All cards upgrades (60 CARDS)

Mark of Time

6 Shars of Divinity

6 Shards of Gratitude

8 Gravity Pendulum

14 Time Tower

2 Turtle Shield

6 Electrum Hourglass

3 Eternity

6 Pharaoh

9 Time Pendulum

Its a powerfull half-blood farmer. For now I have 13 wins and 3 losses, I will complete the table with all half-blood being beaten with me.

With the Hourglass you got a lots of extra draws. Also increase the speed of queantun generated drawing pillars.

31 cards are between pillars and pendulums because this deck needs a huge amount of quantum for the pharaoh, eternity, hourglas and scarb activated habilities

The huge aomunt of quanta is all used in: playing cards, activated abilities of pharaoh and electrum hourlass, eternity and scarbs.

Offensively, we devour opposite creatures with scarab generate for the pharaoh.

Deffensively, with shards (both class of shards are important) the turtle shield and eternity(this can low de oponent deck and neutralize buffered or heavy creatures.

In conclusión this deck have speed becaouse of hourglass, offensive with the pharaoh scarab generating power and defensive with the shards, shield and eternity.

This deck also generates and huge amount of quantum that is not waste and it don´t overrun.

It is weak against permanent control decks and extremely fire agressive decks.

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