This is a defensive deck that uses the massive HP of flying weapon Titan and Amagio. It can also abuse Parellel Universe to double the ammount of Titans you have.

Air Mark

6 Amagio

6 Parellel Universe

n Flying Weapon

n Titan

n Gravity Pull

3 Fog Shield

10 Aether Pillar

10 Gravity Pillar


Amagio is to soak up small amounts of damage (up to 25) until you can get out a Titan, Flying Weapon and a Gravity pull (and the necessary quantums).

Once you, send them out. You will be doing an unstoppable 7 damage a turn and effectively adding another 70HP to your health.

The timing of a Parellel Universe can be brilliant, if you can postpone the deployment of your Titan until you have at least one Parallel Universe. This will allow you to do far more damage and soak up a ridiculous ammount.


- Otyugh and Scarab decks, as it will take them way to long to damage an Amagio until the point where it can be eaten and if they manage to eat a Titan just know it saved you about 65HP and they gained 1 attack power.

- Dimensional Shield decks, as Titan naturally has momentum. Their shields are useless and it will take them along time to break through. (If they have Lobotomiser, you may be in trouble)

- Most decks that just pile on damage without anyway of hindering their opposition tactics, as their damage will be useless.


- Poison, can't stop it. I was thinking of using Novas to power Flying Weapon and then add some Purify to counter poison.

- Reverse Time, takes away your Titans, leaving you open.

(- Momentum, I think this will bypass Titan and Amagio, but I am not sure, I will have to find out)

Alternative Cards

- Lighting, can be useful to take out creatures that like to stat up, before they get powerful.

- Anubis, to make your Titans/Amagios untargetable, so no more Reverse Time or other spells. Unfortunately, at 8 Time Quantum it would be hard to get out.

- Guardian angel, recovering your Titans or Amagios 5 HP would be very irratating. However, it uses Light, which is another Element.

- Mind Flayer, uses 1 Aether to take away a creatures power. Can be used with Nova, since it only costs 2 Water to get out.

- Purify, cures poison at the expense of having to get another element out.

- Otyugh, just a good card.

- Nova, this will allow a change of Mark and creature selection.

Note: This is just a design, I am going to make the deck and try it. Right now.

EDIT by N0he:

wouldnt holy flash be just perfect for this deck?


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