Okay, so yah there are no pictures but DO NOT TURN DOWN THIS DECK!!!!

This deck will kill AI3 VERY QUICKLY!!! This deck also works well for PVP.

Mark of Earth

7 Gravity Pillar 6 Armagio 3 Catapult 4 Sapphire Charger 3 Stone Pillar 6 Basilisk Blood 1 Titanium Shield

Note: Titanium Shield may be replaced with another Stone Pillar.


Okay so play Catapult as soon as possible followed by Armagio. Play every Basilisk Blood that you have available on the Armagio. And on the same turn, use Catapult to send the beast flying towards the enemy! Depending on how much HP the opponent has, you may not have to use a single Basilisk Blood on your Armagio.

The Sapphire Chargers are there just to speed things up, but 2 of them can easily be replace with Stone Pillars.

This deck is very fun and will win in about a minute or two.


An opponent that spams Healing cards can cause the Armagio damage to run out and then you will be relying only on the Sapphire Chargers. But because this decks is so fast, it often prevent the quantum required to do that.

This deck is also vulnerable to major permanent control, but having three Catapults, you should be fine, especially against the computer

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