Life Cards Edit

Emerald PillarEdit

Permanent - Pillar

Produces 1 Life Quanta per turn

Emerald Dragon Edit

Creature - 10/6

Cost: 10 Life Quanta

Horned Frog Edit

Creature - 3/3

Cost: 2 Life Quanta

Rustler Edit

Creature - 1/1

Ability: Photosynthesis

Cost: 1 Life Quanta

Cockatrice Edit

Creature - 4/4

Cost: 3 Life Quanta

Forest Spirit Edit

Creature - 1/1

Ability: Growth

Cost: 2 Life Quanta

Heal Edit

Spell - Gain 10HP

Cost: 2 Life Quanta

Thorn Carapace Edit

Permanent - Shield

Attacking creature has a 75% chance per attack,to be poisoned.

Cost: 3 Life Quanta

Emerald Shield Edit

Permanent - Shield

Reduces Physical Damage by 1, Reflects all spells directed at owner back onto caster

Cost: 5 Life Quanta

Empathic Bond Edit

Permanent - Spell

Gain 1 Life per turn for each creature under your control

Cost: 6 Life Quanta

Druidic Staff Edit


Permanent - Weapon

Gain 5 Lives per turn, Deals 2 Damage to opponent per turn

Cost: 2 Life Quanta

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