Lava-Lava deck - variation of no-land growing decks

[idea of: turin]


i was just searching for the fastest but funny way to do 100 damage, and though about lava destroyers upgraded...but in wich way? This is what i've made...same tactic could be used ina a fire mark deck with ruby dragons, but i like golems more


6 ray of light

6 lava destroyer

6 cremation

12 of unstoppable/chaos power/improved blessing/explosion/heavy armor in proportion you like

Mark of Eatrh

EDIT: You can also use upgraded firebolts for creature control (1 fire quanta)


Simply: hit him!

The fastness of this deck allow you to smash anithing in your path, you just rely on the combo photon+cremation+lava golem. I thought about this deck when lava destroyer's cost was 4, being able of playing 2 of them with one immolation, but this tactic proved to be efficient even with 5 fire quanta for each destroyer.

Your bonuses (blessings and chaos gift) give your destroyers more chance of surviving first turns against bolts, when explosions and momentum are against shields and sundials (steals wont work against them and is more expensive).

The most important think is to have no more than 30 cards: your tactic is strong but very fragile (needs a combination of 3 cards: photon+lava destroyer+cremation) so will work rarely with big decks


This deck needs immolation and any kind of spell upgraded, for the rest you may even think that golems are better than destryers because you can play 3 of them with one immolation, but remember that fastness is everithing here, and with a good start destroyers are terribly damaging

Weak points

Fastness is your strenght, so sundials and bone walls are annoying, but momentums and explosions can easily solve the situation.

What you fear the most is a fast start with lobotomizing creatures (you have nothing against creatures!) and maxwell demons, but in most cases you will be too fast for them. Theonly anti-creature thing useful could be entropy not upgraded mutation, but their cost is high for you (2 entropy quantums are a lot for this deck :D) and they will make you renounce to some attacking card...

What i have not mentioned are reverse times: they are your death, but they're very rare in good decks (and eternity is just explosion work..) so you wont face them many times (me never)


leave here whatever you think about this deck


This deck wont work. Because you need at least 40 cards in your deck. Not 30.

-???? Just so you know, the minimum amount of cards is 30, not 40 so the deck does work.

See also: Lava golem army

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