creature control is high. (Fire Lance, Fire Storm)

- Permanent control is insane. (12x Explosions)  


- Bonewall (must be played before other permanents so it takes the hits)

- Fire Storm (an absolute must, since it cripples the entire enemy force and fuels your Bonewalls and Graveyards) 

- Sundial (needed)

- Graveyard (you'll need at least some compensation for your losses, and some fuel for your Bonds)

- Healing (if you sustained enough damage in the early phases, you have to get it back before the Fire Lances start)

- Protect Artifact (protecting a Phase Shield will give you 3 turns of peace, since Hermes does not go around shields)

- Twin Universe (could do wonders)

- Eternity, Lobotomizer (for dealing with Destroyers)

- Anubis (greatly useful, if you manage to get him in that is.)




Counter - Strategy:

He's pretty fast, but not really that threatening.

Incarnate will start off with a bunch of Retroviruses and Bloodsuckers, which are very annoying unless you are properly prepared

and have fully undestood the faulty AI. The Retroviruses will explode as they come, sometimes providing the Incarnate with skeletons 

and further points into the Bonewall, but nothing too excessive. The suckers, however, will wait around for your creatures to perhaps

take them to a tea party and infect them just a little bit. Fire Storm - Lobotomizer (Mind Flayer is again vulnerable) - Otyugh and so.

If there's too many Suckers out there, just plant a decoy in game. Bloodsuckers will for instance first target Elite Queen as you play her,

but after you spawn a Firefly they'll turn all their attention to that little guy. As this happens, play all the Otyughs and Flayers you want and clear the field

of the Bloodsuckers.

Vampires come next, and since Incarnate has plenty Eclipses you are about to see a group of 6/4 drainers tear you to shreds... Or not.

Incarnate has no permanent control whatsoever, so feel free to play all the shields and hourglasses and everything you want.

Steal his Graveyards, kill his Vampires and arm yourself with 4/3 fodder, bash, bash, bash! Really easy stuff, even a Mono Aether can do it. 

Incarnate is really simple and has no real strategy whatsoever, and should be one of your favorite encounters.


- A simplistic Vampire rusher that has intentional mayor flaws in defense, deck and strategy - but also the unintentional weakness of the exploitable AI.

- Despite being a darkness deck, carries no Steals, no Drains, no Pests at all. It's basically black without the good stuff.

- A Fire Storm again wipes out all the disagreements you two boys could have.

- Otyugh, Eagle's Eye, Plague are also great for the conversation.

- Steal or Destroy his Graveyards, since you might push yourself into even a bigger mess than you were before you Fire Stormed him.

- Although his Bonewall could probably grow to a great number, if you take away his Graveyards and Fire Storm him, it's always worth it.

- Ignore the Vampire Dagger. Graveyards are your only priority for permanent control, and the Dagger does practically nothing.

- Has weak creature control. (Bloodsucker, Retrovirus - both abusable by AI) 

- Has no permanent control.


- Phase Shields.

- Plenty of Steals.

- Fire Storm + Graveyard + Bonewall.

- Otyugh




Counter - Strategy:

Early on, you should concentrate on blocking his Hourglasses. Destroying them is good, Stealing even better.

Rainbow does not really carry anything worth stealing except them, and a Hourglass is of great assistance to your own deck. (Provided you can use it)

Laying down permanents is difficult again, since Rainbow will bombard you with Explosions (8 in deck) early and mercilessly, while he will go Steal-frenzy late

in the game by playing all the Steals he so far found. (Up to 6)

If you let Rainbow use his Hourglasses, he will likely overcome you with pretty much getting too many right cards at the right moment.

Take away his Hourglasses and play bait creatures and permanent only; if you intend to play creatures, I recommend you lay it down with Sundials.

Rainbow has a variety of creature-control spells, of which the Gravity Pull is the one you can tactically delay by preventing any attack at all.

Other spells are Congeal and the less common Thunderbolt, and he'll play all three spells like rain.

