This is a simple, fast, inexpensive aggro deck based on the ablaze ability of fire spirit and graviton fire eater. It's a fun deck that has a high win rate (so far I haven't lost) against elder but probably isn't good for t50, pvp, or gods.

Decklist: You can make some changes with the proportions but you need at least 2 of each of the following. This is what I am using now:

Mark of GRAVITY (Very Important!)

30 card deck:

11x Burning pillar

6x fire spirit

6x graviton fire eater

4x fire bolt

3x deflagration

You can add some other cards like fire shield or rain of fire maybe.

I don't think a rare weapon would work well in this deck.


-fast, allowing for you to play more games in less time

-relatively versatile

-not very expensive, so you can get this deck going easily


Any quantum denial - this deck doesn't have many pillars and needs whatever quantums it can get. Devourers can be a major problem.

Reverse time - this is a huge annoyance for the deck, resetting all the ablazes you've added up

Creature control - spells like fire bolt or drain life are the worst for this deck. Otyugh isn't too much of a problem because you have fire bolt and permanents can be deflaged as long as they're not enchanted

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