Very similar to the Mono Gravity deck, it relies on the same powerful strategy as its mono counterpart along with the addition of the Earth element for extra protection and power. The Otyughs and the Gravity Shields trap your opponent in a vice-like grip which they cannot easily break free off, as you smash their options to shreds with some help from the Earth element.

DECK: Mark of Earth 12 X Gravity Pillar 4 X Sapphire Charger 3 X Colossal Dragon 3 X Otyugh 2 X Gravity Shield 2 X Momentum 3 X Plate Armor 1 X Pulverizer

DEVELOPMENT: Start the game with a mark of Gravity and a full set of Gravity cards. Form a temporary mono Gravity deck until you complete the quest to receive a rare weapon. Switch to the Earth element with Metamorphose and become the Earth element, taking the powerful Pulverizer weapon. Finish off the deck with Plate Armor, and upgrade when you can.

STRATEGY: This deck's defense relies on getting an Otyugh and a Gravity Shield out. Once you get your Otyugh up to a stronger amount of health with help from Plate Armor, Momentum or eating smaller enemies, then you will be very hard to beat. Gravity Shield prevents an opponent's monster with over 5 HP from damaging you at all, while a powerful Otyugh can more or less destroy all the monsters not blocked by this shield. A Pulverizer will help greatly, shattering your opponent's shield, weapon, or limiting his pillar development. Sapphire Chargers and Colossal Dragons assisted with Momentum can do devastating, unstoppable damage on your opponent.

PROS: A very fast deck to throw together from the start, if you begin with a tough Mono Gravity deck, you can create this deck after your Pulverizer weapon.

With Sapphire Chargers and Momentum, your offensive arm can basically bypass annoying shields that Aether and many other decks depend on.

This deck is great against mono-Aether decks, as their Phase dragons simply cannot get past the Gravity Shields.

CONS: Elemental Mastery will be hard to reach, with no healing opportunities and if you don't get your Otyughs or your shield up fast enough, it is nigh impossible to stop every single attack from piercing you.

Your shield does not defend against poison, making decks that use poison dangerous against this strategy.

Written by Anonymous

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