Rainbow uses a bunch of cheap and growing creatures, like Forest Spectre, Graboid and Werewolf; these creatures all have a trouble with health points

early on and an Otyugh or Eagle's Eye could seriously hurt his offensive... But as said, it is difficult to get these cards in play duo to his excessive control. 

Protect Artifact, Sundial, Anubis, Eternity and Bonewall are all useful.

Fire Storm is much less useful than against other Gods, since Rainbow's creatures either grow or burrow; remaining completely ignorant of your damage.

You could however use two Storms at once to deal enough damage to kill of Shriekers and Werewolves (and early Spectres) but mostly it should be used

as weakening the enemy down enough for the Otyugh to eat them.

Dimensional Shield or any other shield without protection (other than Bonewall) is highly unreliable and will be the target of Steals.

Rainbow does not use a Shield of his own, but he does use the annoying Eagle's Eye weapon. He's got 4 in his deck so just saving up a Steal or Explosion

for it does not do much. Pulverizer is highly recommended for dealing with this bastard.

As the game progresses towards an end (preferably you made a comeback and you have enough troops to ignore his control spells) Rainbow will

start playing out his hidden ace; the Improved Miracle card. He carries 4 of these life-savers, and there's no way around them other than repeatedly beating him.

Another issue is that Rainbow God will probably delay the game long enough for you to card out since he loves to lag and delay the game a lot.

This is only preventable by the Eternity card, but Rainbow loves stealing that one too...

Another way at beating him is that if you are too slow at preventing his Hourglasses from coming out (3 or more in-game) you just let him play it out.

Rainbow has 10 Electrum Hourglasses and WILL draw 12 cards per turn (remember, Gods draw 2 cards) and deck out.

With such a massive card draw, it takes 10 turns to run through a 120 deck. Heck, even half of that is good.

The problem however is that it is very hard to survive if his card-frenzy starts, and you will be completely unable to have any creatures and permanents

other than the Bonewall, Immaterials or something you protected.

The creatures Rainbow plays are mostly not that threatening; Werewolf provides a fast hitting early but can easily be dealt with by numerous ways.

Shriekers burrow a turn after the evolve, and a 5 damage per turn is something sustainable.

Forest Spectres are a problem, since if you let them grow too large they will be indestructible and lethal for the rest of the game; except for a pure Rewind or Mutation.


- The most powerful controller of permanents and creatures around, I'd be almost fun if it wasn't so embarassing.

- There are matches you just can't win against him.

- A Swiss Army style deck that is full of cheap growable creatures and cards from all sorts of elements and all sorts of use.

- Coins the phrase "Card-frenzy".

- With 4 Miracles and such card drawing power, expect to fight him over and over. Beating him 'narrowly' isn't a likely scenario.

- You really need to understand the AI's flaws to be able to master Rainbow, since you need to lure him into waisting spells

on Fireflies and Bonewalls all the time.

- Insane creature control (Congeal, Gravity Pull, Eagle's Eye, Thunderbolt)

- High permanent control (Steal, Explosion)


- Protect Artifact

- Sundial

- Bone Wall

- Elite Anubis

- Otyugh (should have Heavy Armor too)

- Phase Shield (if you have the Protection, otherwise it's more harm than use)

- Pulverizer (if you intend to stop his Hourglasses and Eagle's... a few steals and explosions won't cut it)

- Eternity (for preventing card-out and possibly reversing his overgrown Spectres)

- Lobotomizer (Mind Flayer is probably too vulnerable. Good for preventing growth creatures like Spectre and Werewolf)




Counter - Strategy:

Another unfocused God really, whose most dangerous weapon is the Deadly Poison.

Morte prefers to play the Retrovirus, Ray of Light and Condors very often, but those are not much of a threat since their impact to the game is rarely noticable

and easily prevented. Otyugh, Fire Storm, Lobotomizer, all do wonders to the Morte's cheap creatures.

Retrovirus also blows up even if there's no target around to hit, so just pace your creatures and play them at the right time.

