This deck involves three main cards: Gravity Shield, Plate/heavy Armor, and Otyughs.



Gravity Shield 1-2 (incase the first one gets deflaged or something)

Plate/Heavy Armor 6

Otyugh 3-6 (perferably 6)

Gravity Pillar/Tower 8-10 (more depending on your deck)

Earth Mark

Other required:

Sappire Charger (2-5, preferably the higher numbers for Fire Power; if you can get upgraded ones, great)

Armagio 1-6 (4+ may be a bit much but to each his own...)


Blessing 1-3

Quantum/Light Pillar 1-2

Colossal Dragon 1-2


Titanium/Diamond Shield (only if Immortals are being a pain in the butt)

Enchant Artifact


Gravity Shield prevents any monsters with 6 or more HP to do damage. However, those with 5 or less can deal some. So how are you going to prevent them? By Plating them with Armor, of course! Now, this may seem insane, but think about it: If a Crimson Dragon initially has 3 HP and gets a Plate Armor, it'll be unable to attack due to having 6 HP. Now that's quite...out of place....but it can be effective.

But what about the ones with 1-2 HP? Well, you can use multpile Plate Armors, but you wouldn't wanna do that, and if you have Heavy Armor, you can use those, but chances are, you don't have enough. So how can you deal with those? Well, that's where the Otyughs come in. They can eat up those fragile creatures and flail at your opponent. They can also be used when you don't have a Gravity Shield, but have Plate Armor; well just plate your eaters and gobble up the munchies.


Deflageration can incarnate your shield, which is one of the last things you want; don't even get me started on Steal, too. And Immortals can get past your shield while being immune to being lunch.

Edit: Im a bit of a noob, but I have a suggestion.  Earth Mark, split deck of light and gravity.(can play around with quantum collection).  Enchant Artifact stop deflageration.  Guardian Angel and Armagio make a great team (healing and shield) which would stop an immortal.  Only possible problem you'd have is if a high attack monster come up, and kill armagio.  However, you have more than one, plus, the more angel, the more healling.  Plus you can boost armagio health so its even harder.  That would only leave a reverse time to stop your progress.


Edit: Doesnt this strategy have a huge weakness against owls eye? Owls eye can just snipe all the otyughs!


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