So you want to be a fast random pvp'er huh? lets get to it then!

  • 5 immolation (cremation)
  • 5 cute sacrificable creature of choice (photon or sparks)
  • 5 Crimson dragons (ruby dragons)
  • 4 ash Eater (Brimstone eaters)
  • 6 Novas (non upgraded)
  • 3 Momentum
  • 3 Quintessence (upgraded)
  • Mark of element: Fire

This deck will only work with upgraded cards, sure you can probably switch out dragons for lava golems or fire spirits but it will be slower and you run risk of running out of cards etc.

Basically only play the Brimstone Eater when you get it. Only play the sacrifice creatures when you have Cremation on hand, then dependning on enemy elements play dragons with momentum and Quintessence. Important thing is to "read" the enemys hand and card. You do not wish to play a dragon unbuffed/unprotected against Time/Aether/Fire/death since these Marks usually have anti critter cards thats cheap n effective kills your dragons in one sweep. Once you pounded the enemy to half health drop the rest of the dragons unprotected for a finishing kill (example 3 ruby dragons = 45 damage).


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