Overview Edit

This 31-33 card deck is designed to whoop gods. So this deck has a higher chance of beating any god i am sure, but i have managed to beat 8 gods out of 11 with it!!!. With a reasonably good ratio. So, have fun :)

Cards Used Edit

  • (14x) Aether Pillar
  • (6x) Dimensional Shield
  • (5x) Phase Dragon
  • (4x) Parallel Universe
  • (1-2x) Lobotomizer
  • (1-2x) Purify(Upgraded)
  • Mark Of Aether

Accomplishments Edit

Using this deck people have currently beaten: (Pictures have just been posted as a proof, not as the amount gods have been beaten)

Miracle 95% M1M2M3M4M5

Incarnate 95% I1I2

Morte 50% Mo1Mo2Mo3Mo4

Scorpio 60% Sc1Sc2Sc3Sc4

Gemini 10% G1G2

Seism 30% S1S2S3

Fire Queen 20% FQ1FQ2FQ3

Hermes 15% H1H2H3H4

And here is TOP 1 player "back2flash" getting whooped by my deck. Beating back2flash


The deck works best if the deck is totally upgraded. Some people say that there are too little amount of pillars, but hey, this is my deck and who says you have to play like i do.

Another good idea is to put 1-2 upgraded Purifies to the deck, it takes a 1 random quantum to cast it and it will remove all poison from your health bar. So it is easier to beat Morte and Scorpio.

      • Note that this is no longer true, as upped purify costs 1 water quanta*** -aether player who wishes i was wrong


If you win any gods with this deck, that are not listed here. Such as Rainbow, Chaos Lord and Graviton, then send me a dp proving that.


I almost beat Rainbow with it (and none of the cards upgraded) but I was too slow and stupid to take a screenshot. I left him with 5 hp left and I had a few dragons out.


Adding Turquise Nymph may be a good touch. It would be cheaper than the Phase Dragon and do only slightly less damage (-1 basic/-2 upgraded) while giving the opportunity to supply creatures obtained from Parallel Universe with immortality.


This looks like a very interesting deck, and I love aether, so i'm gonna try it. but I have one question: Where do you get the water quanta to play purify?


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