This deck requires:

6 Lava Golems

7-13 stone pillars

7-15 Fire pillars

3 Fire shield/Titanium Shield (doesn't matter either or, even both if that's your style)

0-6 Fire Bolts (it's optional just in case your Golems aren't ready by the time they start sending creatures)

0-6 Rain of Fire (ditto as above)

2-6 Deflags (I recommend 2 because you won't know what rare or shield they got)

0-6 Crimson Dragons(optional, just 'cause they do lots of damage without having to grow them)

0-3 Plate Armors (purely an option like a lot here it's just in case you run into a Scarab or Otyugh deck in pvp)

Strategy (if you leave out options): place out all your pillars and end your turn,in a best case scenario you will be able to send out your Golems next turn. Then keep growing them and dominate your opponent. If you added the drags/bolts/rains/armors I shouldn't have to explain that; it's pretty straight forward what they are for.

P.S. Works upgraded as well.

See also: Lava-Lava deck 

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