The Ray of Light creatures are there to generate the Light quanta, which gives Morte access to Archangels and the Miracle card.

If you deal with the Ray of Light's as soon as possible, Morte will as well waste his precious quanta on playing a pretty much useless Archangel.

As the game progresses, Morte will play lots of Graveyards and Bonewalls, and if you have been falling into his Retroviruses early or the later Improved Plagues

(Morte will play 2-3 Plagues at once about the mid of the game and when you have a few or more creatures) this could put you in trouble.

Luckily for you, Morte does not carry any Eclipses and his skeletons will remain a weak 2/2. Better take his Graveyards and plant your own Bonewall, though.

Morte's real strategy lies in the use of the Deadly Poison card, since he does not carry any permanent control, has weak offensive powers and his creatures are low Health.

Since he's got 12 of the Deadly Poison cards (36 poison counters = yikes) and often draws them out, you need to set up a good life gain combo or save a Purify and Miracle

for the last possible moment - after when he wastes most of his poisons.

He'll attack you with Ivory Dragons sometimes, which are heavy-hitters but still low on HP for an easy desert to the Otyugh.

There's not really much to say... Easy enough to be creature-controlled, totally deaf to permanent handling, relies on his poisons to carry him through the game.

Be sure to kick out his Rays of Light, though.

Pace your important creatures and send in the dummies. If you have Anubis in your deck, maybe wait till you draw him before playing Druids and Queens.


- Among the Gods you should be able to handle most of the time; no permanent control, weak to creature manipulation and likes to poison.

- If you prevent the Ray of Light creatures from spamming too much Light quanta, you can prevent Morte from using Archangels, and more importantly - Miracle.

- Midgame is going to be Morte throwing 2-3 Plagues at once at whatever creature you got out. Steal and destroy Graveyards and prepare a Bonewall.

There's no way to save those creatures, other than Immortality before they get venomed.

- Succumbs under Otyughs and Fire Storm easily.

- His primary strategy is to defeat you with Deadly Poison; which is very likely if you let his Ivory Dragons hit you and if he's thrown in 4 or more Poisons

while you are still gathering your Feral Bonds and Purify.

- No permanent control.

- Some creature control. (Retroviruses early are easily prevented and he'll blow them up for no reason, the Plague spamming later is not easily prevented)


- Purify + Miracle (remember, poison is his real weapon and he's likely to find enough)

- Feral Bonds (if you take over his skeleton-factories, all the better for preventing poison death)

- Dimensional Shield, Bonewall, Sundial (they're all good, especially if you start chaining them early.)

- Otyugh

- Fire Storm

- Anubis

- Lots of Steals or Pulverizer (to overtake his skeleton-spamming attempts)

- Mind Flayer or Lobotomizer (again, Mind Flayer is very vulnerable but non-rare)




Counter - Strategy:

He's the slowest God of the bunch and the easiest to control.

Miracle will start off by playing Leaf Dragons and Pegasus; although he has Blessings he seemingly never uses on the Pegasus, do kill them as you can.

Their diving attacks are not to be underated. Leave the Leaf Dragons intact at all time, they're actually useful for you.

Miracle will probably play the Firefly Queen, which are more threat to you than the rest of his silly deck. Feed the flies to the Oty until he's able to devour the queen

and from that just keep devouring them as they come in. Miracle likes playing out the Druid's Staff and Buckler, replacing them when he can with the powerful

Jade shield and Morning Glory. These artifacts are indestructible and your steals and explosions are mostly useless against this God.

When Miracle gathers sufficient Light quanta, he'll play a Light Dragon and buff it up with Blessings. Although getting the Emerald Towers out is troublesome as well,

he'll try and introduce the Jade Dragon to you. Early on, it's pretty important to deny his Emerald's, since by blocking that you block the Queen and the Jade.

It basically depends on what kind of deck you play from now on.

