The deck Edit

60 cards

Mark of Light

2x Jade Shield

2x Feral Bond

6x Epinephrine

6x Life Pendulum

3x Fire Lance

1x Fire Buckler

3x Explosion

2x Farenheit (Elite)

1x Fire Nymph

4x Fire Pendulum

4x Light Tower

6x Ray of Light

1x Elite Pegasus

2x Holy Flash

2x Solar Buckler

3x Archangel

2x Morning Glory

6x Crusader

Code:7ak 7ak 7am 7am 7an 7an 7an 7an 7an 7an 7bu 7bu 7bu 7bu 7bu 7bu 7dk 7dk 7dk 7dl 7dm 7dm 7dm 7dn 7dn 7e4 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jp 7jp 7jp 7jp 7jp 7jp 7jr 7js 7js 7jt 7jt 7ju 7ju 7ju 7k1 7k1 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 8pq

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The strategy Edit

The idea is simple overwhelming with your crusaders endowing your farenheit, getting fire quanta so you can make it work, and 2 morning glory for attacking. Epinephrine is for multiple attacking. This deck doesn't require much skill to operate. Heres what is for what:

Epinephrine: Multi-attack

Farenheit: Endow this.

Morning Glory: Once farenheit has been endowed by all crusaders, use this for brute force. Don't worry, this has protect artifact instantly upon playing it.

Crusaders: Make them endow farenheits.

Others: What they do.

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