this is a decent card combo brilliant for the first three levels. For me it has a 90% success chance the cards are:

1 dagger

13 burning pillars

6 ash eaters

1 crimson dragon

2 fire sprirts

3 fire bolts

2 fire sheilds

4 deflagration

2 rain of fire

5 imolation

1 lava golem

6 pheonixes

on average youre starting hand will be 2 burning pillars 1 pheonix 1 ash eater 1 imolation 1 fire bolt and 1 deflagration. with this hand it should be an easy victory, use youre pillars then end youre turn. when its youre turn again use youre ash eater and then use imolation on it and summon youre pheonix this will do quite a lot of damadge over the course of the battle then end youre turn. with this deck the games are quite short so as soon as you can play a monster play it but only use youre spells when the enimy has a) a really good/annoying monster/spell/sheild/wepon b) when its the near the end of the battle when you can win in a turn by using a fire bolt/deflagration.

thats about all i can think of now

deathingames / conztruct

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