If you carry a sufficient amount of Parallel Universe, you can wait till the Light Dragon gets sufficient buffing (6x Improved Blessings in his deck) and then copy it 

to your side. With a few of his own Dragons on your side, you could just slice through his 200hp like nothing... Trash him with the Dragons until he spends

the last of his Miracles, and then collect your just reward.

Don't overstuff your deck with the Parallel's yet, cause you need the shieldings here as always.

Shielding from Miracle is less hasted than with other Gods, and he's not able to deal with permanents or creatures. Still, with his main focus going on buffing

the Light Dragon, he could easily swoop down on you and deal a death blow.

So, that's the aggressive approach.

The better approach would be a combination of Tower destroying (preferably dealing with Emeralds and then Light) with whatever means necessary (Pulverizer is best)

and Eternity, even better if coupled with Druids. If you followed my instruction to keep the Leaf Dragons alive, they'll keep draining their master for Light quanta every turn

in favor of making usually useless Emerald's. With you being annoying and reversing his Light Dragons over and over and his Towers disappearing one by one, you could

easily force Miracle into a Light-denial - and he'll not be able to play his wonderful Miracle card at all!

Even if he plays it, Miracle will drain his Light quanta to 0 no matter how much he had - and with him attempting to cast the Dragons every turn, he won't get anywhere.


- The weakest God of them all, who's main power is really to card you out while he cowardly uses Miracle after Miracle.

- His main shield and weapon are the reflecting Jade Shield (also -2 to damage he recieves) and the immortal Morning Glory (8 damage per turn, but blockable).

Steals and Explosions are mainly useless, except for hitting his Towers or taking his cheaper and useless permanents away.

If you have a reflecting shield as well, a double-bounce will still hit him. (example, both of you have reflect shields; you hit yourself, it bounces once off your shield, bounces

and then hits him.)

- Can be quanta denied into a fast death.

- Likes to card you out with a combination of Jade Shield and Miracles.

- Carries 6 Miracle cards, which is a total of 1394 health you need to take down if he manages to play them all out. 

- Has no creature control.

- Has no permanent control.


- Parallel Universe (Dragon counterattack for aggressive tactics)

- Eternity (Dragon recycling for quanta denial tactics)

- Druid / Elf (Elf is even better. For mutating his fat dragons into inferior and easily-controlable creatures. If you have an Eternity, you can mutate his creature

into something that he doesn't carry the quanta for and return it to his hand.)

- Shields and Sundials go without saying

- Pulverizer

- Otyugh




Counter - Strategy:

A difficult God to handle, and a usual loss for a typical Rainbow deck.

If Scorpio has gotten a good Water tower draw, he'll rush at you with Puffer Fish and Phylasia's early on while his Death Mark supplies all the quanta he needs

to fire his Deadly Poisons at you. By the usual rate, Scorpio will get about +10 Poison on you after turn 4. Shielding early on with Sundials and Phase Shield

is a must, since you don't want the Puffers to stack more poison on you and hit you along with Phylasia's. Most of Scorpio's creatures are 1-2 attack, but that

doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about it; with Scorpio's venom eating you turn by turn, you need to stall any damage you can.

If Scorpio plays the expensive Permafrost shield, steal it to block off the weak attackers and freeze the fatties.

This is only advisable early on, though, since Scorpio has very deadly Dragons, Twin Universes and Abyss Crawlers, which will hit you for too much damage.

If a poisonous's weapon or monster's damage is blocked, the poison does not take hold.

Blocking the initial rush is a simple task, but now you got those +10 and rising counters on you that will kill you in the next 7 or so turns.

Getting a creature in early is downright impossible and not advised, since the horrible amount of Congeals, Lances and Octopuses will freeze them all up.

You don't want your frozen Otyugh or Queen to fall victim to a lobotomizing Ulitharid, right? So pace your creatures and prepare.

Beating Scorpio is a counter-attack type of thing, like you did with Hermes and Graviton.

