This deck uses the Mark of Darkness and is composed only upgraded cards to wit;

11 - Light Towers

04 - Improved Miracles

03 - Morning Glory

03 - Animate Weapon

03 - Improve Steal

03 - Light Dragons

03 - Divinity shards

I used only 31 cards in order to maximize efficiency rate of immediately acquiring the important cards needed. This deck is a heal spammer having the Divinity shards and Miracles working together. However, the use of Miracle should be the last recourse and priorities the use of D.shards and Morning Glory. Using Morning Glory as a weapon + animate weapon = an Immortal Light weapon monster on field while supporting the Light Dragons. With this deck, you will not be worried of any poison or damage that may be inflicted to you so long as the miracle is at hand. With Intelligent and careful use of this deck, any player can make a name in no time. This deck can farm from lvl 1-5 and sometimes defeat Fake Gods if lucky. Only weakness of this card is the towers which can be destroyed by Pulverizer and Earthquake. Since the deck is solely dependent on quantums and requires a huge amount of it, any destruction of its tower or consumption of its quantums will be crutial. I hope I have shared a little aid to those who wished of strong PVP decks.


Weaknesses: 1) Disipation Field / Dusk Mantle / Gravity shield (for the dragons) can nerf your daage ourput significantly. 2) Eternity - Can put weapons back on the deck thus wasting a flying weapon use. 3) Pulverizer - Can shut down your quanta generation.

For all 3, the Remedy -> add 2 Improved Steals to your deck to get rid of any truly pesky weapons/shields/permanents(like boneyard or empathy)

- Sweenej (Thanks for pointing out the grav shield issue Barragor)

Edit by Barragor: If you use morning glories you don't have to worry about gravity shield, they only have 1 hp...

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