A mock deck for a few laughs, mostly yours at that.

Now this deck is simple insanity. You play a bunch of free creatures and Sundials, get a fast card draw and then Cremate everyone

for the purpose of powering your Fahrenheit. Let's see here...


Elemental Sign is Light.

Upgraded version (30 cards):

5x Fire Tower

2x Fire Lance

6x Sundials (must be upgraded)

6x Ray of Light

5x Cremation

1x Protect Artifact

2x Fahrenheit

1x Flying or Animate Artifact (duo to Cremation does not have to be upgraded)

2x Explosion


You will probably play a protected Fahrenheit first or second turn. You will probably play your entire hand in the first turn.

The cards in the deck are either free or costing so little quanta that you can cast all the spells with just one cremation.

The idea is to amass fire quanta as fast as possible and slamming your opponent in the face.

You use the sundials to prevent any early attacks from creatures while your Fahrenheit still hits.

The sundials also paired with one or two Ray's will give a hefty card draw advantage, speeding up the cremations.

Remember that even an animated Fahrenheit can attack with his ability (but without his 5 usual damage.)

Explode whatever shields that are threatening and hit with a Lance for the ender.


None really needed.


Bonewalls and other powerful shields that you can't fight against.


I will experiment more with these kind of decks and will update them whenever I find something effective.

Written by Breach.

Note: This is a version breach took down before leaving a blank 'to be updated' page. Subject to change.

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