If Scorpio didn't draw any Aether Towers yet, play the creatures you have and let them get frozen and Congealed. It's alright if you are forced to wait 4 turns, but it's not

good news if Ulitharid gets in play. Fire Storm and Bonewall are great again, since they will get rid of most of Scorpio's troublesome creatures.

Two Storms will destroy all of his creatures.

Abyss Crawlers and Dragons are not your main concern; Ulitharid, Phylasia and Octopuses are.

If you have a Feral Bond, play it right away. Scorpio can only freeze creatures and not destroy them, and Feral Bond allows you to make up for some of the health

that you're losing through the poison. This health gain usually means the difference between a win and a loss. Graveyards are also superb.

Lobotomizers are of great use, especially for Ulitharids and Phylasia.

Miracle and Purify are almost crucial (the Purify at least) since it is extremely difficult to get enough creatures in play with the Bonds to make up for the massive

poison he's probably got on you. There's also no way to avoid poison (a reflective shield could spare you the Deadly Poison, but not from the Puffer's and the Phylasia.)

I usually wait till I fall down to the last turn before death, and play Miracle and Purify; the game practically starts over, but with most of his Poison wasted and with me

ready to play out Fire Storm, Bonds and Graveyard.

Otyugh's are great for this one, but as said - you'll need 4 or more turn of defrost to do anything with it.

Elite Anubis won't help you, cause the guy gets frozen as well.

If you managed a comeback and now are taking errant hits on the vicious Scorpio, prepare for a possible comeback by him; Scorpio has 6 Twin Universes in his deck

and if you let him spam the necessary Aether quanta, he's likely to copy your strongest creature and even kill you in one turn.


- A fast-paced Poison / Freeze God that hits you hard and fast while keeping your creatures on a short leash long enough for him to win.

- Has a Trident weapon that he can't use; and an Arsenic that you need to get rid off.

- His Permafrost shield is something to either destroy or steal; in any case, get rid of it before it starts hampering your delicate forces even more.

- Congeal is a 4-turn freeze.

- It's possible to do Water denial, but you still can't stop the Deadly Poison. (Since of the triple mark.)

It is however highly advised you block off the scarce Aether towers to prevent Ulitharid's ability and the possible Twin Universe comeback.

- Scorpio has Purify :D

- Has heavy creature denial, but is not very able at destroying them.

- Carries no permanent control, but goes around it by relying on Deadly Poison and Phylasia's ability.



- Purify (must!)

- Purify + Miracle (needed for a fast comeback after the initial poison rush)

- Fire Storm (comeback)

- Feral Bond (sustain)

- Dimensional Shield, Bonewall with Fire Storm, Sundials, ... even Dissipation Shield since Scorpio has low direct damage.

But anything that decreases damage rather than negates is highly unrecommended. Any damage Scorpio gets in increases his win chance drastically.

- Graveyard (comback)




Counter - Strategy:

He's easier than you thought, but always annoying to fight against. 

He's another God that just spells "Protect Artifact" for you, since Seism's tactics relies on denying your quanta to the point that you are barely able to create anything;

and then he just reverses whatever you managed in. With 12 Quicksands, Seism is able to destroy 36 Towers.

When you start the match, play 1 or 2 Towers (depending on how many you draw) on start and wait. The towers will go boom.

Then play 1 tower. Boom again! Repeat, repeat.

If you started off early with Sundials and maybe even Hourglasses, you can easily get yourself away from Seism's destructive nature

by playing one tower a turn and waiting until he blasts it away to play another. He'll run out of immediate Quicksands if you pace your towers, and after the second or third

Quicksand you'll be able to play more than one tower. If your deck has sufficient Hourglasses and Sundials, you can easily pull out of the situation.

If, like me, you use Protect Artifact and you get it the first turn or early in the game = congrats, you won.

Seism hits hard with the Evolving shriekers, which is another reason more to use Sundials and shields extensively.

Shriekers will burrow in the next turn, and 5 damage is something you can safely ignore.

You need to chain the damage blocking early on so you have enough time to recover from the Quanta denial he just attempted on your behind.

