This is Dean the fox telling everyone who plays elements the game to get a deck that wins again and again and again. Get a fire deck of about 12 fire pillars 6 phonexes 1 rain of fire 1 fire bolt 1 fire spirt 1 lava golem 2 immolation 1 fire shield 3 stone piller 2 emerald pillers 1 thorn carpace shield 1 adrenaline 1 light piller 4 photon 1 angle 5 aether pillers 1 unavurce thinty and you will be unbeatable i have more cards rare cards. Also get a card like no over if you want this card then e mail me on my youtube account sa-va. (good by)

Not to be ass...ok maybe I am editing to be a ass but what the hell are you trying to type? I can understand maybe half of this? I can understand if English isnt your native language but common go online and search for "free online translation..." this is a English speaking Wiki.


Spelling and grammer edit by me.


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