Ingredients Edit

  • Mark of Death
  • 6 Arsenic
  • 6 Flying Weapon(preferaably animate weapon so you don't have to use air)
  • 3 Poison
  • 5 Bonewall
  • 2 Plague
  • 8 Death Pillar

The Strategy Edit

The basis of this strategy is to get as many arsenics out as quickly as you can so you can build up a large amount of poison that quickly kills your opponent. You use a wind mark if you don't have animate weapon so you can fly your arsenics and add multiple poisons per turn otherwise keep the deathmark and use animate weapon since it is colorless(but costs 1500 electrum to get). You can use poisons and deadly poisons to speed the process up, but it isn't neccesary and you may want to keep them out fo your deck so you can draw your arsenics and bonewalls fasters. You use bonewall combined with plague to slow your opponent down so you can whittle down their hp to nothing and voilla, you have a very effective poison deck at your disposal

  • side note: Woo this is the 100th article!

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