Really an improvement on the Mono-fire deck.

This deck allows for faster games and better chances of drawing the cards you need.

Good deck for grinding.

Mark of Time - Use this to offset the fact there are fewer time pillars

Golden Hourglass - 2 may be enough. If you find you are not getting them consistently enough try with 3

Time Factory - I use 6 currently

Crimson Dragons - 3/4 Should be fine

Fireball - 6 is necessary

Fire Shield - 2 is probably more than enough

Fahrenheit - 2 ideally

Deflagration - 4 (More if you wish)

Reign of Fire - I use 2 right now. More if preferred.

Pillars to fill out the rest. I think I maintain about 40 cards with all the pillars, half of which are now upgraded.

Keep a Fahrenheit cooking in the background, get a fire shield out early to shut down early creatures and/or 1/1 with abilities.

Fireball anything particularly annoying and put out Dragons as needed.

This deck allows for a good buildup of quanta then the fireball+dragon insta-kill.

-I win a good chunk of Top50's with this deck. Unless you get a bad draw there's no reason to lose to Level 3.

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