(deck still under design)


A towerless deck that uses small creatures for Immolation/Cremation and putting in a Dragon first or second turn.

It is another mock deck built for fun, but it's fast enough to defeat anyone who did not see the punch coming till it's down.

The white quanta is used for generating Miracle , which is your only form of defense, and Morning Glory.


Elemental Sign is Light.

Min. upgraded version (30 cards):

6x Ray of Light

6x Spark

6x Cremation

2x Quicksand

2x Advanced Steal

2x Advanced Blessing

1x Morning Star

4x Ruby Dragon

1x Miracle


Any cheap card from any color, since cremation and immolation provide you with 1 of each other quanta.

That's room for freeezes, rewinds, explosions, buffs, mutations for photons...


Play Cremations on Sparks and try avoiding using them on your Ray's. You have to get the Dragons as fast as possible

into the game. Steal everything worth stealing, destroy his pillars and towers at your first chance.

Save your Miracle and shard as a last turn surprise so he lets his guard down.

Watch out who you play against so you don't make your Dragons just dead meat once they're out and ready.


Reversals, freeze, high direct damaging and such. You've got nothing against those, sadly.

They're not very often played if it is any consolation.

Note: This is a version breach took down, which was reposted so this article wouldn't remain a stub.

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