Deck code:

55p 55p 55r 55r 55v 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58o 58r 58r 58r 58r 58r 58r 58t 58t 58t 58v 593 593 593 593 5aa 5aa 5aa 5aa

The reasons behind the name i gave this deck are three:

1) the deck is an earth & gravity duo

2) the deck relies on fat creatures to deal damage

3) the deck is probably one of most relying on control

For primers, this deck is intended for pvp 1. It serves well against ai, but is too slow to farm gold. I haven't played it against anything better than Elders.

The strategy should probably be obvious - we deny almost every move of opponent that our quanta and hand allows us. The less various pillars and pendulums he uses, the more effective Earthquakes will be. Pulverizer helps if he has a variety of them, and also gets rid of any nasty permanent, not so rarely trashing enemies strategy. Since ranbow decks are most resistant to this, you might want to include one or more Black Holes. However most time they will be at best no-so-useful.

Another neat set of cards are there to clean up the table from enemy creatures. Oty + Plate Skins delas with anything 5 or less rather reliably, tough you have to be careful, as enemy will often nuke him on sight. Grav Shield is good on it's own, however it works at it's best with Oty + Plate, since then enemy creatures are either blocked or eaten, no third way. On rare occassions it might be a good idea to Plate enemy's creature, which can;t be eaten because you have no Oty. Imagine a Crimson Dragon getting 12/6 - too fat to hit you over Grav Shield. Oty also helps to break many combos that rely on fragile creatures, like Pharaoh. :)

Most times you won't be able to deny your enemy completely, but also most times you will deny him his best case scenario, leaving him somewhere in the middle. Then you just start throwing dragons one after another and soon you won the match.


Shriekers are cheaper, more reliable source of damage than Dragons, but since the latter are not frequently used, most people lack effective way of dealing with them. The difference is wether you want to finish enemy a turn or two faster (Unburrowed Shriekers) or be more sure of succes (Dragons). Judging from the games i played, Burrowed Shriekers are least effective option - too low damage to make you really benefit from slowing down enemy.

Stone Skin - altough i used to include these in mono earth beatdown deck, they are not this useful in Heavy Control. They can give you a turn or two when you need them in the end game, but they can also be undesired draw in early game.

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