Here is my deck for fighting fake gods

To be honest,this deck can't beat half of gods.(seism,matter,scorpio and so on)

But If other gods show up, it's tasty treat!

Consists of deck is

Tower 12

SuperNova 3

Sundial 3

Hourglass 3

Otyugh 2

Druid 1

Boneyard 1

Bonewall 1

Gravity Shield 1

Protect Artifact 4

Quint 2

Bond 1

Miracle 1

Eternity 1

Fire Storm 2

Steal 2

That's it!

Miracle,Fire Queen,Ferox,Paradox,Osiris,Neptune,Incarnate,Destiny,Elidnis,Gemini,Chaos Lord,Decay are easy.(winning rate is 80% ofthe time)

Except of that depends on luck.

But beating them will make you very wealthy ,so try it again and again!

If you have any comments or advices, tell me about that.

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