Your permanents are not threatened.

At the mid-game, hopefully you've started playing your own tactics and you have a ready Otyugh eating the Shriekeres before they hide.

Seism carries some whooping heavy-class units, like the Basalt's and the Golems, who are not easily devoured.

Seism will as well play the Diamond Shield (which seems mighty useful but you have better shields. Destroy it) and Pulverizers he can't use (Steal those.)

Do take notice that Seism, like Hermes, is a fan of protecting his Shield and Towers. The -3 damage indestructible shield will REALLY slow down the game, but eh.

I just beat him with mutations, preferably the growing ones.

The midgame is Seism going bonkers with Reverse Time and returning 4-8 creatures back into your hand, efficiently waisting your next few turns.

This is mostly more annoying than anything else (especially on your Otyugh) and is something Anubis is made for.

You can also lur the God into reversing your Fireflies, but he will target your Otyughs along with them.

If you have a deck with Protect Artifact or you have sufficient draw-machine power, Seism should not be a problem.



- Goes apes*** with Tower-destroying, rushes evolving creatures and enjoys reversing your entire army at the midgame.

- Protect Artifact on your towers in the early turns makes his entire strategy obsolete.

- Carries Pulverizers he can't use (thank God) and likes to stall games with the notorious Diamond Shield.

- Seism creatures are mostly MASSIVE in the meaning of their health points, or are burrowable.

- It is possible to deny Seism's towers, but he'll eventually backfire a Quicksand and Reverse Time at you or play Protect Artifact.

If he gets the Gnome Gemfinders in game early, abandon the denial tactics.

- Following the "tower after tower" tactics for lurring his Quicksands into dummy targets is a must.

- Midgame creature stalling. (8 Reverse Time.)

- Carries Tower-destroyal (Quicksand) but nothing to deal with permanents that he can use. (Pulverizer)


- Sundial

- Fast shielding

- Protect Artifact (highly recommended!)

- Plenty of Hourglasses

- Elite Anubis

- Otyughs (with Heavy Armor possibly, but will be reversed if not protected)

- Fallen Druid (you can't rely on Fireflies to deal damage fast enough duo to usually protected Diamond Shield)

Recommended Decks to deal with the Fake GodsEdit

The Wikipedia and the Elements Forum offers plenty of decks to assist you in your task of killing the Gods.

These decks have been tested and confirmed as efficient; the rest is up to you on how you use them.


That's about the decks I've tested and can personally vouch that they have above 60% win efficiency.

If you constructed a deck or you know a design that is over 60% win rate, send it to me for a review and I'll add it to the list.

I have to test it for myself to be able to add it on my own article, no? :p

As of version 1.19, players now have access to the Oracle, which sometimes tells you which Fake God you will be facing next. The prediction seems to hold true as long as you don't log out. This opens the new strategy of defining decks made wholly of unupgraded cards specialized to fight one fake God.

A newer player who doesn't have access to many upgraded cards might do well to farm the level 3s/top 50 to gain gold, accumulate enough to buy an entirely new deck, then going to the Oracle and determine which fake god they will play next. Then they could look up the specialized, unupgraded deck that reliably defeats that Fake God.

Final WordEdit

I've written this article for the purpose of further helping the people who are in need of help when dealing with the Gods.

Do keep in mind that you really need to EARN your chance against them; by earn I mean you got to collect the Rares,

earn the cash and spend everything on your new deck, get a few upgrades and be ready for a harsh learning curve.

There's no "leap" from Level3 to challenging Fake Gods;

it's a grind fest.

Although I plan on putting some images into this article and updating the links, it is basically over and done.

If you have additional questions on this topics or for me, suggestions,... Anything constructive, feel free to contact me.

I'd as well like to note anyone and everyone who wishes to work on this article to NOTIFY ME about it first.

I appreciate all the help and assistance that I get, but working over my shoulder is not polite. :p

With the best wishes in your further adventures...

Written by Breach.

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