A spin off of your basic Forest Scorpion build using photosynthesis to convert light quantum into mass amounts of life quantum to power the rest of your deck.


Mark of Life

6x Rustler

6x Forest Scorpion

5x Light Pendalum

5x Light Pillar

6x Heal

6x Blessing

1x Adrenaline (optional)(I would suggest changing out with a weapon such as Morning Star or Jade Staff if you have it.)

Get a Rustler out as soon as you can. If you can, use blessing on it so that it has a little resistance to early creature control. Then use the photosynthesis ability to fuel your scorpions and heals. If your opponent plays a sheild you can use the other blessings to give your scorpions enough attack to get through and continue cumulating poison damage. Try to hold on to your heals until the end of your match and then heal all the way full for the Elemental Mastery when you win. The Adrenaline is there to quicken the game and use excess quanta.


I have been running variants of this deck for a while now but I know I haven't perfected it by any means. If you have any helpful suggestions please feel free to add them below.

I have considered adding a few Mitosis to gain more scorpions but I am afraid it might slow down the deck.

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