This deck revolves around Blitzing the opponent with Ball Lightnings, un-Upgraded it can beat level 5s, but fully upgraded it can farm Gods.

Card ListEdit

Mark: DeathEdit

  • 4 Bone Pillars
  • 3 Graveyards
  • 3 Bone Walls
  • 8 Aether Pillars
  • 6 Ball Lightning
  • 6 Fractals

Total cards: 30

While 30 cards may not seem God beatingly possible, it is actually suprisingly capable. I beat Sesim and Rainbow with this deck.

Upgrading order:Edit
  1. Bone walls - cost less
  2. Bone Pillars - faster Quanta
  3. Sparks/Aether Pillars - interchangeable at this point
  4. Aether pillars/Sparks- interchangeable at this point
  5. Fractals - cost slightly less
  6. Boneyards - costs more but skellies are elite. this depends on preferance though, as the higher cost means a longer wait.


  1. play pillars
  2. play bonewall
  3. if you can wait, try to get a graveyard out, if not, play all Ball lightnings in your hand then fractal them and put all but one down.
  4. Repeat.

When the balls die, the wall gets supercharged and you get skeletons as replacements if your graveyard's out.

If you dont have the Graveyard out the first time, the mass of walls should buy you enough time to get them out for the next salvo of Balls.

NEVER play all the ball lightnings in your hand after a fractal, save one for the next fractal.

By TKL: But Earth shield will make this deck useless as they will reduce the damage made by 2 to 3

By ja_pierdole: Vultures replace graveyards quite good. They do the same damage and are more resilent to shields, but you often die to antimatter

by MIC_Rulz: Really fun until opponent puts out any shield. Solar Shield stopped me cold.

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