Hi everybody, guess what, i cheated... it was fun but killed the game.

with cheating i formed the ultimate deck and have beaten all but the gods except scorpio...i hate him

any ways here it is


everything is upgraded, if you did this with out cheating it would take 63000 gold

  • Quantum Towers 20
  • Fallen Druids 6
  • Leaf Dragons (rustlers) 4
  • Ray Of Light (photon) 6
  • Elite Deja Vu 4(don't need to be upgraded to be effective)
  • Electrum Hourglass 2

if ur interested look at the link


I tried this deck on the trainer i found that it lacks of defence(owned at the first time by morte o.o) so i think the old strategy

fallen elf+othiugh+bonewall+boneyard+feral bond

it's still the more effective

However i love the idea to make a huge army of mutants by a bunch of deja vu :D

PS:i guess you have done that with power X 10, you don't?;)

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