Consist of:

Life mark

10 x Light Pillar

2 x Nova

4 x Rustler

6 x Emerald Dragon

4 x Empathic Bond

1 x Druidic Staff

3 x Golden Dragon

I have the golden dragons there as back up in case I do not draw a rustler or my rustlers get beaten. These can be changed out for cockatrice.


Otyugh ( Store up light quanta and play 2 rustlers on the same turn )

Gravity Shields ( Cockatrice helps here )

Maxwell's demon ( Golden Dragon / Cockatrice helps but often slow to get golden dragons out )

Thunderstorm ( Only have one rustler in play at a time )

Devourer ( Nova helps you get life quanta to remain til your turn )

I am aware it has a lot of weaknesses but it is made to kill before these weaknesses can be exploited.

If I had a choice of what to play from my hand or what to save up for once a rustler is in play I play my cards in this order:

Druidic Staff

Emerald Dragon ( effectively 5 light quanta compared to Golden Dragon's 12 )

Golden Dragon

Empathic Bond ( It is an offensive speed deck )

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