I have never tried this deck but it came into mind but i am gonna try it here's what you need:

8 emerald pillars

6 forest spirits

3 cockatrice

8 sapphire pillars

6 ice bolt

4 freeze

4 heals

2 druidic staff

2 empathic bond


The trick is to keep bringing out your forest spirits and building them up and use heals whenever your

health is below 90 (when u haven't got empathic bond in play) the cockatrice is for back up becuz if u play cockatrice when forest spirit has lower health the cpu will target cockatrice first giving you some time to build up your forest spirit to 5/5.

Other Cards

feel free to add an ice shield or an emerald shield or even both.


Fire Bolts


Mind Flayer

Rain Of Fire

Chaos seed


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