Intro Edit

This deck is pretty cheap and has gotten me a pretty high PVP win rate, despite not having upgraded cards.

Deck Edit

Earth Mark

5 Quantum Pillar

6 Stone Pillar

6 Novas

6 Graboid

2 Forest Spirit

2 Steal

2 Chaos Seed
1 Pulverizer

Strategy Edit

This deck focuses on dealing damage as fast as possible and removing obstacles. The idea is that it doesn't matter how much damage you're taking, as long as you can dish out more than they can and stop them from stopping your damage.

Basically, using the instantaneous effect of novas, you try to drop something first turn. If you're lucky, you can get both a graboid and a forest spirit. If you can drop both first turn, it will be hard to outdamage you.

Steal and Pulverizer must be saved to stop control with permanents, i.e. shields, owl's eye - anything that will screw your shriekers up.

Chaos Seed is there primarily to hurt otyughs, parasites, and the rarer paradox demon.

This deck essentially sacrifices sustainability for speed, with its cheap creatures.

Due to its fast burnout rate, direct damage is strong against this. Watch out for Rain of Fire and hedge your graboids against it. If they've got 7 fire showing and are likely to be carrying a rain of fire, burrow half your graboids. Decks with a lot of sun dials and phase shields are also problematic; you're only equipped to take out 3-4 of those.

Upgraded Deck Edit

Earth Mark

4-5 Quantum Tower

5 Stone Tower

6 Nova

6 Elite Graboid

2 Forest Spirit

1-2 Phlysaora/Fire Spirit

2 Improved Steal

2 Thunderbolt
1 Pulverizer II

Upgrading novas makes them slower. You might want to upgrade one forest spirit, but make sure you have the speed to support a quick drop for it. Thunderbolt is better than seed later, as it more consistently removes otyughs for the same price. Running Chrysaora or fire spirits is not a bad idea either once you've got a decent amount of quant towers.

User Comments Edit

I'd reckon if you added a titanium(diamond or whatnot). and a couple of enchant artefact (land) you could have a good defense too

The titanium/diamond shield reduces all damage by 2/3 per monster i think. which is very good defense-wise

The pulveriser could be protected with enchant artefact/land, likewise with your shield. if either do not come up during the match, you have a spare permanent to enchant.


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